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Psycho-Sensual Massage Treatments for Straight, Gay or Lesbian Couples

This is a 3 hour combination treatment that incorporates sexual performance mentoring and teaching with a full body sensual massage. By combining both my knowledge as a trained & relationship sex therapist and skills as a masseur I am able to offer to men, women and couples a greater depth of support in the areas of sexual performance and sexual exploration. 

Appointments can be booked as a single or as a series of 3.

Aspects that I often help men with are:

  • Intermittent Erectile Dysfunction – why does this happen just at the worst moment?
  • Permanent Erectile Dysfunction – is my sex life really over?
  • Premature Ejaculation – why can’t I control myself, they must be really disappointed?
  • Delayed Orgasm – I just can’t get there when your around!?
  • Same Sex Intimacy Investigation – am I turning gay?
  • Lack of Intimacy – I just need to feel my self again?
  • Fear of intimacy – I want it but when its there I turn away?
  • Lack of Libido – I remember the days?
  • Cultural / Religious concerns around sex – my body says one thing my mind says another?
  • Sexual Performance Improvement – I want to know how to make it even better for others as well as myself?

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Aspects that I often help women with are:

  • Anorgasmia – I am unable to orgasm when I want to!
  • I want to explore alternative types of orgasm – Are there really 13 ways a women can orgasm?
  • Sexual exploration – I am self-conscious about expressing my sexual needs!
  • Lack of intimacy – I am in a long term relationship but the sexual intimacy has declined, how do I get it back in my life?
  • I want to explore a particular fetish or fantasy but done know where to start.
  • My partner does not satisfy me sexually any more – All else is good in the relationship but I need satisfaction without disruption.
  • Better sexual & relationship communication – Understanding your and your partner’s sexual needs.

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Other aspects that I often help couples with are:

  • Improving your sexual connection and sexual knowledge of one another.
  • Exploring new avenues of sexual pleasure and intimacy.
  • We want to open up the sexual relationship
  • Overcoming sexual performance challenges due to age or health and exploring alternative ways of joint pleasure.
  • Bringing more sensuality and intimacy into the relationship through sensual touch and erotic exploration.
  • Learn new positions and sexual performance techniques
  • Discussing and exploring fantasy and fetish

Single Appointment for a Couple

£385 – 8.00am – 10.00pm

Series of 3 appointments for couples 20% reduction *

£920 – 8.00am – 10.00pm

*taken within 3 months (payment paid in advance)

Weekly or monthly payment plans

I like to make sensual massage accessible for everyone but I do realise sometimes that even though the desire is strong the cash flow situation may not allow you to take an appointment or workshop with me when you want to.

To help I offer various instalment plans that enable you to spread your payments over 5 weeks or by special arrangement 3 – 6 months (for fees over £500) for more details [Click here]

Enquiry & Booking

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To talk to, text/whats app Colin direct call 07966 522 696.