Testimonials from male clients

Below you can read reviews and testimonials from male clients who have experienced the Sensual Massage or Psychosensual treatment given by Colin. Should you wish to provide your own testimonial, please send Colin an email. [click here]

Clive – Feb 2018

I just wanted to say a late but very big THANK YOU for our meeting last Tuesday.  It was all quite overwhelming (!) but all good.  I didn’t know what to expect but you made me feel welcome and safe.  I enjoyed talking with you so much, especially about anxiety.  My apologies for being anxious and maybe not giving you the fullest answers or even remembering all I meant to tell you.  It was a big relief to tell you the many things I was able to.  The massage was incredible and I feel as if it was helpful in so many ways.  It really seems to have brought me to life.  It made me realise the importance of touch – giving and receiving – and just how much this has been lacking with my sexual partners.  Likewise, your suggestions on things that might help were very helpful and I am currently following up all of them.  What I plan to do is to see how your recommendations work out in practice.  If there are still difficulties (or even if not) I would very much like to see you again, say, within the next couple of months.  It would be fantastic to talk to you again about anxiety and combine this with massage.

Leo – May 2016

Just wanted to thank you again for your time earlier. I was slightly nervous just before going in so probably appeared slightly standoffish – apologies for that. The massage was incredible but what I found really surprising was your ability to understand and decipher my slightly malformed sexuality – something which no psychologist has managed to do back home. Those final 20 minutes chatting to you were quite eye opening after 40 odd years of feeling that no one understands. I can’t find any service to match this back home unfortunately, so I might avail of your Skype sessions sometime in the future.

Richard – July 2015
 Immediately after the massage on Saturday, I was sort of dazed and wasn’t really at the best of my English skills. Therefore, I thought to give you a short feedback this way now that I’m ‘recovered’.
The massage was extraordinary, you were extraordinary. It was much more than what I imagined would be a sensual massage. It was an intense sensual, emotional as well as intellectual experience. Sort of a therapy, really. Your findings about male sexuality are very enlightening. I had come to quite similar conclusions for myself but it was very interesting to hear you put them in a larger frame and empirically underlaid with your vast experience. Very enlightening also what you said about first-born sons, missing  attention and recognition by the father. All very inspiring. Do publish your book, I think it’s high noon to publish a study of the male sexuality based on facts and not on myths and I’m sure it will cause quite some uproar. I am impressed about the attention you gave me physically and emotionally. It is difficult to imagine how you manage to give every client this very personal, very arousing and at the same time caring treatment. It didn’t feel for a moment like a ‘professional’ service.  I thought I knew that sexuality is  merely an expression of deeper emotions and grounds, but you gave me the impression that so far I have had only just a faint idea of what a developed sex life can be. In a way I hate to say this but I don’t think I have ever had such a profoundly stirring orgasm. Turns out there might be some potential for development …
Even having no comparison I can say you’re incredibly good at what you do. Many thanks once again, I hope I will be able tosometimesome time again.

Johannes – May 2014

Dear colin
thank you for a fantastic massage
thank you for your tender loving caring touch
thank you for making me feel so comfortable with you
and thank you for sharing in our male pleasure

Philip – August 2013
Over the last five years I have often visited the excellent Massage 33 website of Colin and have gained much knowledge from his sensual massage videos and tutorials which I have lately used as an excellent guide for massaging some of my friends. When I visited London recently it was an honour to at last be massaged by Colin personally and experience the very techniques he explains in his tutorials. But above all I met a very warm, intelligent and caring man and and should I visit London again, my first phone call will be to Colin for another appointment. 

Mario and

Los Angeles Dan – October 2012

Colin’s massage was hands down one of the best I’ve ever had. Simply one of the most sensual powerful experiences I’ve ever had with a man. He played my body like an instrument he’s known his entire life. The talk before and after was nice but the actual massage took me to another place entirely. I’ll be back for more.

Mike – July 2012
I just wanted to thank you for the Psychosensual appointment last Thursday. Although I was nervous your manner put me at ease. I came away from the appointment feeling some of the following:
* An understanding of the ‘male spectrum’ and how our physiological make up allows us to move along this spectrum and therefore it’s okay to have feelings for both men and women
* Relief that finally I was able to share my sexuality concerns which I had bottled up for so many years (I thought that as I got older these issues would resolve themselves- this is not the case and I was just fooling myself)
* The courage to be naked in front of another male ( once again your manner and acceptance of others allowed me to trust you )
* The joy of touch- I really appreciated the hugs and realised just how much I wanted to be hugged by my Father. Although I am still a little apprehensive to hug another male, I am determined to work through my ‘touch’ issues.
I left the appointment with a positive attitude and will take your advise about taking the initiative.

