This is an authentic testimonial from Tracy who came to see me for the first time in January 2016. Her initial appointment requests stated that 17 years ago after a normal sex life was assaulted. This led to her developing a psychological condition  diagnosed as vaginismus caused by feeling unsafe or unsure during sex. abnorm.psych.lec.pwrpt.ch11.36.728 Tracys last relationship was 7 years ago, but she says he wasn’t very ‘giving’ and would get bored and find his own pleasure first. Tracy said” I’ve never had an orgasm by someone else’s hands, so would like to be able to not be under pressure to perform, but to get there with someone that is patient and experienced”

Tracy has now completed a series of seven appointments that included 3 psychosensual treatments and 3 Kama Sutra Massages plus a celebratory 4 hands with myself and a female assistant. Tracy has written this critique of her experience and the change it has made to her life. Tracy is happy to speak to other women who may be considering booking an appointment. Just send me an email and i will pass on Tracys email for you to contact.

Tracy’s Experience

I, like many others, first found out about Colin through the Cosmopolitan article. Having been sexually attacked and assaulted some years ago, my life had bottomed out. After many years in the wilderness, successful counseling and coaching had helped me regain a lot of my confidence, and I’d got my life back to where I wanted it to be, happy and outgoing. However being single, my sex life was pretty much nonexistent. Because of my past, I had always had a problem being able to trust someone fully, unable to really enjoy penetrative sex, or to let go with a partner, which meant I had never enjoyed an orgasm with anyone else. Finding myself again has been a long journey, but I am so very grateful that Colin has become part of it.

From my first visit filled with pure trepidation to my last appointment, a 4-hand massage with Colin and female assistant, I am now able to revel in the incredible experience of just letting go. Having Colin take me on an extraordinary ride of pleasure has been the most wonderful gift.

What Colin does, and what he gives of himself, is so rare. There have been only three occasions in my life where I’ve read something and felt I ‘needed’ to do that. I’m glad I trusted that gut instinct after reading Cosmo along with Colin’s extremely informative website, and entered into a world of complete and utter freedom.

The space Colin has created is one of complete warmth, understanding, compassion, and a true place to allow us to be who we are meant to be. I have often found it challenging to discuss normal day to day stuff especially with complete strangers, so to feel such caring and genuine empathy, talking about extremely personal and private issues with Colin (with a very helpful glass of wine in hand) was a revelation.

I started off by booking a 3-hour psychosensual session. Nervous and wondering if I was doing the right thing, I was very quickly put at ease, and we spent around an hour just chatting about what I felt my issues were. Colin really listens and hears what you’re saying – it isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ approach with him at all. Taking a shower in the private facilities, and laying down under a towel in the treatment room, my heart was pounding with nerves and excitement. Colin gently explains how the massage will progress, and reminds you to relax, enjoy and let him look after you. And he does. His innate ability to read your body, to know what is working, what is causing tension, and what is providing pleasure, is outstanding. At no point did I feel uncomfortable, worried or outside my comfort zone – far from it. By the end of the massage my eyes were shining bright, and my grin was wrapped from ear to ear.

I had two further 3-hour psychosensual sessions, and a 90min Karma Sutra massage with Colin, each session further breaking down walls that had been built for years, and the massages combined to truly help me to overcome my many issues, fears, hang-ups and concerns. As a celebration, and as a way of putting the rubber stamp on my new sexual freedom and confidence, I treated myself to the 4 hands massage with Colin and his female assistant. Wow!

Through the work that Colin does, he has shown me that I am able to let go, relax, to safely hand over the control to someone else, to just ‘be’ and enjoy. Trust has returned, I have confidence in abundance. Not only that, but we have broken through the block of me never having been able to orgasm with anyone, conquered my fear of penetration, and unwittingly fulfilled a couple of long-held fantasies. I’m thrilled to know moving forward, I can thoroughly enjoy sex without pain or embarrassment, and can delight in the primal rawness of what our bodies are supposed to do. Long may this journey of exploration and sexual pleasure continue!

Colin really has allowed me to find a part of ‘me’ I thought I’d never have and I can’t thank him enough.

As I move to the next chapter of my life, I know I will most definitely be back as a student at one of Colin’s workshops, and perhaps if he’ll have me, as volunteer receiver sometime too.

I won’t be back in the UK until July at the earliest, but I wanted to be able to give feedback as I’m still smiling some weeks later. If I can help anyone else with questions, I’m more than happy to be contacted, Colin if you wish to include my comments on your website, please feel free. Tracy x