Frequently Asked Questions

by Women & Couples

General Questions:

What is a sensual massage?

A sensual massage is given with a genuine sense of care and intimacy – involving relaxation, pleasure and arousal of the body. Sensual massage offers both physical and emotional benefits and takes a humanistic approach to sensual and erotic arousal. It focuses on giving the receiver an authentic full body therapeutic massage that combines traditional massage strokes with intentional arousing techniques. These are aimed at slowly relaxing and simultaneously arousing the receiver. Other than occasional instructions the massage is usually given in silence but natural sounds of arousal are encouraged. The sensual massage usually leads to orgasm, but without any pressure or expectation to do so. As well as being pleasurable, the massage can also help people with sexual performance challenges, fears around intimacy, loss of libido, sexual frustration and if bringing in a female masseur in a 4 hands massage, same-sex intimacy exploration.

The sensual masseurs approach this treatment with a genuine sense of care and integrity. A good sensual masseur should be able to build the arousal slowly throughout the whole treatment, seducing the body and causing the receiver’s mind to relax and focus solely on the touch.

How can I be sure I won’t experience something I don’t want or like? 

Whether taking the Absolute or the Sensual Massage, I always ask clients to complete the respective Authorisation & Request Form before the first appointment. This form enables prospective clients to indicate any areas they want me to focus on as well as clarifying their boundaries, preferences and desires for the treatment. With its zero to ten scoring section, the Authorisation & Request Form enables you to create your ideal experience. Scoring 10 means you definitely want something included; scoring zero means you don’t want this included – with three, five and eight as levels to help you indicate what type and intensity of erotic arousal you want to explore. The form also acts as legal authority for me to give you this massage.

How do I view the Authorisation & Requests Form?

The form can be viewed without having to complete or submit it. View Form

Where are you located?

My regular treatment studio is located in my very smart 24th-floor penthouse apartment in Battersea, in a state of the art brand new apartment building with stunning views of the Thames and most of London. There is complete privacy and quiet. The full address will be given on confirmation of your appointment. By arrangement, I am happy to come to your location (hotel or home); if a massage table is not available I will require the use of a bed or futon/cushions on the floor.

I have had a Tantric massage before or heard of it, is this the same?

It is similar in that it is giving you the opportunity to explore your sexual and sensual energies safely and discreetly. However, I prefer to describe my approach as humanistic, since this experience focuses on us as sensual and sexual beings rather than spiritual. The massage is about taking us back to our deepest feelings of intimacy, sensuality and arousal, and does not include any spiritual aspects such as ritual, breathing exercises or meditation.

Can I cancel my appointment?

Yes, you can cancel at any time but if cancelled within 24 hours then any deposit paid (£25) is retained. If you are a regular client and have not paid a deposit then a donation of £25 towards lost business is gratefully accepted. If you have paid for the appointment in full in advance then this is usually held and transferred to another suitable date – to be taken within six months.

Do you have any testimonials or feedback from previous clients I can read?

Yes, I have a very comprehensive Testimonials page.These were given freely and cover a period of years, from 2012 to the present day. You are welcome to give your own feedback after your appointment by following this link. [Click here]

I am very interested in coming along for a treatment but am feeling nervous and also uncertain about which treatment to choose. What might be my next step? 

I offer every first-time client the option of calling me for a free 15-minute phone chat. In this call, you can ask me any questions and explain your reasons for wanting to come for an appointment. Together we can figure out the best option for you. To arrange this call just text or WhatsApp me on 07966 522 696.

Can I spread my payments for a single or series of appointments?

Yes, you can. I offer a Gold, Silver or Bronze option of purchasing hours at up to a 40% discount. The hours purchased can be used over a full year. [click here] 

Do you offer reductions for students or the low paid?

I want everyone to have access to sensual massage so will do my best to accommodate your budget. If you are a student or unemployed I will need proof of your status to give a discount. You will need to fit in with my available times for the appointment which are usually mornings between 9 am and 1 pm

Do you offer better rates for regular treatments?

Yes I do please check out the various payment plans. [click here] 

Is it possible to see a demonstration of the massage before committing to booking an appointment? 

Yes, if you register in Intimacy X you can view a detailed 10-minute demonstration of the different elements of the Absolute massage being given. To register in Intimacy X [Click here]

Questions about the content of the massage:

Most of the answers below apply to both the Absolute and Sensual Massage but those answers that are not relevant to the Sensual Massage (less intimate than the Absolute & surface only) are asterisked below (*) in red.

If I wanted you to, would you undress me before the massage?

I am happy to undress you if this is wanted but usually I leave you to shower and undress privately and return to the room when you are lying on the massage bed.

If I wanted, would you shower me before the massage?

I am happy to shower you if this is wanted but usually I leave you to shower and undress privately.

Do you give body to body contact?

The massage by nature involves body to body contact since as well as using my hands, I also use my arms, elbows and if appropriate my body weight, although this can be adjusted to suit your comfort.*

Are you clothed or naked when giving the massage?

