Harry Talks About Experience

Listen to a short voice interview with Harry given just after receiving his first ever sensual massage and given by Colin 

In this short voice interview Harry explains how it was to experience his first male to male sensual massage. He mentions his experience of the intimate touch his pleasure at being aroused in his most intimate areas and how although the massage is clearly arousing and erotic it is somehow not sexual but describes it as sensually caring. TO LISTEN CLICK ON THE ARROW ON THE AUDIO BAR ABOVE 

Harry came to see Colin in July 2014. Harry is 34 years old and single and regards himself as a heterosexual man but is aware that he has  recently been curious about receiving a sensual erotic massage from another man. In the past Harry had received several sensual massages from female masseurs but says that he always found that he was unable to totally relax since although he enjoyed their touch he felt that he had to be on “good behaviour” and seemed to keep his attention on their pleasure rather than his own. He also mentions how being touched in the most intimate areas of his body was a new experience, even taking in to account his personal sexual relationships.