Q & A’s for Massage Workshop Volunteers

Q. Who can volunteer as a “Receiver” for a massage workshop.
A. I regularly run massage workshops for men, women and couples and for these workshops I need “bodies” to demonstrate and teach the massage on and for the learners to practice on as I teach. To be a volunteer you should be between the age of 18 – 50yrs, male or female.

Men:  Can be straight, bisexual or gay and should have bodies that are from good average to slim, fit, toned or muscular. Volunteers must be confident that they can achieve an erection and can remain semi or fully aroused for at least 60 minutes without ejaculation.

Women: Ideally bodies that can be described as any of the following, petite, slim, toned, curvy, athletic, hour glass, All female volunteers must be comfortable to receive at least external arousal ( clitoral0 and maybe internal arousal (only in certain circumstances) and be confident reach high arousal when in a teaching scenario, to be able to reach orgasm is not essential but welcome.

Q. What do I have to do?
A. Just lay naked on the massage table and receive the massage that will be given either by myself in a demonstration or with the learner who is taking the workshop. You will be asked to give feedback on the technique of the client and say how you felt the massage was given.

Q. What if I have certain personal boundaries?
Personal boundaries such as a preference of touch by male or female, level of erotic touch and no go areas are always respected, just let me know before hand.

Q. How long a period of time will I be needed?
Usually, a session lasts no longer than 2-3 hours and this will include some brief introductions and then the massage followed by some time to give feedback on your experience

Q. Do I get paid for this?
A. No cash payment is given but in return, you will be able to book your own FREE private 60-minute massage with me at a time convenient to us both.

Q. Who is present during the workshop?
A. For the private workshops there will just be me and the learner but for group events, there will be several other volunteers as well as the guests at the event. Usually a maximum of 10 in the room but in some workshops up to 16.

Q. Where do workshops take place?

A. If a private 1-1 workshop then usually at my treatment venue in Pimlico but occasionally I run private workshops at a person’s private residence. Group workshops can also be at my venue or in a hired venue. Occasionally I run workshops abroad.

Q. How often do you run workshops and require volunteers?

A. I run about 4 – 8 private workshops a month and up to 3 group workshops a month so i am always seeking volunteers to receive the sensual massage. Once you have registered you will receive regular notifications of workshops requiring volunteers. If you want to take part then just reply to the request.

Q. How do I know that the motivation of the students is genuine and professional? 

A. I vet all workshops students and ask them what their motivation for wanting to take a sensual massage workshop. In the 10 years, I have been running workshops I have very rarely had problems with anyone taking advantage of the volunteers or other participants. My attention is always on the welfare of all participants and no volunteer should feel obligated to allow more sensual intimacy than they want. It is important to me that everyone enjoys the workshops

Q.How do I register as a workshop volunteer?

Female volunteers – [CLICK HERE]

Male volunteers – [CLICK HERE


Private workshop room

Group workshop room

Colin Richards is 15 years experienced sensual masseur and professionally qualified sex therapist. He has been working at the cutting edge of sex therapy for the past 7 years combining both the psychological with the practical helping his clients to enjoy better sexual relationship. As well as giving individual appointment Colin also run private and group workshops. Colin sees men, women and couples of all sexualities ages and backgrounds.

Colin RichardsColin says

“I’m fascinated by human sexuality. I think sex is an incredibly important part of life, but for many people, sex and sexuality are things that just happen. But when we don’t work at understanding and improving our sexual selves or our partners, a sense of unhappiness or lack of fulfilment can affect our broader sense of self.”

“I believe that sensual massage should be regarded as legitimate body therapy. An experience where physical and sensual boundaries are of course consensual but can be broader and based on what the receiver wants rather than what the therapist is restricted to give. It should be an occasion when the basic human need of touch and physical intimacy becomes a shared experience where the natural process of human arousal is not ignored but encouraged, pleasurable and fulfilling; an experience that is both healthy and deeply relaxing and a testimony to our innate primal dynamics”