Equal Sensual Rights For Women


“Equal rights for women”. Not a new slogan when it comes to salary and employment but when it comes to exploring their sexuality women still get a raw deal. My psychosexual therapist friend Samantha who works within the NHS told me the other day that the most common issues women bring to her is lack of libido due to boring sex, painful sex or no sex at all and many of these women are married. One of her recommendations is to explore sensual massage as a healthy alternative to a non-intimate relationship. Sensual Massage for women should not be viewed as a guilty pleasure but as an essential ingredient for their health and well-being. A woman who goes without sensual intimacy is like a river without a current, picturesque to view but can be lifeless within. Next month, I feature in a national woman’s magazine talking about this very subject and why women should feel equally entitled as men to experience non-committed and yet safe and professional sensual even erotic massage. All hush hush at the moment, until publication, but I anticipate that once the proverbial pussy is let out to play, I could become a very busy masseur.

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