Couples Tandem Massage given by 2 male masseurs


Increasingly couples are wanting to experiment and broaden their intimate sex lives and sharing a massage experience together can be a perfect way to start to investigate a broader sexual relationship with one’s partner.

Why have a massage from two male masseurs?

Well (not) surprisingly for many women having 3 men in the room (2 masseurs and her male partner) can be quite a tantalising experience and knowing that both masseurs will be working on her body at some time during the massage can be a massive thrill. Also for some women having their partner witness their pleasure when given by 2 other expert male masseurs men can also be a very giving and intimate experience between couples.

From the male partners perspective not only does he get a very good massage but he also gets to enjoy seeing his female partner enjoy herself and for those couples who wants to explore their broader sexuality it is an ideal scenario for the male partner to experience male to male intimacy in the company of his female partner. What ever the motivation each massage is tailor made to the couples specific wants and boundaries.

The massages are given on two separate massage tables side by side ( or in separate rooms if preferred) and the masseur can remain with one “receiver” or switch throughout the massage.

Prices & Options

Anytime between 8 am  to 8 pm

  • Premium 90 minute Tandem Sensual Massage – £385
  • Standard 60 minute Tandem Sensual Massage – £285

If taken after 8pm +10% if after 10pm +20%

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