Dan – March 2012
Everything you read about Colin and M33 on the internet and on the website is true ! Right from the initial telephone contact, the welcome, the caring professional manner, the informal “chat”, the advice, the massage, the venue, it all puts you at your ease. A totally enjoyable experience. As a married man who has just had a very close relationship with another married man which sadly has had to come to an end the need for discretion and trust is absolute. You need have no fears with Colin. The psychological, emotional and physical “t l c” that Colin gives is just what I needed to help me get over the trauma of the break up with my lover. Needless to say the massage itself is “out of this world” and something every man should experience, gay or not, just to see what the body is capable of feeling.Thank you, Colin, I have already been back for more and was not disappointed the second time

Dan – December 2011
I was in London recently and decided to book a massage with Colin. He is a certified massage therapist with years of experience who has continued his professional education beyond his certification. He also offers a variety of services available for clients, so be sure to review the options to find the one that is right for you. When I arrived at M33, I was warmly welcomed and made to feel very comfortable. After the initial greetings, Colin started with a conversation about the different options available, as well as questions about what I was looking for, what areas to target, and any areas to avoid during the massage. He also set out clear, easy guidelines for communication between us during the massage that would allow for quick exchange of information if something was too much or too intense. He also laid out the sequence of the massage and made sure I knew I could ask for more attention to be paid to a particular area at any point. The massage room was warm and comfortable, and Colin created a pleasant ambiance for the massage with music and lighting. There were no surprises during the massage and, in addition to being an excellent massage therapist, Colin was also pleasant company. He was quiet for most of the massage, but his style of conversation throughout my entire visit was professional, comforting, and very accepting. As I said above, this was the best massage I have received to date. I highly recommend Colin for a massage if you find yourself in London. I will be going back to him on future visits.

Brian – November 2011
Thank you for today and for giving me the opportunity to be myself. I always get so much from my visits to you. You are incredibly generous. I’ve started my list!

Philip – October 2011 (Visited from Cape Town South Africa)
Over the last three years I have often visited the excellent Massage 33 website of Colin and have gained much knowledge from his sensual massage videos and tutorials which I have lately used as an excellent guide for massaging some of my friends. When I visited London recently it was an honour to at last be massaged by Colin personally and experience the very techniques he explains in his tutorials. But above all I met a very warm, intelligent and caring man and and should I visit London again, my first phone call will be to Colin for another appointment. 

Tony – August 2011
I am a married man who has struggled with his sexuality for years. My Christian upbringing expounded it because everything had to be place in either the right or wrong box.I have had male massuers in the past to pacify the urge/curiosity but they all had “unhappy endings”. Unhappy because I came out of these massages more stressed (because of the awkward experience) and the guilt would often overwhelm. My session with Colin was a complete opposite against anything I have ever had before. Colin was quick to put me at ease with his genuine caring nature and very importantly his ability to demonstrate deep appreciation for where I was coming from allow me to trust myself in his care. While it has been almost 5 months now since that massage, I still remember distinctly leaving Colin’s session feeling light physically, emotionally and spiritually. It felt good to enjoy the bond and company of another man without feeling dirty. There wasn’t any need to lable myself straight or gay. For those of you out there similar to me, do yourself a favor and have a session with Colin and begin to love yourself completely as you are, because I unless you do, you can’t love others around you and get along with your day to day life experiences.

Emrah – June 2011

Thanks for one of the most (if not “the” most) professional and caring service I’ve ever had. The experience (or shall I say an experiment for me) was out of this world. I have wholeheartedly enjoyed every second of well over 2 hours.

Brian – November 2010
Well, you delivered again! I worked out I hadn’t seen you for a year and now I know why I keep returning for a massage. I just want to keep this brief but I feel the need to feedback to you what I felt after yesterday. Firstly I find you incredibly generous and very inspirational. I always get a lot from talking before and after the massage; I came away with much to think about. You seem to have an extraordinary insight into people. Secondly I cannot tell you what a fantastic experience it was to be on the receiving end of your massage. You not only possess an amazing sense of touch but at the same time manage to introduce surprise elements during the massage – a terrific combination. I think you are, in short, unique! My intention is to see you quarterly rather than yearly. You are not only good for the body but also for the soul.

