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uk_health_beauty.1196.3Learning to give a Sensual Massage can change so much for you and your partners.

After just one day a student taking one of Colin’s sensual massage workshops can find their sensual and sexual  lives fundamentally changed for ever. They will leave the workshop feeling more confident to both give and receive sensual intimacy and they will have a far better understanding of both their and their partners bodies and what turns them both on both physiologically and psychologically.  Following completion of a Standard Day Workshop with Colin a recent student gave this comment.

“The Standard Day Workshop is great value for money and a superb investment for anyone trying to improve their love life. Thank you Colin, it was an absolute pleasure seeing you in action! You have truly changed my life for the better.”



The Sensual Massage routine that I teach is a mixture of traditional therapeutic massage, sensual touch and erotic arousing touch all combined to create a massage that ebbs and flows between relaxation, stimulation and erotic pleasure to leave the “receiver” feeling genuinely quite amazing.

As human beings we are naturally sensual animals, we thrive on touch, it is the primary method by which we receive affection, love, attention, arousal and sexual pleasure. In order to maintain life our bodies are literally built for to give and receive pleasure. Through sexual intercourse we procreate but in order to get to the point of copulation both  our minds and our bodies need stimulating. The biology is there to prove this since as we are touched we release the hormone Oxytocin, often called the love hormone. This hormone is essential to our sense well being. Without a regular dose of Oxytocin we can feel neglected, alone, even rejected. But when we receive Oxytocin by experiencing positive touch we can feel wonderful as tremendous sense of calm and connection creeps over us and we are drawn to connect with other humans. It maybe the innate sense of insecurity around our need for survival and procreation that draws us together but it is the pleasure of intimate touch that is the sensual glue that binds us.

Colin & Evija320 - Version 3Oxytocin arouses us, it makes our bodies come alive with desire, it reduces anxiety to replace it with a sense of amazing well being.  Most of us know this because we have experienced the Oxytocin effect when having sex but sex can also bring along other complications and conditions that can be mind confusing and conditional creating emotional challenges that conflict with the calmness.  Am I good enough, is my body sexy enough, are my thighs fat! Thoughts of insecurity that pervade our minds to unsettle us. This is why giving or receiving a sensual massage should not be seen as a means to and end for sex nor in fact a sexual process at all but is a sensual process.  Where performance is not an issue, where all that matters is your

Female learning to give man a full body massage with skill

Female student learning to give man a full body massage

pleasure. Where you can allow your body to respond in what ever way it feels without fear, guilt or the need to perform entering your head.

Any one who has had a traditional massage knows that to have the muscles worked and the limbs stretched is very pleasurable but nowadays unless being given by a close friend the therapeutic, sports and aromatherapy massages are mostly received in spas or gyms where certain conditions around intimate touch are in force. Hence in many cases these massages will not include certain parts of the body such as the buttocks, upper thighs, stomach and chest ( even for men). The fear is, one assumes, that by touching these more intimate parts may it entice the receiver to become aroused. So rather like taking a hungry man in to a restaurant and telling him he can only eat the starter, leaving him teased but still hungry and fulfilled many people now leave “legitimate”  massages feeling somewhat frustrated, even physiologically disconnected and feeling they must “behave” and take considerable effort not to allows any sign of arousal that might offend the masseur or give the wrong impression.

By taking a completely different approach to arousal and embracing this very natural process the sensual massage, when given well, gives the “receiver” a massage that is physiologically totally inclusive of all the body, emotionally caring and sensitive and uses the arousal process and erotic release to completely disgorge the body of the stress and anxiety that society inflicts on us today. For the “giver” learning to give a sensual massage provides the opportunity to give confidently ultimate caring touch and love to another person and whether this be a loved one, friend or client it will be enjoyed immensely.

Of course in a personal situation when the massage is being given t a partner or close friend the sensual massage may lead on to great sex but I always emphasis to my students that this should not be the focus or motivation of the massage and that a sensual massage can be given where total pleasure is given by one to the other and that what takes place after the massage should happen naturally and only with the approval and desire of both.

Workshops Options

Workshops are given on a 1-1 or couple basis in private and discreet surroundings and suitable (male or female) volunteers are available to receive the practice massage sessions should you not be able to provide your own. All volunteers are comfortable with the intimate erotic nature of the workshop and are happy to give feed back on your technique and skills

Workshop gender combinations are:

  • Man to Man
  • Woman to Man
  • Man to Woman
  • Couple Private Workshop to Man or Woman or both
  • Couples Group Workshop to Man or Woman or both
  • Single or Group Demonstration and Observation only Seminar

They can be taken as

  • Half Day (5 hours)
  • Standard Day (8 hours)
  • Extended Day (10 hours)
  • 2 Day Professional (16 hours)


  • The Half Day Workshop – 5 hours (two massages given or one given and one received)

This workshop is ideal for those that want short introduction workshop before possibly taking a one or two day workshop. Or it can be for an person who simply wants to enjoy the experience of giving sensual touch and leaning some basic skills in sensual arousal to enhance their own sexual skills. By giving and receiving a massage you will understand why you should learn more.


  • The Standard Workshop – 1 Day (8 hours) 9.30am to 5.30pm ( 2 practice massage given and one received)

This workshop is ideal for enthusiastic amateur who wants to learn to give a sensual massage  to improve their confidence and abilities within own lovemaking. The day is focussed on the practice of both basic massage techniques and sensual arousal. The first hour of the workshop is for a general chat allowing me to understand your motivations and experience of massage so far both giving and receiving it also give you the opportunity to ask questions or discuss any worries or concerns you may have about the day. After about 60 – 90 min the first volunteer arrives and both the student and I give this first massage together as a 4 hands massage with the student mirroring my strokes to practice the massage and to begin to understand the psychological and physiological elements of arousal.  Following a short lunch break a second volunteer arrives and if you feel confident you can give the massage to him on your own with me guiding or if you prefer we can give another 4 hands together. After each massage we will have time to chat about how the massage felt for you, what you witnessed and learned and also hear from the volunteers how it was for them to experience the massage, arousal and orgasm at your hands. The day is finished with the student receiving a massage so that they can personally experience what they have just learnt.



