Male & Female Couple 4 Hands Sensual Massage For Men


The duration of the 4 hands Premium Couples Massage appointment is 2 to 2.5 hours and includes a getting to know introductory conversation and time for a pre-massage shower. This is then followed by a full 90-minute massage then there is time for a calming period and to take another shower.

This 4 hands massage is all about “YOU”. It is a combination of therapeutic massage and sensual intimate touch that is designed to both relax and arouse your body. During the massage you will be treated by both masseurs simultaneously. They will work on your muscles with firmness and skill but also explore and excite the most intimate areas of your body to gradually bring you to a plateau of high arousal and eventual orgasm. They give the massage naked and are comfortable with intimate arousing touch as they work.  Of course, at all times the masseurs full attention is on you but for those clients who want to include mutual touch and sensual exploration, which may be about fulfilling a fantasy of being with a couple or exploring male to male arousal within the company of a female this can be discussed when booking the appointment.

This 4 hands massage is given by Colin who partners with personally recommended female masseurs ( see below) Which female masseur you select to join me to give you this massage is dependent on your personal preference, budget and the chosen level of erotic and intimate content to be included within the massage. A more detailed description of the content of massage, videos of the massage being given can be seen by registering for FREE with M33 Xtra

Here are some of the reasons given by past clients for booking the 4 hands M/F couple massage

  • I am a straight man but have often fantasised about a taking part in a Male/Female/Male combination and enjoying this experience within the context of a sensual massage sounds like an ideal way for me to explore this fantasy in reality.
  • I am bisexual and enjoy the combination of both male and female (Yin & Yang) energy together.
  • I am a gay man who wants to experience the touch of a woman but want to have the comfort of a man present.
  • I want to enjoy an open intimate caring experience with a male and female couple and use the opportunity to learn more about male and female arousal and becoming a better lover myself.
  • I am in a relationship and although everything else is good the erotic spontaneity has declined and I want to bring some more excitement into my life without judgement or fear of upsetting my current situation.
  • I am a hedonist and love to try new sexual adventures.

How to book your appointment

To make an enquiry or to book this massage, [click here] or call 07966 522 696 quoting which type of massage you want and which female masseur you would like to give the massage to you with Colin

To check availability, [click here]

Massage Videos

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Listed below the female masseurs that Coilin regularly gives 4 hands massage with.

The ‘Erotic’ 4 Hands Massage with an M/F Couple

The ‘Erotic’ 4 hands is a full body experience that is all about ‘you’. Both masseurs take great care to create the perfect balance between the male and feminine energies but we are always guided by your responses. The massage is intimate, caring and sensual building to erotic. It is the perfect experience for any man who wants to explore his sexuality with experts. Register with M33Xtra to read the full description of this 4 hands massage.

Colin giving with Monica

Click on image for more details about Monica

Monica is a professional full-time masseuse and available most days and evenings but advance booking is required. This 4 hands massage covers your full body and includes full body to body contact. Monica only gives 4 hands to men. Read more about Monica [Click Here]

60 min – £385 (75-minute appointment – 60-minute massage)

90 min – £485 (2-hour appointment 90-minute massage)

Colin giving with Emilie

Click on image for more details about Emilie

Emilie is a full-time masseuse and thoroughly enjoys giving 4 hands massage to men or women. Emilie is 5ft 6in, British and has a very sensual fit toned body. Read more about Emilie [Click Here]

60 min – £385 (75-minute appointment – 60-minute massage)

90 min – £485 (2-hour appointment 90-minute massage)

Colin giving with Lucy

Click on image for more details about Lucy

Lucy in her mid 40’s and is Italian with a stunning physique. She discovered that giving a sensual massage is the perfect way to release her own sexual tension and passion. Never one to hold back she is confident and experienced when it comes to giving and receiving pleasure. Being slightly older Lucy is the ultimate Cougar, Lucy is happy to give to men or women.


60 min – £385 (75-minute appointment – 60-minute massage)

90 min – £485 (2-hour appointment 90-minute massage)

Colin giving with Anastasia

The Ultimate Experience 

Anastasia is 34 years old she is sophisticated and elegant. Anastasia is a professional woman who also enjoys erotic exploration. Her main profession bars her from showing her full identity. Her body is lithe, her sexual energy is profound and her passion is to give pleasure in a most real and tantalizing way. Below is a genuine image of Anastasia’s superb body. Anastasia is happy to give sensual massage with Colin to men, women and couples. Anastaia only gives 4 hands massage.


Advance booking recommended

3-hour appointment = £795

2-hour appointment = £595

1-hour appointment = £495

To read more about the ultimate experience with Anastasia please register to get access to the M33Xtra area

To book your appointment with Anastasia and Colin Click Here

Or call Colin to discuss details on 07966 522 696