Steven – October 2010
I have just experienced the most wonderful feeling of tenderness that I never thought you could get from a man. I am very happily married and wanted to find out what it would be like to be massaged by a man who could go beyond the normal massage and give me an amazing sensual experience that I never knew you could have, and I got it. Col is a very caring and aware man who made me feel totally relaxed and took me on this amazing journey of sensual awareness that can be shared by two men. I can’t recommend this enough, if you are the slightest bit curious then M33 is where you will find the answer. You wont be degraded in any way, in fact you will come alive!

Mike – June 2010
Wanted to send you a message thanking you for what was one of the finest massages I have ever received. I was completely relaxed, and yet energized, especially as I met friends near Oxford Circus for Pub this evening. I’m still relaxed, and haven’t felt this content in a long time. So thank you again, and I know where I’m coming to experience an un-hindered and un-restrained me (at least when I’m in London). Thanks again.

John – June 2010
Just a short line to thank you for an amazing experience on Saturday evening – all that I hoped for on so many levels. I realised after leaving that you had given me so much more than the hour that I booked, and I really appreciate that you were so generous with your time. I had the deepest and most restful sleep following the massage, and a smile on my face all day yesterday.Hope to see you again soon.

Jerry – May 2010
I have just been with the feeling from the massage and I feel bigger both literally and energetically. What you said made total sense. How you touched me felt amazing and I was for once out of my head and into the sensations. I possess great sensual being and felt pleasure not fear as you touched my body. You are the
real deal, a healer of our erotic lost child. I will be back. Thank you so much and hugs to you.

Jon – April 2010
It is now some 10 days since I visited you – just an e-mail to say how much I appreciated the care and treatment you provided. It remains one of the outstanding experineces, and certainly massages, that I ever had. You were patient, willing to listen, friendly and careful – all those aspects meant a graet deal. I very much hope I can visit you again – indeed my immediate reaction would be to pay you another visit relatively soon but I don’t really want to loose the specialness of the experience so feel that I shoudl let some weeks go by — as Lars said it’ll be more a 6-8 weeks gap than 6 months. I ope you will be willing to see me again. I cannot satisfactorily tell you what those two hours meant – I am a happier and more contented soul as a result.

Javier – March 2010

Last month I was in London for my holidays…I had heard about the Tantra massage in Spain, my country, I made an appointment with Colin, and it was an amazing experience. He knows the male body and in which areas we are more sensitive. After the massage my feeling was, peace, quiet, very quiet. We had a conversation about the feeling to try to check every moment during the therapy. He touches every part of your body, because I think that every part is important. He is a very good professional, and a good person. I will visit him again when I come back to London. Thank you for you time, for your knowledge…for everything.

Scott – February 2010
This is Scott writing to say a very big thank you. Just over ten days have passed since I experienced the sheer pleasure and expertise of one of your massages. Everything about you from beginning to end smacked of absolute professionalism and dedication to your craft. From the moment I arrived and was seated on your sofa and we just talked I was thoroughly at ease…… and at the goodness and genuineness I felt coming from you directly to me. Not for one second did I anticipate just how good you actually are and how much knowledge you picked up about me and my shortcomings, my needs and desires just from a 15 minute conversation. I will definitely be giving you a call on my next trip to London – the time I spent with you was more than just a really fantastic massage – it was an educating, calming, kind and happy experience – that I must experience again in some form. With best wishes to you and again thanks

Bob – November 2009
I wanted to send you a few words about the ‘out of this world’ experience I had with you whilst you massaged me, and more importantly how I have felt since then. I had seen your profile page on a website a long while ago, and now and again I would read your profile and the description of the massage procedure. Although I am gay, I still felt nervous about being massaged by a male. Over time I plucked up the courage and finally made contact. The experience was very professional right from the start. The booking could not have been easier, and you were extremely polite and took into account that I was abit nervous when I arrived. After the initial chat face to face – I felt COMPLETELY at ease. The massage itself made me feel like I was on another planet!!! I urge anyone who is interested in having a massage carried out by yourself to you make that booking right now. They’ll never have experienced anything like it! I’ve been walking with a spring in my step since the massage and feel more in tune with my body. I wish I had done this years ago!

