massage33 sensual massage party

This review has been given by Francesca and Michael who attended the May 2017 Couples Affaire Party

Having attended other couples events which didn’t feel very intimate or even sexy, we decided to try Couples Affaire, an event held in Colin’s beautiful apartment overlooking the River Thames.

Hosted by Colin Richards who owns and runs Intimacy Matters, where he gives intimate massages to both men and women.

The warm welcome we received from Mack and Becca, our hosts for the evening, and from Colin himself put us at ease immediately unlike any other event we have been too. Being a smaller event in someone’s home made it feel very relaxed.

We were offered a delicious cocktail and nibbles by the naked butler who had a perfect bottom, very eye catching!

Not being particularly experienced in this area of sex, we have always struggled to talk to people in events in clubs and have often felt having an ice breaker would have helped. So imagine our delight when we were asked to choose a slip of paper with an erogenous zone and asked to guess what erogenous zone other guests had on their pieces of paper.

Questioning and touching with permission was allowed.

The aim of the game was to get as many erogenous zones correct which were rewarded with a button and the person who got the most buttons won a sex toy provided by Jo Divine, a sex toy retailer who has a range of fascinating products on show.

While we were all making new friends and discovering erogenous zones we had never even thought about, there was live music from a fabulous vocalist  Alex who had an amazing voice, very mellow and treacly!

The intimacy of the venue got people talking immediately, partly down to the organised welcome and the intimate venue, so much better than a night club. Many people took advantage of the fabulous river side view from the balcony, waving at the pleasure cruisers going past!

Curious about sex toys, we wandered over to talk to the couple who own Jo Divine. Paul gave us an in depth talk about the sex toys they had brought along, all of which we had never seen before, definitely not Ann Summers. This couple knows all about skin safe sex toys and sexual lubricants and even had samples of YES organic lubricants to give to us to try.

massage33After the ice breaker which had relaxed everyone and got them talking to each other, we were treated to a very erotic Fifty Shade of Grey dance to get us in the mood.

At this part of the evening getting people to undress seemed to be the aim but instead of just stripping off, Alex the vocalist volunteered to strip in a very adult version of Pass the Parcel, only we were passing around a very large vibrator from Jo Divine which was much more fun.

Whoever was holding the sex toy when Alex stopped singing got to take off an item of his clothing to lots of cheers!

Being a very clever man he has lots of layers on, and so funny to see a man wearing stockings and three pairs of knickers and pants!

Massage tables were being set up in the room so by the time we had all stripped Alex, the room was ready.

Alex offered himself for the first one inviting people to massage him. It all felt very natural, with people starting to disrobe. No one seems to be or appeared to be self-conscious because it was an extremely relaxed atmosphere.

We happily undressed feeling comfortable to be naked in this intimate venue and took it in turns to massage each other. Colin has warmed up the oil making it feel so sensuous. Alex who is a trained massage therapist as well as a fantastic singer offered to show us both how to massage each other as well as massaging each of us at the same time. It felt really pleasurable and relaxing being massaged by two people.

Once we’d been thoroughly massaged we moved to one of the 2 rooms to indulge in some sex play. Unlike other events we’ve been to, these rooms were very chilled out with many couples enjoying intimate touch rather than full blown sex.

Having attended other events which never felt intimate, this was more of intimate touch party rather than full on sex party which left us both feeling very relaxed and chilled out. We had both had fun together, enjoyed being massaged by other people and each other and watching other people indulging in sex play.

We would definitely recommend this event, it gave us the intimacy we have been searching for at other events.To be surrounded by people of all ages, chatting, massaging and intimately touching each other in such a relaxed manner is a great first step for couples to begin exploring couples events.