Code of Practice & Terms & Conditions

For the giving and receiving of a Sensual Massage or attending a workshop or event organised by Colin Richards of Massage33 & Intimacy Matters

The ethos of Sensual Massage is about receiving and sometimes sharing intimate sensual touch with another human being and is often experienced within the use of massage techniques to achieve or enhance sexual arousal. Sensual  massage has been used for medical purposes for a very long time. Its use for erotic purposes also has a long history. Today it is increasingly being given by some therapists as a form of de stressing or as a treatment to help with sexual performance issues, lack of intimacy or sexuality exploration, particularly same sex intimacy exploration. It can be of great help to those wanting to learn more about sensual arousal either for themselves or others and for couples to help enhance their lovemaking. Sensual massages typically feature massage in erogenous zones of the body to increase sexual arousal and can, for some, result in orgasm. It does not include sexual intercourse.

The relationship between client and therapists is designed to be one of trust and respect. Consequently therapists are expected to be courteous and caring at all times and to take time to hear their clients needs and motivations for wanting the massage. Before the massage commences both parties should make clear their own personal boundaries. If you are a new client then before giving the first treatment the therapist will also want to have a brief conversation about your general health and fitness and to hear about and medical history that may be relevant to you receiving massage. They may also want to ask about some of the following:

1. Motivation for wanting the treatment

2. Any sexuality or sexual performance issues

3. Skin allergies, intimacy fear, disabilities etc

4. Expectations and concerns of the treatment

5. Confirmation and agreement of fees and duration of the treatment

Respect for personal boundaries

The personal boundaries of both client and therapist must always be respected. If there is any aspect of the massage that you feel goes beyond your own personal boundaries then please let the therapist know immediately. Equally if the therapist feels that their personal boundaries are being crossed they will indicate this politely and ask you to refrain from what you are doing. If this is not respected then they are entitled to terminate the treatment without reduction of fee.

All treatments are carried out in a clean professional environment and fresh towels and excellent shower facilities are available both before and after the treatment. The massage is given with non aromatic oils.

Heath & Weight Limits – All massages unless specifically requested not to, include arousal to orgasm which by its nature increases heart rate. Therefore above sensual massages are NOT suitable for anyone over 120kg or a BMI over 35 or severely or morbidly obese or suffers from a heart condition or is taking medication for a heart condition. In the cases of skin disorder, epilepsy or if you suffer from suffers from fits, please discuss the suitability of the massage before making the appointment.

Permission & Authorization

On making an appointment for a sensual massage you are entering in to an agreement with the therapist that acknowledges the sensual and erotic nature of the treatment. The treatment will include full nudity on receivers part and partial or full nudity on the therapist’s part. You must also disclose any health issues that you know may be contraindicated to the massage such as, broken bones or muscle problems, high or low blood pressure, heart condition, diabetes, obesity, skin conditions, STI’s, psychological or neurological conditions and any disabilities. The therapist will then decide if the treatment can go ahead.

Male Clients

Upon request a details description of the massage can be sent to male clients or they can read the details within the M33Xtra section of this web site. By making the appointment male clients acknowledge that the massage may be given to them by some one of the same sex and that the massage will be intimate and involves genital arousal.

Female Clients & Male / Female Couples

For appointment made with female clients and male / female couples details of the content of the massage will be sent via email or text and before the massage can take place this must be read and acknowledged by the receiver including details of motivation for the massage and the level and type of arousal that is required. If there are any boundaries to be adhered to then this must also be made clear either before arriving for the massage or at the start of the appointment.