Alan – July 2009
Col, I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the massage yesterday – undoubtedly the best massage I have had to date. You are obviously extremely good at what you do and I don’t recall having felt so relaxed in a long while. I think I almost floated home and had a very good night’s sleep! Thank you for being caring, sincere, attentive to my needs and for being able to put me at ease. The massage was both sensitive and sensual and made me feel as though I was involved in the experience rather than it just happening to me. Amazing! I was also very keen to hear your thoughts about me afterwards and it has certainly given me food for thought as they say.

JB – June 2009
Col gives the type of massage that you have always wanted but thought that you would never get.

Matt – June 2009

Thanks for the great experience on Thursday afternoon; something I should have tried years ago. You have great skill and put me at ease very quickly.

Brian – May 2009

Feeling totally relaxed and ‘ light ‘ after my massage to-day. Thank you. You undoubtedly have a gift. Anyone contemplating having a massage with Col and feeling as I did the first time – nervous, apprehensive,unsure, afraid – should firstly acknowledge these feelings as real but then go onto taking the next (and harder) step and make contact. You’ll thank yourself for doing it ; it is a gift to yourself. I have been to see Col twice now and I can tell you I was as nervous the second time as I was the first. However, I can assure you as soon as you cross the threshold into his apartment you are in a very safe and nurturing space – trust me. Col is genuine, sincere, caring and an inspiration. His voice and his manner puts you at ease immediately and the rest just flows so naturally. The massage on both occasions has been truly wonderful. Col has the ability and imagination to make your body feel so many different tactile sensations. His touch, sensitivity and sheer inventiveness is to be experienced! That’s why it’s worth making that call. It took me many attempts to make the initial visit. Be kind to yourself and just do it. After my second massage my body felt like it had shed a huge weight. I truly did not recognise it as my own! That is true testament to how powerful the massage was.

Mircea – April 2009
I have no words to describe it. Really loved it!!

Steve – February 2009

I just wanted to drop you an email as I felt compelled to say ‘thanks’ for the 4 hand massage appt I had with you last Sat. Given it was a totally new experience, you both put me completely at ease, and I was surprised how quickly I relaxed and alowed myself just to enjoy the sensations. Whilst still happily (mostly!) hetero, it certainly taught me that gender is pretty unimportant and that it is about the sensuality and the experience rather than whether it is a man or woman providing the sensations.

Drew – October 2008
Thanks for the terrific massage yesterday (and the extra pointers at the end
- very instructive) – I left feeling relaxed and energised, which was ideal.
Look forward to coming back again next time I’m in London.

Mark – September 2008
Col, you’re touch is amazing! You were very calming/safe but also made me feel great! …… Thought that Col was really open and clear upfront which meant I wasn’t worrying about what may happen. …….Col asked when did I start to relax and I realised there was def a time and that was when he started to lean into me and touch me with his body – don’t know why, perhaps broke down some barriers!? In general though, the closer you interacted with me, e.g. Breathing, body touching, hands squeezing, etc the more I felt it was a ‘whole’ and made me feel more part of it rather than something happening to me. Great great experience, I loved it!!”

Peter – June 2008
Col,you gave me a great many things during my massage on Monday: feelings of supreme physical relaxation, wonderful connections to inner joy and contentment, as well as total pleasure. You enabled me to realise many things about who I am, and who I am happy to be.Long may you continue to give such wonderful treatments.

Nick – May 2008

I recently experienced my first Tantric Massage with Col, well what can I say it was out of this world. Col made me feel very relaxed and at ease. I really did not know what to expect but Col explained fully what was going to happen. During the massage I was so relaxed that my body just enjoyed every moment. Col has fantastic hands that work a wonder and made me experience something so sensual and relaxing I left on cloud 9!! If anyone is thinking about giving this a go, I truly recommend it and recommend Col. He is true professional and man with hands that make you feel so great. Thank you Col for a great experience and look forward to my next appointment.

John – April 2008 – 4 Handed Massage Testimonial
On my fourth visit last week, I opted for the four handed massage. It is very difficult to describe in words but I cannot remember a more pleasurable and intimate experience. Col and his assistant masseur Yassin,…..both have hands of complete magic. The effect of four hands covering my whole body made it impossible to focus with different parts of the body being massaged simultaneously. I just seemed to be taken to another level of relaxation and intimacy.

