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Periodically I run sensual massage workshops teaching men, women and couples how to give sensual massage to a female and to learn more about the psychological and physiological aspects of female arousal. These workshops are run either as a private 1-1 teaching or as a small group teaching.

If you are a woman who enjoys massage who would like to offer your body as a sensual massage volunteer receiver please register below. In return for your time, I offer a complimentary 75 minute therapeutic or sensual massage given by myself at a time convenient to you.

Testimonials from past female volunteers

Below are testimonials from women who took part in the mens group workshop License to Thrill. 

It was my first time as a volunteer. 

The prospect of being able to help others to connect (emotionally and sexually) for the outcome of having a healthy relationship was my main reason.

“Enough talking, we need to touch”

I knew that if my ex and I went to a course/event similar to Colin’s we could have saved our16 years marriage. On the practical side, it was important for me to feel safe and understood. Colin was clear and explained the process:

– clear intentions for both the receiver and the giver

– clear communication about boundaries

It felt liberating. I felt reassured. I felt like I understood my body. The whole experience seemed quite unbelievable and surreal and I already signed to help again, and also encouraged my partner to become a male volunteer. Lucy – May 2018

“I volunteered for the group workshop as a receiver after receiving an email from Colin. I first heard about him on Killing Kittens and had a massage which was an eye-opening experience on sensual massages. I was quite nervous before getting to the workshop, mainly because I wondered what “type” of men would attend. However, as soon as the participants arrived and introduced themselves I felt much more relaxed: they were all well-mannered and respectful. Some of them were singles and eager to learn more about the feminine body and arousal and others were married or in a relationship and wanted to learn some skills to spice up their sexual life and provide more satisfaction to their partners. The whole workshop was well explained and managed by Colin and I felt very safe as I know he would intervene if there were any offensive behaviours. When the first part ended everyone was feeling much more relaxed and confident which led to a very satisfying second part! I’m glad I was able to overcome my nervousness as I had an amazing time and I will definitely volunteer again to a group workshop with Colin.” Marta – March 2017

“So I chose to volunteer for a group workshop firstly because I love massage and I am a sensual person. Secondly, I find that most men do not have a clue about a woman’s sexuality and they need to be educated. My only two concerns beforehand were confidentiality and hygiene. Both were respected very well. I did not feel nervous or tense before or during the workshop. The whole atmosphere in the group was nice and relaxing. I found that most men came to this workshop aiming to learn and take some knowledge away with them. There was a nice variety of them as far as age and personal experience was concerned. They were very polite and respectful. I enjoyed being a volunteer and I would certainly do it again. AS – March 2017

Some frequently asked questions about the role of a volunteer.

Q. Where do the workshops take place?

A. Usually at my treatment studio in Battersea SW11 3GN

Q. Do I need to enjoy a massage to be a volunteer?

A. Yes, and it helps if you have experienced sensual massage before but for those that are keen to take part who have not received a sensual massage before in certain situations, I am happy to offer a FREE 75-minute massage in advance. This enables you to meet me and to understand how the massage is given before the workshops take place.

Q. Do you have a separate shower and changing facilities for the female volunteers?

A. Yes, I have a private room and shower for the female volunteers to get ready in. Bath robes are also provided.

Q. Will I be naked during the practice

A. Yes, you will be naked to receive the massage but the practice session starts with you covered with a large towel and then as you become comfortable the towel is removed.

Q. How many students will be practising on me at any one time?

A. If a private 1-1 workshop then only myself and the student. If a group workshop then this depends on the number of men attending the workshop but usually male students attending are limited to 6. In an ideal situation, you will only have one student working on you at any time but sometimes if volunteers are limited then the students will work in pairs.

Q. Can you describe the room where the workshop takes place?

A. If a private workshop then this takes place in my treatment room which is cosy and warm with shower facilities ensuite. If you are volunteering for a small group workshop then the room is a large 8 x 4-meter room. In both cases the lights are low, candles are lit and soft music is playing.

Example of rooms set up for a private or group workshop

Q. What are the type of male students attend the workshops and what motivations do they usually give for wanting to take the workshop.

A. I take great care to vet all male students. They are required to complete an application form giving details about themselves and their motivation. Usually, they are men between the age or 30 to 55 who often are quite shy and recognise that they are inexperienced when it comes to their lovemaking skills. Often they are men who have recently separated or divorced or who are single but want to become more confident with women.

Q. Do I have to do anything more than receiving the sensual massage?

A. Yes, I encourage the female volunteers to give feedback on the abilities of the students and to also at some point during the workshop take part in an open chat about female sexuality and to enlighten the men about what women enjoy sensually and sexually.

Q. How intimate does the massage become?

A. The group workshop remains surface touch and arousal only. This will include a 60-minute therapeutic massage routine that will cover the whole body and include breast and buttocks. Arousal will be limited to breast, nipples and clitoral. In the private workshop depending on which volunteer you are during the day the arousal may be more erotic but you can inform me of your personal boundaries before hand.

Q. How long a period will I be needed?

A. If a private workshop then usually each session is 2 hours but you can volunteer for more than one session on the day. If a group workshop then usually 2 sessions of 75 minutes with a 30-minute break in between. The first session is given under verbal instruction by myself with the students following my example, the second session the students put into practice what I have taught and I supervise silently going from massage table to massage tableQ. I want my identity confidential so can I withhold my name and personal details.

Q. What happens if I become very aroused?

A. This is quite usual and is intended so don’t worry about misbehaving. It is not essential to achieve orgasm but it is often the case, particularly if I have taught them well that you will experience orgasm.

Q. When aroused I can be quite vocal, is this a problem?

A. Not at all, part of the teaching is to get the men to be more confident and assertive so the reaction is good as men respond to approval from women.

Q. I want my identity to be kept confidential. Can I withhold my name and personal details?

A. Yes. you can give any name and reveal as little as you wish about you personal life.

Q. Can I get paid for volunteering as a receiver? 

A. Sometimes the private workshops require the volunteers to receive more erotic stimulation and so in these situation, I am happy to pay a small fee. Also I periodically make training videos which if you are happy to have you face shown on film then a fee is agreed before. For the small group workshops and complimentary 90-minute massage is offered by way of thanks but taken on a different occasion and given by Colin

Q. How do I register my interest or apply as a volunteer?

A. If you have not already done so please complete the REGISTRATION FORM and I will get back in touch.

Before all workshop we sit and chat with students to learn abit moer about their motivation and expectations for taking the workshop