Massage My Man – Ladies Only

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This unique half day or evening workshop for women is 4-5 hours in duration. I have created it because of the many requests I have received from  my female clients who say that they would love to be able to give a proper sensual massage to their partners. This Level 1 workshop is the first stage in brining more intimacy and sensuality in to your relationships and lovemaking. Not only will it provide you will real practical skills in erotic arousal I will also  explain more about the the sexual psychology and physiology of men and hear how and why they really enjoy being aroused in this way, sometimes even more than sex itself! The event is designed to be informative, sensual and fun and will also include open discussion with the male volunteers when the most pertinent questions about male sexuality and what men like, don’t like and want more of can be asked. During the workshop for every 2 ladies their will be a male volunteer to practice on. Each male volunteer is personally vetted for health, body type and attitude.

Massage My Man

Level 1 (introduction to sensual massage and the male arousal process)

Thursday 19th March

7.00pm to 11.00pm (approximate finish)


Massage33 Treatment Centre Pimlico SW1V 3JY

Taking Bookings Now For This Event

To Apply and Book Your Place

  1. To apply and then attend a Massage My Man event, if you have not done so already or are a previous client of mine please first  COMPLETE THIS APPLICATION FORM. (If you have completed an application form already and  been accepted to attend the workshop then go straight to the Booking Form below).
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If given at least 7 days before the workshop date you will receive a full refund. If given within 7 days you will be given a 50% refund. If cancelled on the day you will receive no refund but you will be able to transfer to a future workshop or hold the payment as credit against another service given by myself

Further information on this event

This introduction workshop is designed specifically for the woman who wants to expand her knowledge and skill in giving sensual foreplay by learning how to give a man a superb full body sensual massage with erotic arousal.

  • Extend the length your lovemaking by hours by learning the art of giving a your man a superb sensual massage.
  • Become skilled in giving great erotic foreplay
  • Discover the tiny places on his body where you touch will send him wild
  • Learn secrets of arousal that puts you far ahead of the competition
  • Hear these words “Don’t stop you are amazing”

What happens in the workshop?

To keep the atmosphere intimate and personal there are only a maximum of 10 places to each workshop. Attendees work in pairs with one male volunteer “receiver” to each pair.  The workshop starts with an introduction to male arousal. I will explain the primal dynamics of the male psyche and how it relates  to a mans body and his sexual arousal cycle. You will then have the opportunity to discuss openly and ask questions to the male volunteers about any aspect of what men really want and like, when it comes to erotic arousal and learn more about the many ways and techniques to pleasure you man and bring him to climax.

After a short break the male volunteers will each take their place on a massage table and with two to a table you will be shown how to give a 60 minute sensual massage to a man. The massage will incorporate traditional therapeutic skills with arousing and stimulating movements that will gradually bring him up to high arousal. You will be shown how to use your hands, arms, and body to give most effective sensation. There will be specific focus on genital stimulation and how to prolong foreplay to eventually build to orgasm.

Q & A

Q. Who can attend this workshop?

A. This is a woman only event and can be attended by anyone over the age of 18

Q. Who are the male volunteers?

A. These are personally vetted men of good physique who are comfortable to discuss sex and receive sensual massage.

Q. What do I wear?

A. Wear what ever you feel comfortable but you need to be able to move freely and using your upper body to massage. Also bear in mind that you will be using oils. A changing room and shower facilities are available.

Q. Do I need to be “hands on” during this workshop?

A. Yes, for the comfort of the whole group it is important that you take part in giving the massage and not an observer. However you can take everything at your own pace.

Q. Do people have sex at this event?

A. No. Whilst being open to sexual exploration this event is designed to be both informative and fun and is not meant to be a sex party.

Q. Can I become a sensual masseur after this event.

A. Certainly you will leave with a far greater knowledge and confidence in giving a sensual massage to your partner but to get to a commercial standard I recommend you attend at least a level 2 Massage My Man event or book a private 1-1 workshop with me when you have greater opportunity to practice on more volunteers and have individual tuition from myself.