Sensual Massage for Men

Given by expert female masseurs at M33

Receiving a well given sensual massage is one of the most pleasurable experiences a person can have. For a man to be able to find a female masseur who can give a professional sensual massage can be difficult. There are myriads of websites offering various types of massage for men and the prices range from the concerningly cheap to the outrageously expensive. Many female masseurs work within agencies which often operate on a max charge least time basis so the massage can a simple rub & tug. Others work part time so the heart is not always in the giving. The perfect sensual massage should be given by a woman who is both confident in her body and her ability and who also just loves to give pleasure.

At Massage33 all the masseurs are independent and trained both in giving therapeutic massage and personally trained by Colin in the art of sensual and erotic arousal. Each female masseur will have their own style but whether you take a 60, 75 or 90 minutes massage you will be assured to get a proper muscle relaxing massage that gradually becomes more intimate and intense as the mutual chemistry develops.

Below are the current Massage33 associate female masseurs. To find out more about the massage types and cost they offer, go to their respective profile pages by clicking on their photos below and then if you want more detail on particular elements of the massage you are recommended to register in the private area M33xtra.

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Monica is gorgeous. She is from Argentina but has spent many years in Europe and the US. For the past four years, she was living in New York working as a professional sensual masseur.She is naturally supple and rhythmic, and this is what she brings to her sensual massage. Monica aims to give the perfect sensual massage that works the muscles of your body, but at the same time, to nurture, tease and entice you to full arousal.  Monica likes to understand your likes and boundaries, your motivations and your pleasurable spots on your body. She uses her hands, body and mind to explore you. She says she loves to give and loves to see you receiving,


I am a fully qualified sports massage therapist so know the muscles of the body in great detail, knowing how and where to massage the body to provide relaxation and stimulation. I love to give and watch you receive physical and mental arousal – but I also love to connect with you and understand how essential it is to connect with me and to truly relax in my company. The photographs here truly show who I am; I look after my body and stay fit and toned and enjoy using my entire toned body during my massage sessions.


Anastasia gives 4 hands massage only (with Colin)

Anastasia only gives 4 hands massage with Colin. Anastasia is a very sophisticated elegant young woman. She is old enough to be well travelled experienced but young enough to get the pulses racing of both men and women. With a stunning figure and natural sexual energy Anastasia is deluxe of sensual masseurs. Anastasia’s availability is limited and she is high demand so it is best to book in advance. 4 hands massage can be for men, women and couples.

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