The Psycho-Sensual Massage Treatment For Women.

This unique treatmnet is for women who want help and support in any area of sexual performance, sexual fulfilment and relationship

This is a 3-hour treatment that incorporates both sexual performances mentoring and teaching with a full body sensual massage. By combining my knowledge as a trained sex & relationship therapist with my skills as a masseur I am able to provide women with a greater depth of support, both psychological and physiological, in the areas of sexual performance and sexual exploration.

Any sexual performance issue or dissatisfaction with sexual fulfilment is almost always partially or wholly rooted in the psychology of the person. These emotional drivers then effect the physical responses required to bring on arousal and sexual fulfilment the most common being inability to orgasm with women and loss of erection in men. To help people over come this and other lack of fulfilment issues, I recommend the 3 hour Psychosensual Treatment.

This treatment gives time first to discuss and explore the emotional drivers that occur when a person is in a sexual situation. This is then followed by the receiving of a 90-minute full body sensual massage ( The Absolute for women or Premium for men) during which the client can explore the recommendations I have given but practised first within the safety of the treatment. The massage is given in as authentic a manner as possible aiming to recreate as near as possible, the actual arousal process the person would normally experience.

The massage is designed to be both relaxing and erotic. It is important to put your mind at ease while also being arousing. By knowing that there is no judgement, no expectation and that we are working together, the client can relax more than usual, and this enables them to experience sensations more intensely.

Also becoming more aware of how much pleasure other parts of your body can give you and experience an alternative dynamic giving you the opportunity to be comfortable as receiver of intimate pleasure.

Once this occurs, there is a shift in your brain, and the impossible can become the possible and often soon the normal. This may not always occur on the first appointment, so if the issues are deep rooted, you may need to take a series of appointments.

Appointments can be booked as a single or as a series of 3 taken over 3 months. Although I work as the sole practitioner with female clients there are sometimes occasions when requested and appropriate that I utilise the skills of a surrogate sex partner that I would recommend.


A safe relaxing non-judgemental environment to promote openness understanding and exploration.

The treatment is given in the quiet relaxed environment of the treatment room. Upon arrival, after a short settling period, I then discuss with you your particular issue. I will want to hear how things are for you now and how you want them to be in the future. During the 60 minutes of mentoring that follows we will discuss aspects and past experiences relevant to your sexual performance, your background and culture and any unconscious beliefs that you may have about yourself. Many sexual performance challenges stem from having anxious thoughts during sex so in the second part of the treatment I will give you a full body massage. If your challenge is about sexual performance then in order for me to understand your responses n a sexual scenario in as realistic way as possible, the massage will be sensual and arousing. The massage also enables you to relax and become more aware of any intrusive thoughts that come to you that may increase your anxiety such as fear of performance, guilt, lack of self-worth, image issues and how these thoughts may effect your arousal. After the massage we then spend time discussing these feelings in order to identify the exact moments they kick in and why.

Sometimes performance problems or sexual exploration issues can be helped in one session, however, for more permanent long term change in your sexual performance and sense of sexual self-worth, I recommend that a series of 3 appointments be taken.

Areas that I often help women with are:

  • Anorgasmia – I am unable or find it difficult to reach orgasm during sex with a partner
  • Vaginismus – I have a fear of penetration and physical intimacy
  • I want to explore alternative types of orgasm – Are there really 13 ways women can orgasm?
  • I experienced sexual trauma and the is still effecting my ability to enjoy physical and emotional pleasure.
  • Sexual Exploration – I am self-conscious about expressing my sexual needs!
  • Lack of intimacy – I am in a long term relationship but the sexual intimacy has declined, how do I get it back in my life?
  • I have come out of an emotionally or physically destructive relationship and need to get my confidence back
  • I want to explore a particular fetish or fantasy but dont know where to start.
  • My partner does not satisfy me sexually anymore – All else is good in the relationship but I need satisfaction without disruption.
  • Better sexual communication – Understanding your and your partner’s sexual needs.


Given in London

  • Single 3-hour appointment  – £300
  • 20% discount for a series of 3 x 3-hour appointments taken within 3 months (payment in advance)

Given in Brighton

  • Single 3-hour appointment  – £265
  • 20% discount for a series of 3 x 3-hour appointments taken within 3 months (payment in advance)

I want to book a sensual massage but I can’t afford the price, can you offer me a reduced rate?

If you can make a morning appointment between 8.00am and 1.00pm (finish time) then I can sometimes offer a discount. Alternatively, if you can only make afternoons or evenings then I am happy to take payment in two instalments with the first payment made by credit or debit card on booking with the balance within 1 month after the appointment.


Here is a recent testimonial was given by Alison who is currently taking a series of Psychosensual appointments with me. I first saw Alison in the summer on 2015

I’d tried counselling, I’d tried self-help, I’d tried different professional therapists, none of which did much to help. I’m a very relational and feeling kind of person. I have to be able to trust, connect, relate and talk to a therapist as a person not just a professional. So for me with Colin, I feel like I can and this happens. For me, it’s not just about the physical pleasure or enjoyment the massages involve but it’s equally about connecting with another and trusting them with you. It’s also for me learning why I think and act the way I do and in some of the more destructive or unhelpful parts, ways to improve. With Colin, I feel like I am genuinely connecting with a ‘safe’ person in a ‘safe’ environment.

I can honestly say this is the only therapy and Colin is so far the only ‘therapist’ that have been able to make a difference. I struggle with having bad feelings about myself, I have high anxiety and problems making sense of past events and how this affects me now. For a long time, I’ve been so wanting someone to listen, understand and care. I really feel like I get this with the treatments I’ve received and am currently receiving.

I know this is a process so I have committed to regular ongoing phycosensual sessions with Colin since I feel like there can be a more happy and successful future for me. I’m so thankful there is someone(colin) who does sessions like these. They are like no other in the best possible way.

I don’t feel so alone anymore with my anxious feelings or carrying the weights of bad experiences.

It’s scary at first but is worth doing.”

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