Thanks Col for the great time I had with you yesterday . I just want to point out especially yr amazing touch, yr sensuality, the way you have to make me feel at ease as if we were good old friends. I also won’t never forget the start of the massage with a special something ( I won’t tell what it is : surprise to be discovered at yr place). Next time I want to experience the 4 handed massage. Looking forward to seeing u soon.
(The train only takes 2h15m by Eurostar and is well worth the visit!)

John – March 2008
I want to say to anyone who is considering a visit to Col but who maybe feeling slightly apprehensive, what an amazing experience his Tantric massage has been for me. I dithered for a long time just looking at the Massage 33 website from time to time before I plucked up the courage to book a massage. I only regret now that I left it so long to enjoy the experience.I have now treated myself to four massages since January this year and the experience has honestly got better and better as I have gained the confidence to relax more and more and let go of any inhibitions. Col has not only given me some very helpful and thoughtful advice with suggestions how I can progress my personal situation but his truly amazing and genuine talent for Tantric massage has shown me a level of intimacy that had been totally lacking from my life. As someone who is not in the first flush of youth, I am cross with myself for not experiencing Tantric massage years ago. My next goal is to learn some of Col’s techniques myself.

Anthony – October 2007
Hi Col – just felt I needed to thank you for tonight. It was an amazing time. Thank you for your immense kindness, beautiful touch and inspiring words. When i held your hand, i almost cried. You are a special man

David – September 2007
Like many who may be reading this and the other testimonials on this website, I had never experienced a tantirc massage before visiting Col and was naturally apprehensive about what the experience would entail. My fears were quickly put to rest on my first visit with the warm and welcoming attitude of Col as soon as you step through the door. The first twenty minutes or so involved both me getting to know Col and Col getting to know me and what could expect to get out of the tantric massage. It certainly went a long way to putting me in a relaxed state of mind and ready for the massage itself. This kind of massage is about as intimate as you can be with someone, so feeling comfortable with Col was an important part to the whole experience. Col started the massage slowly with plenty of relaxing strokes which gradually started to build in more intimate strokes. The final “lingam” stage was a totally new experience for me and while I was nervous as it began, the previous hour had built up the trust between us and that allowed me to enjoy just what his hands can do. I left the massage positively glowing and already wondering when I could repeat the experience. I’ve now visited Col three times and each time has built upon the previous ones. There is, of course, no longer the need for the initial “getting to know you phase” but we have continued to talk over my feelings and emotions and Col’s keen insight into my frame of mind is often uncanny. It certainly has given me a lot to think about and has started to make me look at my life anew. The massage continues to advance and surprise – the trust is there from the start now and Col is starting to introduce new themes to the experience and I find myself able to just let go and enjoy it all far easier – and the pleasure gets more intense each time. This last visit introduced prostrate massage and it totally blew my mind. Any inhibitions I may still have had evaporated at that moment and I totally lost myself to the moment. I’m also amazed at Col’s inventive uses of toothbrushes and other seemingly innocent objects! It all adds to the experience, which grows with each and every visit. I’m now looking forward to my fourth and fifth visits, and wondering not with apprehension what new things I will experience there, but with relish! And between sessions I’m finding myself more aware of my own wants and desires, and less shy about voicing them which can only be a good thing. All in all a great experience and I’m so glad I had the courage to make that first appointment and start this amazing journey.

Phil – August 2007
Just to thank you for one of the most sesual experiences I’ ve had. Totally mindblowing. you’re a great guy.

Dave – July 2007
Just wanted to drop you an email to say thanks for the massage last night – it truly was a wonderful experience, both deeply relaxing and highly arousing, a combination that surprisingly worked really well. I still don’t feel like I’ve come down from wherever you put me yet! You are able to both give good pressure and have a very sensitive touch and use both to great effect. It’s definitely an experience I will want to repeat.

John – March 2007
That was extraordinary yesterday – a wonderful experience.  I felt stoned all evening and was waning during dinner!  How I slept after – just what I needed.  Wonderul hands you have. See you again sometime soon.

