4 Hands Sensual Massage For Men with Colin and a Female MasseurIMG_1567Cost of 4 hands with Cristina or Anastasia

  • Absolute 4 hands 3-hour  – £575
  • Superior 4 hands 90 minutes (2-hour appointment)  – £425
  • Standard 4 hands 60 minute (90-minute appointment) – £325
  • Platinum 4 hands 3 hours with Anastasia only – £700

The duration of the 4 hands 90 minute Premium Couples Massage appointment is 2 and the more extensive Absolute is 3 hours. Both include a getting to know introductory conversation and time for a pre-massage shower. This is then followed by a full 90-minute massage then there is time for a calming period and to take another shower. The 3 hour includes extended time. Enquire for more information.This sensual massage is a combination of therapeutic massage and sensual intimate touch building to full arousal and erotic stimulation. It is designed to both relax and arouse your body. During the massage you will be treated by both masseurs simultaneously. They will work on your muscles with firmness and skill but also explore and excite the most intimate areas of your body to gradually bring you to a plateau of high arousal and eventual orgasm. They give the massage naked and are comfortable with intimate arousing touch as they work.  Of course, at all times the masseur’s full attention is on you but for those clients who want to include mutual touch and sensual exploration, which may be about fulfilling a fantasy of being with a couple or exploring male to male arousal within the company of a female this can be discussed when booking the appointment.This 4 hands massage is given by Colin who partners with personally recommended female masseurs (see below) Which female masseur you select to join me to give you this massage is dependent on your personal preference, budget and the chosen level of erotic and intimate content to be included within the massage. A more detailed description of the content of massage, videos of the massage being given can be seen by registering for FREE with Intimacy XHere are some of the reasons given by past clients for booking the 4 hands M/F couple massage

  • I am a straight man but have often fantasized about a taking part in a Male/Female/Male combination and enjoying this experience within the context of a sensual massage sounds like an ideal way for me to explore this fantasy in reality.
  • I am bisexual and enjoy the combination of both male and female (Yin & Yang) energy together.
  • I am a gay man who wants to experience the touch of a woman but want to have the comfort of a man present.
  • I want to enjoy an open intimate caring experience with a male and female couple and use the opportunity to learn more about male and female arousal and becoming a better lover myself.
  • I am in a relationship and although everything else is good the erotic spontaneity has declined and I want to bring some more excitement into my life without judgment or fear of upsetting my current situation.
  • I am a hedonist and love to try new sexual adventures.

AmyAmy is from New Zealand she is 28 years old and a fully qualified beauty therapist and masseur.  Amy has a toned slim sensual body and takes pride in her ability to intuitively read a person responses when giving the massage. If you are wanting the 4 hands or Tandem with Amy then please try to give a couple of days notice. Amy can adjust her daytime schedule with advance notice but is usually available most evenings after 7.30pm.To find out more about Amy [click here]To read more about the 4 hands experience with Amy please register to get access to the Intimacy XKristina

Kristina is a kind, warm and passionate woman who loves people and life! Her desire is to nourish and indulge others, assisting on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. As a very sensuous woman, she is here to give and to share all her passion, warmth and love. Sensuality to her is a way of life with the senses fully aware of the pleasurable aspects of nature, the human body and interactions with others. Kristina’s primary form of learning always comes through her body and its life experience in connection with all the senses. Her sensual nature and her feminine intuition naturally lead to an affinity for touch. Kristina’s passion is sharing her presence and wisdom with you to increase your pleasure and awareness to gain health, happiness and harmony.

Anastasiamassage33massage33Anastasia is 34 years old she is remarkably sophisticated and elegant. Anastasia is a professional woman who also enjoys deep erotic exploration. Her main profession bars her from showing her full identity but I can guarantee that Anastasia offers the ultimate meaningful erotic experience. Her body is lithe, her sexual energy is profound and her passion is to give pleasure in a most real and tantalising way. Above is a genuine image of Anastasia’s superb body. For more details on the Platinum 4 hands with Anastasia register with Intimacy X and read the full description.The 4 Hands Massage is NOT suitable for those with

  • Anyone aged over 65yrs
  • Any diagnosed heart condition (discussion required)
  • Type 2 diabetes (discussion required)
  • Angina
  • History of excessively high or low blood pressure
  • STI’s
  • Skin infections, skin allergies, psoriasis
  • Excess weight (over 120kg or BMI 35-40 and above)

WorkshopsI also run private and group workshops and events for men, women and couples, teaching sensual massage and how to use it to enhance and enliven your sex life. Click on the link below to find out more. The above female masseurs can be selected to be your volunteer receivers for you workshop.Group Workshops & EventsPrivate WorkshopsTo book an appointment with Colin & Anastasia, Amy or KristinaEnquiry & BookingTo ask a question [click here]To book a treatment [click here]To talk to, text/whats app Colin direct call 07966 522 696.Location – Battersea  [click here]To check availability – [click here]Weekly or monthly payment planI like to make sensual massage accessible for everyone but I do realise sometimes that even though the desire is strong the cash flow situation may not allow you to take an appointment or workshop with me when you want to.To help I offer various instalment plans that enable you to spread your payments over 5 weeks or by special arrangement 3 – 6 months (for fees over £500) for more details [Click here]View Massage Demonstration Movies & DescriptionsThere are two options to view examples of the massages

  • FREE VIEW 5 demonstration videos and read descriptions by registering to enter the Intimacy X private area [Click Here]
  • For those that don’t want to register their details you can PAY PER VIEW individually 10 demonstration videos [Click Here]

 call or text Colin to discuss details on 07966 522 696 or email colin@intimacymatters.co.uk Or complete an Appointment Form  Stating which female masseur you want Colin to give the massage with._______________________________________________________________________________________________________________Couples Tandem Massage with Male/Female MasseursPrices are the same if given as 4 hands to one person or as 2 x 2 hands given to a couple. Masseurs can switch from one receiver to the other during the massage.To make an enquiry or to book please call Colin on 07966522696 or email colin@massage33.com giving as much detail as you can about the specific style and content of the massage wantedMale & Female Couple 4 Hands Sensual & Erotic Massage For Men