Couples Tandem Sensual Massage with a Male & Female Masseur


Increasingly couples are wanting to experiment and broaden their intimate sex lives and sharing a male & female masseur couples massage experience together can be a perfect way to investigate new ways of expanding their relationship.

Some couples like to enjoy a combination where side by side the man is massaged by a female masseur and the women by the male masseur. Some couples like to have the masseurs swop over during the massage so they can feel the different male and female energies and some like to have the massage given to them by a masseur of the same sex as them. Whatever combination you select you can be sure to have a very caring interactive sensual experience that can be tailor-made to your requirements.

The Massage that is given is based on the ‘Absolute’ for women and the ’90 minute’ for men but we like to give couples the opportunity to create their own experience so let us know how you would like the occasion to unfold and then we will confirm the final cost. Prices below are given as a guideline they are:-


Prices & Options

Anytime between 8 am to 10 pm

  • Super Erotic 3 hour couples experience (105 min massage) given only with Anastasia  – £750 (enquire for details)
  • Erotic 2-hour couple massage experience (90 min massage) – £485
  • Sensual 2-hour couples massage  experience ( 90 min massage)- £385
  • Erotic 1-hour couples massage experience (60 min massage) – £385
  • Sensual  1-hour couples massage experience (60 min massage) – £285

Super Erotic = given as an intimate 4 way couples experience tailor-made to your desires

Erotic = two-way interactive erotic arousal with the masseurs, tailor-made to your desires

Sensual = Interactive with masseurs but remains surface touch only to them

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Testimonial from a recent couple 

My partner and I were looking for a sensual experience to share with each other in a safe and warm environment. Colin and Emilie made us feel really welcome and at ease with conversation and wine before we made our way to the massage room. They were sensitive to our needs as a couple and as individuals – following our flow and astutely aware of when we wanted to come together. The whole experience was a pleasure and it genuinely felt as though Colin and Emilie enjoyed it as much as we did. We’re already discussing when to return for more!

Rachel and Pete – November 2016

With Monica

Monica is a professional full-time masseuse and available most days and evenings but advance booking is required. This 4 hands massage covers your full body and includes full body to body contact. Read more about Monica [Click Here]

With Emilie

Emilie is a full-time masseuse and thoroughly enjoys giving 4 hands massage to men or women. Emilie is 5ft 6in, British and has a very sensual fit toned body. Read more about Emilie [Click Here]

With Lucy

Lucy is Italian with a stunning physique. She discovered that giving a sensual massage is the perfect way to release her own sexual tension and passion. Never one to hold back she is confident and experienced when it come to giving and receiving pleasure. Being slightly older Lucy is the ultimate Cougar.


The Ultimate Experience with Anastasia & Colin

Interested in the Ultimate 3 hour 4 hands experience with Anastasia then enquire separately to request the PASSWORD to gain access to more images of Anastasia and the full details of this experience

Anastasia gives 4 hands massage only with Colin