Psycho-Sensual Massage Treatment For Men

For men who seek help with a sexual performance or a relationship issue


This is a 3-hour treatment that incorporates both sexual perfPsycho- Sensual Treatments are a combination of sexual performance mentoring and teaching with a full body sensual massage. By combining my knowledge as a trained sex & relationship therapist with my skills as a masseur I am able to provide men a greater depth of support, both psychological and physiological, in the areas of sexual performance and sexual exploration. 

Appointments can be booked as a single or as a series of 3 taken over 3 months.

A safe relaxing non-judgemental environment to promote openness understanding and exploration.

The treatment is given in the quiet relaxed environment of the treatment room. On arrival, after a short settling period I then discuss your particular issue. I will want to hear how things are for you now and how you want them to be in the future. During the 60 minutes of mentoring that follows we will discuss aspects and past experiences relevant to your sexual performance, your background and culture and any unconscious beliefs that you may have about yourself. Many sexual performance challenges stem from having anxious thoughts during sex so in the second part of the treatment I will give you a full body massage. If you challenge is sexual performance then in order for me to understand your responses in a realistic way as possible is a sexual scenario the massage will be sensual and arousing. The massage also enables you to relax and become more aware of any intrusive thoughts that come to you that increase your anxiety such as fear of performance, guilt, lack of self-worth, image issues and how these thoughts may effect your arousal. After the massage we then spend time discussing these feelings in order to identify the exact moment they kick in and why.

Sometimes performance problems or sexuality issues can be helped in one session, however for a more permanent long-term change in your sexual performance and sense of sexual self-worth I recommend a series of 3 appointments be taken.

Areas that I often help men with are:

  • Intermittent Erectile Dysfunction – why does this happen just at the worst moment?
  • Permanent Erectile Dysfunction – is my sex life really over or are there alternatives?
  • Premature Ejaculation – why can’t I control myself, they must be really disappointed?
  • Delayed Orgasm – I just can’t get there when you are around!?
  • Same-Sex Intimacy Investigation – am I turning gay or is this a mid-life crisis?
  • Lack of Intimacy – I just need to feel wanted and cared for again?
  • Fear of intimacy – I want intimacy but when its there I turn away?
  • Lack of Libido – I remember the days?
  • Cultural / Religious concerns around sex – my body says one thing my conscience says another?
  • Sexual Performance Improvement – I want to know how to make it even better for others as well as myself?


Given in London

Single 3-hour appointment  – £300

20% reduction for a series of 3 x 3-hour appointment taken within 3 months (paid in advance)

Given in Brighton

Single 3-hour appointment  – £265

20% reduction for a series of 3 x 3-hour appointment taken within 3 months (paid in advance)

Student Discounts
If you are a legitimate student attending a college or university I can sometimes offer a reduction on prices. This is given provided that you can fit in to a time slot that I have available. Proof of student status is required.

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