  • The Extended Workshop – 1 Day (10 hours) 9am – 7pm ( 3 massages given and one received)

This workshop is in more a more intense and in depth day and is ideal for those wanting to learn how to give a sensual massage for professional reasons though is this not essential.  This workshop is often taken by those who have already trained at some level in sports or therapeutic massage but who want to extend their skills to include sensual and erotic massage in their repertoire.

For example you may be an existing masseur therapist who wants to learn more sensual arousing techniques and to better understand the dynamics and issues surrounding this very intimate treatment and to learn how handle these. For example you will learn how to help male clients with Premature Ejaculation and Erectile Dysfunction, or females who want to explore arousal and clitoral and G spot stimulation techniques as well as other sensual intimacy needs.

The extended day follows the same agenda as the standard day but is 2 hours longer and the student practices on 3 volunteers, learning both basic massage and sensual strokes but also be taught the more intimate and erotic elements of PsychoSensual massage.  The day is finished with the student receiving a massage so that they can personally experience what they have just learnt.


  • The 2 Day Professional Workshop – (16 hours) 9am – 7pm/ 9.30am to 3.30pm (four massage given and one received plus business set up and 3 months on going business mentoring)

The 2 day extended workshop is specifically designed for those wanting to set up a part time or full Sensual Massage Business and includes both the massage training and business set up support and on going mentoring.

Day 1 is as described above in the Extended Day details

Day 2 Business Set Up

We start the day with a short welcome chat and overview of the previous day

Then for the remaining part of the morning we discuss your plans for a business and how to begin to set up your massage practice business. This will include goal setting, plans and concerns marketing and how to join the Massage 33 Associate Programme.

The afternoon is focussed on further practice work the day will finish with yourself and I giving a full 4 hands massage in as real situation as possible. This wiol help cement all that you have learn in the two days

You will also receive support in setting up your business with a further 3 months mentoring.


When can I book a workshop with Colin?

Workshops can be booked on any day to suit you subject to my availability.

How do I book a workshop?

If you are interested to know more or want book a date please complete the Booking Form or email me at staing which workshop you are interested in and  giving several possible dates and the order of priority of these dates. If the day is free this can then be reserved for you on a provisional basis whilst the finer details are sorted. Or call me on 07966 522 696 to chat more

Where does the workshop take place?

I generally  run sensual massage workshops in one of my two massage studio locations in Central London either in Marylebone or Kensington. However I am happy to run workshops in other venues that may be your private residence, a hotel or another venue you have booked. I am happy to travel abroad to teach as well.

Are all workshops just 1-1 (single student) or do you do group workshops?

No, I also run workshops for couples (of all sexualities) and larger groups. I am happy to act as invited teacher to any group session that you may want to organise provided that the venue available is suitable.

Do you offer seminaars in teaching sensual massage

Yes I also offer demonstation seminaar workshops where an audience (4 to 50) watches the massage being given. This is then followed by a question and answer session with both myself and the receiver volunteer. Popular occaisions are:-

  • Private parties
  • Hen parties
  • Stag parties
  • Educational events

Please request further details on this if interested.

Deposit and Refunds

To confirm a workshop a 50% deposit is required. This can be paid by bank transfer, Credit or Debit Card and is fully refundable up to 2 weeks prior to the workshop date and 50% refundable if cancelled giving a weeks notice. If the workshop is cancelled within 7 days then the deposit is forfeited but can held in credit against another workshop date or a massage appointment to the same value. The balance of the fee is paid on the first day of the workshop.

Can I have help with payment?

If you are having payment difficulties in certain circumstances I am happy to offer an instalment plan – tell me your story and I will try to help as best I can.

What other benefits are there?

As well as receiving the tuition and practice you will also receive a year’s access to the  Sensual Massage Movies web site , where there are over 230 sensual massage videos to educate and entertain you. This also includes 4 x 20 minute video tutorials and a step by step power point tutorial plus tutorials on giving 4 hands sensual massage.

How Intimate is the workshop?

If you would like to discuss the actual content of the workshops, the level of sensual intimacy involved between student and volunteer client or any other questions or concerns that you may have please call me on 07966 522 696. All workshops can be tailor made to you personal comfort zones, however all volunteers will be naked when practiced on and the teaching will include genital stimulation to full arousal and orgasm of the volunteer. Anal and prostate massage can be included upon request if the volunteers are happy to receive. The workshop does not involve any sexual interaction between the student and volunteers and students can remain fully or partially clothed.

 2013 Prices:

Half Day 5 hrs (add 50% if a couple)

£295 = Mornings
  • £350 = Afternoons
  • £375 = Evenings

 Standard Day 8 hrs

  • £435 = Single person
  • £850 = A Couples, or 2 person

Extended 1 Day 10hrs

  • £495 = Single person
  • £925 = A Couple or 2 person

Professional 2 Day 16hrs

  • £625 = Single person
  • £1,050 = Couple or 2 person

Group Day Workshops 9.30 – 5.30pm

  • £300 per person – Minimum 4 person

Extra Charges

Please note that usually male volunteers are happy to be available for practice sessions at no charge but there may be an additional charge if practice is to be on female volunteers.

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