Andreas – February 2007
I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for the two wonderful sessions we had last week. As you know, I’m a shy guy, and the moment I met you, you found a way to really talk to me about these things. One could feel that you really care and that you’re a sensible, open-minded and perceptive guy. The time spent together was not only for massage, but also for (for lack of a better word) psychotherapy. And you know what? It felt good, and right. The massage itself was a wonderful surprise. Usually, with “tantric” masseurs, you get guys who are maybe nice and open-minded, but not really good at massage. With you, it was quite the opposite. The moment you laid your hands on me, it was clear you really DO massage… and it felt great. I especially enjoyed the shoulder/back massage, because I love being touched in those spots – but the whole experience was heavenly. The anal massage, which is one of the most intimate kind of touch a person can receive from another human being, was at the same time gentle, caring, pleasurable and stimulating. After you had me turn on my back, the way you touched me, and massaged me and finally helped me to release my tension and abandon myself into your hands, was unique. Once again I felt I could trust you (which never happens to me during a first session) and I felt you really cared. Afterwards, I enjoyed the silence, the quiet, the peace of the room and I could really listen to myself and “come down” from wherever it was that you sent me with your touch. The second session was even better, because I knew you and I knew what was going to happen. This time I really “spaced out” and was gone from my mind for a while. It was a fantastic, refreshing break from everyday life and a welcome pause from pains and worries. Once again, the best words I can find to describe what I felt on your table are: you care. I have never felt such healing and caring energy from a therapist before. As a result, I felt secure and I felt I really could “let go”. Well… do you know what the only negative part of the whole experience is? You’re like an addiction… and now I’m back home in Italy and I’ll have to find a way to come back to London as soon as I can (or, even better, convince you to set up shop here in MIlan!)! Oh well… you loose some, you win some! Thanks for everything, Col. You’re a great masseur and a wonderful therapist. I really enjoyed the time time spent under your hands and I hope we’ll get a chance to meet again soon. Sorry for whatever mistake I made in writing this stuff… as you know English is only my second language. Anyhow, what I said I really mean. Take care and have a great time. p.s. please, I’d love for you to post these comments on your website

Chuck – February 2007
Just wanted to say thanks for the time and attention given me during the massage this morning. It was a WONDERFUL two hours that continues to impact and move me over 12 hours later.Your warmth, intuitive nature, touch, understanding and interest in me as your client are all very appreciated. I believe you have an incredible healing touch. I sincerely look forward to my return in May. Again, a big thank you from deep down inside.

Dickie – February 2007
Just felt as though I should say thank you for Friday afternoon, you seemed so understanding and helped in so many ways. I am understandably quite confused from all quarters and it was great to chat and listen to what seemed good advise.Your massage really relaxed me and made me feel me again.

Graham – January 2007
I thought I would write this to encourage other men who are viewing Col’s site and are interested in having a tantric massage. I have visited Col 4 times over the past 12 months and have found him warm, friendly and professional. His suites are clean and comfortable. I visited because I regularly have a massage and I was also curious about tantric. Col does an excellent massage and the tantric component has really increased my physical sensitivity and sensuality. My enjoyment of sex is deeper, more profound and satisfying. If you are interested broadening your understanding of sex and how to have an incredible orgasm, book and appointment with Col. Excellent.

Shane – November 2006
Hi Col,  Just wanted to give you some feedback for the wonderful tantric massage received yesterday.  For other guys wondering whether they would consider you I would say don’t hesitate.  Col makes you feel at ease from the moment you walk through the door.  His service is very intimate, personal and unhurried.  Well worth the money spent.  I hope I can see you again sometime.

Wombler – October 2006
Thank you Col for such an incredible experience. Your whole approach from the moment I came to you was so comforting and completely non-judgemental. As for the massage – wow- i had the feeling that i was the only person in the world that mattered and it just felt it was all for me. I was relaxed and at ease throughout and you made it clear from the beginning that is what you wanted me to experience. After the sensual massage and eventual release the subsequent head massage was one of the most calming moments in my life. Thank you Col for an experience I will never forget….and yes, I will be back! Thank you a hundred times.

Ian – September 2006
Hi, Col. Just a note to say thanks for a truly incredible experience. I have often heard the expression, “it blew my mind”, but I never thought that it was literally possible for it to happen. I have never, never felt anything like it. The roller-coaster of sensations and emotions that I felt were a revelation to me. I am still trying to fathom out what happened! Your hands are truly magical! I cannot wait to come and repeat the experience. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Peter – September 2006
i’m really sorry for not sending you this testimonial sooner, but to tell you the truth i have been trying to describe the amazing and unforgettable massage. Since that day & until now I cant find the words that would make me live the feeling I had when I was between your magical hands. I guess I can say IT WAS THE BEST THING I EVER DID IN MY LIFE & CAN’T WAIT TO DO IT AGIAN AND AGAIN AND AGIAN. Sorry again and thank u so much. One more thing I would like to say is YOUR THE MOST PROFESSIONAL MASSEUR I HAVE EVER MET and you really know how to please your clients. Take care and hope to see u soon.

