Intimacy X is the password-protected private area of Massage 33

Access is restricted to those aged over 18 years.

Once registered, you will immediately receive an email confirming your user name and password. You can then log in via the menus on the side of tis page.

Registering with Intimacy X enables you to view the following:

Five FREE demonstration movies

  • 2 hands sensual massage demonstration male masseur to a female client
  • 2 hands sensual massage male masseur to a male client
  • 4 hands sensual massage 2 males giving to a male client
  • 4 hands male & female masseur couples giving to a male client
  • 4 hands 2 female masseurs giving to a male client

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The uncensored descriptions of the following massage treatments:-

Thank you and I hope to see you for an appointment or workshop soon

More Videos

There are also a further ten Massage Movie Demonstrations available to watch but without having to register for Intimacy X, however, a small fee is required to verify your age.

To watch these videos  [CLICK HERE]