Tim – Located in Devon

Tim is a Remote Associate of Massage33 and is located in Devon in the South West of the UK.

Tim has lived in the South West for many years. He originally trained in acupuncture and other forms of bodywork, but after an initial awkwardness with physical contact and intimacy led him to take a course of massage, he has become fully at home in the world of touch. As a self-taught artist who evolved from traditional landscape painting into painting from the live model, Tim’s acquaintance with both visual and touch aspects of the body, has led to a very satisfying overlapping of careers.

Tim did his original therapeutic training in 1982-1985. He recently joined Massage33 offering his Devon Deluxe service as a sort of out-reach colleague in Spring of 2017. All part of starting up  practice in his new Exmouth location, where he also combines massage with B&B retreats by the sea.This means that someone can stay overnight or take a day or two out and get some proper time out de-stress and pampering. Tim offers his aptly titled Devon Deluxe massage – one to one sensual massage to men – in his artist’s home which is a short walk from the station and seafront with easy parking in the street.

Tim says ”All massage is by nature sensual. Skilled, sensitive touch allows the mind to switch off, take a break or just wander while you reconnect to the person you are underneath the layers of tension. It is important that you should be able to feel nurtured and accepted as you are, and especially in not feeling uncomfortable or ashamed for enjoying the pleasure that naturally arises from the intimate nature of the session

Tim has studied a variety of massage styles and exchanged with many masseurs worldwide. He combines expertise in holistic remedial massage with long, flowing interconnecting strokes. “I always start out with some simple broad strokes to introduce my touch to the receiver and then I allow myself to embroider and weave a rich tapestry of sensations around their responses. Each massage is created in the moment as if for the very first time. Naturally, if I have worked with someone before then feedback from earlier sessions will be incorporated into the current one. Over time, as I know being a regular receiver myself, a wonderful rapport and safety develops between  the masseur and his client.”

Who does Tim give massage to?

Tim gives two hands sensual massage to men

Prices for Massage with Tim

2 Hands For Men – Deluxe 90 min massage – £85

For details of over night accommodation B&B with massage please contact Tim


  • Treatments are ONLY given at my Exmouth practice. Shower facilities are available. The address will be given by text on confirmation of your appointment.

Availability, Bookings and Cancellation Policy

  • Tim is available most weekdays and evenings and some weekends are possible if booked in advance. Times available are  usually between 9.00am to 10.00pm
  • Please give at least a 24-hour notice of cancellation by phone or text.


  • All sessions are confidential and your discretion is assured.

To book an appointment with Tim

Call or Text on 07906 367783

Email – cach00rro@yahoo.co.uk