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Psycho-Sensual Massage Treatments for Straight, Gay or Lesbian Couples

This is a 3 hour combination treatment that incorporates sexual performance mentoring and teaching with a full body sensual massage. By combining both my knowledge as a trained & relationship sex therapist and skills as a masseur I am able to offer to men, women and couples a greater depth of support in the areas of sexual performance and sexual exploration. 

Appointments can be booked as a single or as a series of 3.

Aspects that I often help men with are:

  • Intermittent Erectile Dysfunction – why does this happen just at the worst moment?
  • Permanent Erectile Dysfunction – is my sex life really over?
  • Premature Ejaculation – why can’t I control myself, they must be really disappointed?
  • Delayed Orgasm – I just can’t get there when your around!?
  • Same Sex Intimacy Investigation – am I turning gay?
  • Lack of Intimacy – I just need to feel my self again?
  • Fear of intimacy – I want it but when its there I turn away?
  • Lack of Libido – I remember the days?
  • Cultural / Religious concerns around sex – my body says one thing my mind says another?
  • Sexual Performance Improvement – I want to know how to make it even better for others as well as myself?

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Aspects that I often help women with are:

  • Anorgasmia – I am unable to orgasm when I want to!
  • I want to explore alternative types of orgasm – Are there really 13 ways a women can orgasm?
  • Sexual exploration – I am self-conscious about expressing my sexual needs!
  • Lack of intimacy – I am in a long term relationship but the sexual intimacy has declined, how do I get it back in my life?
  • I want to explore a particular fetish or fantasy but done know where to start.
  • My partner does not satisfy me sexually any more – All else is good in the relationship but I need satisfaction without disruption.
  • Better sexual & relationship communication – Understanding your and your partner’s sexual needs.

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Other aspects that I often help couples with are:

  • Improving your sexual connection and sexual knowledge of one another.
  • Exploring new avenues of sexual pleasure and intimacy.
  • We want to open up the sexual relationship
  • Overcoming sexual performance challenges due to age or health and exploring alternative ways of joint pleasure.
  • Bringing more sensuality and intimacy into the relationship through sensual touch and erotic exploration.
  • Learn new positions and sexual performance techniques
  • Discussing and exploring fantasy and fetish

Single Appointment for a Couple

£385 – 8.00am – 10.00pm

Series of 3 appointments for couples 20% reduction *

£920 – 8.00am – 10.00pm

*taken within 3 months (payment paid in advance)

Enquiry & Booking

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To talk to, text/whats app Colin direct call 07966 522 696.