Release your primal woman with the “Absolute” 4 hands erotic massage

Experience the dynamic of a 4 hands massage given by two expert male masseurs

So much of our daily existence requires us to remain “in control”. Generally, this comes from a learnt sense of responsibility and duty to others, mostly these are our partners, friends, colleagues even our boss`s and many of us become so used to this state that we can get stuck in it. For many this need to be “in control” can overspill into personal lives and when in the most intimate moments also find it hard to let go and enjoy the moment.  For both women and men this “others focussed” state can often at best hinder our ability to enjoy sensual sensations and at worst result in sexual performance problems.

For women today, there is the added challenge of society’s expectations to behave or not behave is a certain way. Most women will agree that from whatever culture, background or belief system religion she comes from there will be certain subtle (often not so subtle) controls in place to hinder her from being able to express her true sensual and sexual needs. The 4 hands Male to Female Sensual Massage goes a long way to enable a woman to experience this primal dynamic without putting her in an exposed unsafe situation. Discretion is assured and non-judgemental environment allows her to completely let go and explore complete sexual expression.   The 4 hands sensual massage is given by Colin and one of his recommended male associates.  Who the second masseur is will be dependent on the needs and desires  of the “receiver” since each 4 hands massage can be tailor made to your specific needs and desires and different male masseurs have different attributes and styles.


The pleasure and benefits of having a 4 Hands Massage

Naturally an erotic experience as well as sensual the main benefits of receiving a 4 hands massage is that when the body experiences 4 hands working simultaneously  the nervous system and brain become so engulfed with stimulation that the conscious mind has no option but to “let go”. Usually, within only 10 minutes of the massage beginning the “receiver” will find herself “giving over” as the body responds spontaneously to the expert exploratory touch of the two masseurs. So like a Roller Coaster ride, the 4 Hands massage should be approached with excited anticipation, ridden with wondrous abandonment and then afterwards delight in the memory of having experienced it. Great for the woman who wants to explore a feeling total abandonment and to explore her erotic fantasies.

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4 Hands Massage Options & Prices

This amazing 4 hands massage is given by Colin who gives it with the associate male masseur of your choice. The massage is usually based on the “Absolute” massage and so can be tailor-made to your specific desires and level of erotic arousal.  It can also be given as a Kama Sutra massage with just surface arousal. When booking please specify which 4 hands you would like.

I currently give 4 hands with either Steffan, Johnny, Spencer or Mack. When booking please let me know who you would like me to pair with (their profiles can be read on the masseur page).

The Absolute 4 Hands

90-minute massage – £385

60-minute massage – £285






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