Naked Masseur Mack

Mack originates from the Southern Hemisphere growing up in South Africa so his love of the outdoors began at an early age playing with the wildlife around his parent’s smallholding. When you live in a warm climate like South Africa then the need for clothes is not so important as for us in the chilly UK. Maybe this is why even in the breezy winds of spring and autumn in the blink of an eye Mack can be seen stripping off to his bare skin. Mack gets his kicks in public nudity, he absolutely lives for it, so if there’s a naked event in or around London, Mack will be there. Not just a hunky body Mack also loves any form of adrenaline pumping action, from bungee jumping to skydiving to fast bikes to boxing. They’re all a great rush, but he says nothing quite beats the rush of getting into the boxing ring and fighting. It’s so primitive, so natural, so invigorating.

Below are a few pictures of Mack in action and we are sure you will agree he really does have a body and spirit to behold. So if you are in town and seeking a few hours of respite and sensual adventure why not come to Massage33 in Pimlico and enjoy a massage with Mack.

Mack can be booked for massage by contacting him at:-

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