Man to Woman Massage


I have been giving sensual massage to women professionally for almost 6 years now. In that time I have treated women of all ages nationalities, ethnicities and body types. In giving the Sensual Massage to women my aim is not only to give an experience that is caring and safe but one where, via sensual massage and intimate touch you are taken on an exciting sensual journey to the very core of your body.

To a place where its OK to let go and explores your deeper more primal feminine erotic energies, where you can express yourself in movement or sound and behave in any way you want without concern of being judged or controlled.

It is a massage that can be taken to just enjoy intimate relaxing escapism, where you can just lay back and take pleasure in your body being massaged, stimulated, aroused and cared for. Where there is no expectation for you to give in return unless you desire to. Or, for some it can be a journey of a joint erotic exploration to investigate fantasies and desires in a supportive non-judgmental environment.

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You don’t need to justify……

But here are some reasons why some women choose to experience a Sensual Massage given by a male masseur.

  • For women who enjoy regular massage and to have their muscles worked professionally but who also want to experience intimate touch in order to connect with the deeper primal sensual part of themselves.
  • For women who want to enjoy the firm yet tender touch of a man without the need to perform or give sexually.
  • For women who know that arousal and ultimate orgasm can also be experienced through gentle prolonged intimate touch rather than penetrative intercourse.
  •   For women who have issues around loss of libido, fear of intimacy, painful intercourse, orgasmic dysfunction, insecurity and sexual inexperience.
  • Single women, who are happy to not be in a relationship and whose sex lives are good but miss the intimacy and tender touch that a relationship brings.
  • For women who believe that it is right to be able to experience arousal and orgasm without commitment and responsibilities of a relationship.
  • Women In marriage/ partnership where most else is good but the sex and intimacy has declined and need to receive intimate attention within a discreet safe professional environment that does not challenge their current situation. This is particularly relevant to women from backgrounds where their culture dissuades them from exploring their own sexuality and sensual needs for fear of being judged.

download (5)Colin offers female clients several options of sensual massage but he emphasises that each massage is always tailor made to the specific clients requirements. His treatments rooms are banes in Marylebone or Kensington and in September he is soon to be working from a location in Vauxhall


images (4)Click Here and go to the M33Xtra area of this web site To learn more about what to expect if you decide to book Colin’s male to female sensual massage.  Once registered you will get full access to view the demonstration video of Colin giving a massage to a female client. Alternatively give Colin a call on 07966 522 696 and discuss your personal needs.


Massage options and prices

Premium 90 minute – £145

Superior 75 minute – £125

Regular 60 minute – £105

Colin gives discounts for students or those on a reduced budget.

Booking & Payment

How do I book an appointment with Colin
To book an appointment please complete an appointment form supplying as much of the requested information as possible stating which massage you would like. or you can speak direct to Colin on 07966 522 696 or email him on