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The internet abounds with massage service web sites and massage directories  But for people who want to have a sensual massage, whether for pleasure or therapy she often has to google search and then wade through a variety of web sites of varying quality offering dubious options, before deciding to book an appointment or not. For those of you who know me and are pleased with the professional, confidential service I always try to give, please help me to connect with these people.

Google Review

When asked how they found out about me clients often reply that it was a google search. But that is usually followed up with the comment that it is very difficult to select a trustworthy masseur from the search results. So please help those seeking to have the confidence to book an appointment with me by taking a moment to write a Google Review  – Click Here

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Help me make some demonstration videos

As I get more media coverage, particularly my work with women and couples my female and couples client base is growing exponentially. Many of these people are coming across this type of treatment for the first time and for whatever reason, be it exploration, education or to overcome some sexual performance issue or fear to read about it is one this but to actually go through with it can be a big step.

In order to help people to decide to go ahead want to update my treatment demonstration videos so I am seeking a section of both female and male who would like to offer their time to help me achieve this.


Who will be present at the filming?

  • Myself giving the massage and an assistant if 4 hands
  • The video maker

Where is the location of filming

  • Massage33 studio Pimlico Sw1V 3JY

When will this be happening

  • To fit with your availability in the day or evening over the next month

The massage video demonstrations I am wanting to make are:-

Female Only

  • Male to Female – Kama Sutra Massage (surface arousal only)
  • Male to Female – The Absolute Massage
  • 4 Hands Male to Female Massage ( 2 male masseurs)
  • 4 Hands Male / Female Masseurs Giving to Female
  • Female Psychosensual (counselling & massage)


  • Couples Watch & Enjoy ( partner watches while I give to female)
  • Couples Watch & Touch (partner and I give to female)
  • Tandem ( Couple have massage side by side)

Volunteer types


  • Age – 21 to 55
  • Body Type – Slim, Fit or Curvey.
  • Ethnicity – Any


  • Age – 25 – 55
  • Body Type – Slim, Fit or Average
  • Ethnicity – Any


  • As above
  • Genuine couples or just friends
  • Happy to pretend to be in a couple

Options to take part

Option B –  To be filmed being massaged and aroused to orgasm but identity kept confidentially

Option C – As above but happy to show facial expressions while being massaged

Option D –  As above plus happy to be interviewed about the massage and what parts you liked and recommend to clients

Payment Type

Travel expenses for all plus

Type A & B – Complimentary free 105-minute massage to be taken at another time to suit worth £225

Type C – As above plus a £100 cash fee

Type D As above plus a £150 cash fee

To Apply

Please email giving me the following details

  • Your name(s)
  • Your age(s)
  • Your body type(s)
  • Your ethnicity
  • Your mobile number
  • Which option you want to take part in
  • Some possible available dates and times
  • Please include a picture of at least your physique