Matt – September 2006
Many thanks for the fantastic massage last Thursday – I thoroughly enjoyed in and can’t wait to come again. In fact, I’m coming to London next Friday with a friend, (Ian). I’ve gone on and on about how good it was that he would like to experience it, too.

Nick – August 2006

Thank you very much for the taster tantic massage. It was a liberating experience and the best £55 I’ve spent on myself for a long time. I felt very much at ease and very comfortable although it was a new experience for me. I’ll certainly be opting for the full session next time! It’s the next day and I’m still feeling very relaxed and calm.

Rob – August 2006

Brilliant! you get to the parts even heineken does not get to!
See you again.

Patrick – June 2006
Just a short line to thank you for this morning’s amazing session. I still feel amazingly relaxed, somehow as if my body was ‘heavy’, and almost as if some hands had been inside me and moved things around. I feel very rested, it’s good.

Tony -June 2006

Hi Col, I felt I had to let you know that you provided me with the most wonderful experience yesterday. I think it was the nearest thing to an out of body experience you could get. It was truly amazing. I felt, and still feel, absolutely wonderful. So, thank you so very much. You obviously have a skilful and special touch, second to none. Many, many thanks.

Barry – May 2006

I just wanted to say that that was the best massage I’ve ever had and a wonderfully sensual and erotic journey. Over five hours later I still feel fantastic. I would like to have another massage sometime, so I’d better start saving up! Thank you again. You’re very, very good at what you do.

David – April 2006
Anyone thinking of having a tantric massage, I would highly recommend Col for your first experience. As soon as you walked through the door you were made to feel completely at ease. Col explained what was involved, firstly introducing himself and then asking you about yourself. The whole experience from start to finish was about you! I came away from there feeling on top of the world and totaly relaxed. His hands are an experience not to be missed and I would recommend Col to anyone.

Planstman52 – February 2006
A superb massage from a totally professional masseur – one of the best I have ever had. I was very impressed that the massage was obviously tailored to fit the life situation of the client, and the sensitive questioning before the massage began put me totally at ease. The massage itself was unhurried and it was very obvious that Col is a very well qualified practitioner. I left totally relaxed, with renewed energy (floating on cloud nine in fact) and would have no hesitation in recomending friends to book a massage with this charming and expert therapist.

Steve – January 2006
I have never had a tantric massage before and was very sceptical & nervous although curious about it. My fears were soon over once Col had explained what to expect. The moment his hand started exploring my body I felt totally at ease. I have never experienced relaxation like it and the finale was mind blowing. Having had many Swedish/Aromatherapy massages in the past but none of them would compare with my experience with Col. A total body experience not to be missed.

Ian – July 2005
I recently visited Col for a full massage at his room just outside Exeter From the initial enquiry I had explained to Col that I was suffering and had suffered from “Erectile Dysfunction” issues for several years caused mainly my being a diabetic for over 30 years and probably some work related stress. The normal medications, i.e. Viagra, Levitra, etc. had no effect whatsoever. He was immediate sympathetic and understanding (but not patronising) and thought that he could offer some form of assistance I travel a long way but as soon as we met he greeted me in a relaxed professional manner explained fully what he was prepared to attempt but at the same time offered no guarantee of success. The massage was unbelievably wonderful words actually fail me Col did not want me to be too relaxed so that I would not react but he achieved the exact status. As the session progressed my body became totally under his control. There was absolutely no embarrassment and Col expected nothing from me I have been in a relationship for some time now and have an understanding partner yet still have the mental feeling of “failure” For the first time in several years Col managed to get me to achieve a good erection. The reasons probably being a combination of the body massage and the tantric massage working together. At the end of the session which went way over the expected timescale we spoke and discussed things in general As a result I have had full and frank discussion with my partner, have obtained new medication and have at last been able to enter into full sexual activity in a confident and relaxed manner I am thinking of paying Col a return visit!!!!! Thanks.

Matrix – June 2005
I recently had a full body in-house massage from Col and I can honestly say it was one of the best I have received. He did an amazing job at making me feel comfortable and relaxed. Col does his job in a very professional manner and attitude . . . he is thorough, sensitive and very effective.