The Sexonality Test App

For the past couple of months some very nice people in Riga and Manchester have been hard at work for Colin creating The Sexonality Test a simple yet very powerful application for the Iphone. If accepted in to the App Store by Apple  it will be the first application of its kind to use the global iphone audience to assess a persons sensual preference and sexuality.

The Sexonality Test is designed for both men and women to do with the first part
asking the user to describe their favorite colour and animal which Colin says can reveal the desired ideal relationship they want between them and thier lovers. Part two continues in a similar vein with the Sea and the Jungle relating to how they like thier sex to be and how they feel after sex but its is the last part of the Sexonality Test, that Colin has named the Sensuality Corridor, which is ground breaking in its approach as it allows users to consider their sensual gender attraction, rather than their sexual gender attraction, or as Colin also describes as their Sensual Nature.
Colin says that in his work as sex therapist and psychosensual masseur he has been increasingly seeing male clients with sexuality concerns. A question that he often hears is ” after years of being straight I want be intimate with another man, does that mean I am turning gay”?  at this point he says he shows them his Sensuality Corridor Chart. He explains “that it presents 7 rooms, each room depicting with the use of the biological symbols for male and female, a differing erotic scene, the exact nature of which being left to the imagination of the user, taking place. The users are then asked to select in order of preference the scenes that they would most like to watch from most to least and  dependent on the scenes selected and also omitted and in which order they are chosen he is able to calculate a score that places them somewhere between 1-100 on the Sensuality Spectrum.

Colin explains ” I have used it many times on both men and women and not only has it often proved quite accurate it has been extremely helpful to individuals to understand better their inner most sensual gender attractions , but also when I have presented it in a couple or group setting it very quickly opens up conversation and is a perfect tool for couples to be more accepting and appreciative of one another’s sensual nature.

Colin goes on to say that he is “fed up that society only offers a very limited menu of choice when it comes to defining our sensual nature, are we Straight, Bi or Gay”.  As Colin cryptically  says, “I like food, I need food, without food I will die, similarly,I like sexual intimacy, I need sexual intimacy and without sex or intimacy I or certainly my species will die. So like my food why can’t I select what type of intimacy I want according to my need or desire at the time. Sometimes I like a curry, sometimes I enjoy pasta, sometimes a quick KFC or Big Mac satisfies me and then some occasions its the experience of a gourmet dinner that I want with many flavors and indulgences. Sensuality is the same, sometimes its primal sex we want, sometimes its sensual intimacy, sometimes we want sex from one gender and sensual intimacy from the other gender, sometimes we want it from both”

He sums up saying that he believes that the human sensuality spectrum of 1-100 is made up of 5  main parts,  1-12 heterosensual, 13- 32 heterobisensual, 33 – 66 bisensual, 67 – 82 homobisensual and 83-100 homosensual. But he goes on to say “that even when we know we fit within one of these areas, the diversity of our individual sensual nature is so influenced by our genetic make up, our environment our culture and our belief systems that its about time society accepted that we are all just sexual beings whose sensual preferences are continually in flux, moving back and forth as we each seek out our own safe place within society”.