Erotic Massage for Women & Couples

m33_22Since the launch of the new look Massage33 website I now offer sensual full body massage to men and women & couple and consequently in the last 12 months I have increasingly been seeing more women and mixed-sex couples. Although my main client base remains predominantly as gay, bi-curious or bisexual men exploring their sexuality or gay men I do now see about to 15 female clients month and about 6 couples a month.

Women tell me that the reason for wanting to have this intimate massage is because it gives them the rare pleasure of being able to lay back, let go and enjoy being touched and intimately aroused in a private space by an expert masseur without the need to behave in any particular way, be judged or feel guilty or feel they have give back something in return. Some women are are single but many I see are partnered and although they realise that what they are doing could be viewed as deceitful or wrong the actual benefit of the private time always outweighs any negative aspects they might feel with them leaving more fulfilled and consequently less agitated by aspects of their day to day life.


I think most men understand this. In fact recently I have given massage to partnered women whose partners, husbands or boyfriends have encouraged even booked and paid for the massage for their woman. Often these couples may have been in arelationship for 10 or more years and although most everything else is good in the partnership they can appreciate that after a period of time the sexual chemistry in any relationship can wane and that taking a sensual massage from a professional can be the answer to finding some sensual intimacy and excitment that does not challange the relationship. Indeed some couole even come together wating one another receive or eventaing part thyemselves working with me or enjoying a tandem massage with 2 masseurs.

Certainly as more couples explore the swinging scene but find that the non intimate environment of group sex parties is not their thing, they will find that sharing a sensual massage with a male, 2 males or a male and female masseur or even with another couple is a fabulous alternative and one that is safe intimate and can be much more meaningful.

So come on gentklemen don’t keep the knowledge of the pleasure of enjoying a sensual massage to yourself, if you have a girlfriend or wife send her over with your blessing (a great birthday gift!) or if you are a gay guy why not recommend this to your extra special female friends. They will love you forever for giving them permission to spoil themselves.

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