Psychosensual Treatment

Improving sexual performance and overcoming fears around physical intimacy and sex.

I trained in therapeutic and Swedish massage in 1995, and since then I have given over 7,000 hours of therapeutic and sensual massage. In 2010 I completed a two-year training in Psychosexual and Relationship Counselling and in 2011 I studied the Imago relationship process. Rather than offer these skills independently I saw a benefit to combining both my knowledge and my body work skills to create an integrative treatment that could support men, women, and couples who were experiencing sexual performance problems. I called this treatment Psycho-Sensual Therapy.

In the first part of the treatment, the client and I explore what underlying emotional influences may be causing the intimacy or sexual issue. I then give to the client a clearer understanding of where these feelings and fears come from and then suggest new thoughts behaviours to implement to lessen, even remove their old reactions completely.

So the client can immediately experience the changes in their behaviour, in the second part of the treatment, the sensual massage is given. The touch reduces any tension or anxiety and as their body responds the natural arousal responses will trigger. But this time with the new thought strategies now intervening they will sense a change in how they feel. As their feelings become more positive so their bodies will arouse even more to the point that they may experience a complete turn around on the problem.

After the treatment time is left to discuss what was noticed

For men the Psycho-Sensual treatment can help with:

  • erectile dysfunction
  • premature ejaculation
  • inability to orgasm
  • understanding and embracing same-sex attraction
  • fear of intimacy
  • lack of sexual confidence
  • poor sexual expertise
  • improving sexual performance


For women the Psycho-Sensual treatment can help with:

  • sexual frustration & exploration
  • loss of libido
  • sensual exploration
  • inability to orgasm
  • overcoming sexual fears
  • overcoming cultural or religious sexual programming
  • improving sexual confidence
  • fear of sexual intimacy

For couples as well as the above the Psycho-Sensual treatment can help with:

  • improving sexual communication & joint exploration
  • sexual imbalance within the relationship
  • bringing more intimacy into the sexual relationship
  • enhancing foreplay skills
  • re-energising the mid-life sex life
  • teach couples new ways to include sexual intimacy into their relationship


A Psycho-Sensual massage appointment usually begins with the client contacting me by email or phone to explain their issue or situation. After a preliminary exchange of information during which time I can begin to understand the client’s needs and they get to ask questions about the treatment, an appointment will be arranged. An appointment is 3 hours. The first hour is a conversation when the client explains in more details their challenge or requirement. Once I understand this I can get to unravel the deeper psychological influences that may be causing the blockage, fear or fantasy. Awareness is always the first step to healing and so once the client becomes clearer on the emotional drivers that maybe at the core, so the healing begins.


The sensual massage then follows and this is usually a 75 minute massage which will focus on the particular area that has been revealed. For example if a female client who is having problems reaching orgasm the massage will initially be relaxing and calming allowing her mind to rest and trust. Once this has been achieved then the more sensual strokes of the massage are integrated to bring on arousal and hopefully to eventual orgasm. An example of a male client might be a man with erectile frustrations or spontaneous ejaculation. Again the massage will be created to calm the receiver so that anxiety is lessened to show that without stress the body behaves better and when the arousal is integrated normal erection can happen ( or maybe partial if influenced by a health condition such as diabetes). For spontaneous ejaculation often simply the fact that the situation is aware of both the stress in the receiver will be lessened, quite simply a problem shared is a problem halved. This plus incorporating some cognitive behavioural techniques that can be practiced during the massage go a long way to managing the ejaculation.

Following the massage treatment, a further 45 minutes is put aside to discus the whole experience. Check the results and discus any emotional aspects that “came up” during the massage that may reveal where the anxiety is originating from.

Often one appointment can kick start a healing, however, I do recommend a series of three since the second and third appointment enables the treatments to go even deeper into re-wiring the redundant behavioural process that has been restricting the client’s sexual satisfaction.

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