I can remain clothed or be naked (usually for the second half of the massage) – whatever makes you most comfortable. You would specify your preferences on the Authorisation & Request Form in advance of your appointment.

Can I touch you during the massage?

The nature of this massage is about intimacy and trust – ultimately, it’s up to you. For some people, it’s important to be able to receive touch without having to give back, while others prefer a more reciprocal experience. The choice is yours and can be indicated on the Authorisation & Request Form.

Can I arouse you?

This can be indicated on the Authorisation & Request form or you can discuss this with me before your appointment by email or text. Should you cross any of my personal boundaries I will quietly and respectfully let you know.

How is the vaginal stimulation given?

This is given with hands and fingers or if requested with a sex toy. The type and intensity of both the clitoral and vaginal stimulation can be indicated when you complete the A & R form. Clitoral stimulation is given in phases 2 & 3 of the massage with vaginal stimulation (both external and internal) given in phases 3 & 4. The depth and intensity of the vaginal stimulation is guided by you but I aim to follow your responses as the massage progresses.

Can I talk to you during the massage?

Of course you can. On arrival, if you feel it helps we can chat about the treatment for a few minutes before you take a shower and at the beginning of the massage it’s also fine to chat. Once the massage is underway, however, its best to refrain from conversation and use the hand-holding method to communicate how you feel during the massage. I will explain this when you get here.

Do you give or receive oral stimulation?

This can be indicated on the Authorisation & Request Form*

Do you kiss during the massage?

This can be indicated on the Authorisation & Request Form*

I make quite a bit of noise when I am turned on – is that a problem?

Not at all. Women are programmed to make noise when aroused, it is the female mating call. I encourage you to be as vocal as you want and to express your pleasure in any way you like. As a man and your masseur, I respond by making it as good for you as I can. The more you respond the more I can confidently give.

I am concerned that when turned on I might cross your boundaries?

Good erotic stimulation between two people in whatever circumstances hinges on good communication. If there is something you feel you want to do or say then go ahead as I won’t be offended. If it is something that falls beyond my own personal boundaries then I will gently say so but my boundaries are pretty wide!*

Is anal stimulation an option?

Again, this can be indicated on the A & R form, stating your preference for external only, internal or not to be included at all. I often find that once the arousal has heightened some exploration in this area is wanted but I am always guided by your responses.*

Will you use any toys or vibrators on me?

This is your choice, and I do have several vibrators, but I only bring them into the massage it the client has requested the use of them. You can also bring your own.

Can you include any fetish or role play?

I am happy to include some light domination, but anything more specific should be discussed when booking the appointment.*

Are you healthy?

Yes, I take regular sexual health checks and since this is my main work I always maintain a high level of personal health and hygiene. I expect this of my clients too.

When was your last ALL CLEAR full sexual health check?

10th September 2018.

Do you allow Poppers?

No, I do not see clients who are using poppers or who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Do you give four hands massage?

Yes, I can arrange a four hands massage with either another male or a female masseur – see 4 hands options under [Intimate Consultations].

Other Questions:

Do I need to pay a deposit?

For first-time bookings, I require a deposit of £25 to be paid either by bank transfer or PayPal. This ensures your authenticity and also covers my time should you change your mind and cancel altogether.

Do I get a refund of my deposit if I cancel?

I do not give refunds for cancellations, but I am happy to keep it held on account and then reallocate the deposit to another appointment, workshop or event. Deposits are not required for 2nd or future appointments.

Can I arrive early?

No, please arrive at the time you have booked your appointment for.

What if I am running late?

Just send me a text or email to keep me informed, as I may have to make adjustments to later appointments.

What if I need to cancel?

Not a problem – even if last minute – but please do send me a text and tell me.

Can I take a shower?

If you have not showered within one hour of the start of your appointment, then I ask you to take a full body shower before receiving the massage. You are also welcome to take another shower following the massage.

Can I have a glass of wine when I arrive?

Sometimes this helps the nerves and yes – I am happy to offer you a glass of wine or water on arrival. Red or White?

Can I have someone with me at the appointment?

Yes, sometimes partners or friends come along and sit either in a nearby room or in the treatment room and watch. The latter is what I call the Watch & Enjoy Couples Massage.

Do you do hotel or home visits?

If you live in central London or are staying in a hotel in central London, then I am happy to come to you, but there will be an extra charge. If you live further away, I can also come to you, but if it involves transport and extra travel then this would be included in a special quote.

Do you need anything from me?

I want you to be yourself – to feel free to express your emotions, desires, and fantasies without restriction. To be who you want to be and to do what you want to do.

How confidential is this?

Totally and completely. I see women who are in very public or sensitive jobs, who are married, well-known or who come from cultures that have strong rules around female sexuality. And so you do not have to give me your real name/full name and only your mobile and email contact details and information relating to the massage itself. I will never disclose any personal details and all that takes place in the treatment room remains in the treatment room.