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My next Funzing LDN talks are:-

The Psychology of Attraction

(Who we want and why we want them)

With 12 years experience listening to clients stories then combining this with his training in Imago relationship psychology and work as a hands-on sex practitioner Sex Engineer and Relationship Therapist Colin Richards presents this casual, fun talk on his observations and theories on our unconscious dynamics of attraction.

Do you ask yourself…..

Why do I always meet the same type of guy /girl; end relationships the same way; feel afraid of commitment; feel in need of security; get great sex but lousy life partners; meet nice guys/girls but lousy lovers; fall for abusive partners; attract victims or needy people; always go for older guys/girls; want a younger partner; feel anxious when having sex; feel guilty when being sexual; find it difficult to express myself sexually; can’t achieve sexual fulfillment; experience anxiety when having sex.

These are just some of the relationship and sexual performance challenges that Colin will be talking about. He will explain how our early life influences can affect both our attractions to others and our subsequent sexual preferences, behaviours and fears. Come along on your own, with a friend or partner and listen or take part in some of the exercises. This talk is designed as an introduction to behavioural psychology and the Imago relationship model. Experienced practitioners and psychologists are most welcome but please note you may feel you are covering old ground but hopefully leave seeing things from an alternative viewpoint.

April 10th 91 Brick Lane E1 6QL



Psychology of Fetish & Fantasy

Does leather do it for you or maybe you are into latex? Are you considering a group encounter or maybe you like to dress up? Some like rope, some like silk, others may prefer vanilla but then some like it spicy. The type and variety of erotic fetishes and fantasies imagined by men and women are plenty. Some are quite simple, some are more complex and adventurous, some are just downright bizarre, but all will have a motivation at their core. On our own, we are free to explore, but if you have come across this in a relationship then unless you are both on board with the particular fantasy or fetish it can become an area of conflict and misunderstanding. In this talk, Colin will explain his theories on the origins of having a sexual fantasy or fetish. We are not born with them so something must influence us to develop them and there must be a reason why we believe we want to experience them. Whether you are single or in a relationship, have a fantasy or fetish yourself or not this fascinating talk will briefly explore the possible biological, psychological and anthropological motivations that could be at the root of our sexual and emotional imaginations and behaviours.

May 2nd – In an Old Church in Stretham

Book research

Colin is currently researching for his book ‘The Psychology of Attraction and welcomes anyone willing to tell their story (privately to him) about a particular encounter, fantasy or fetish.


Good talk, engaging speaker with understandably a good amount of knowledge. I found it to be an insightful evening with useful information to take away that I could start thinking about and apply to my life. Nice bit of science balanced with relatable humour and anecdotes which I thought was delivered very well.

Great and very interesting talk. Interactive presentation and I have learnt a lot of behaviours I was not aware of. It’s definitely worth coming as its an eye opener how our past experiences influence our decision making now. Highly recommend!

‘Great speaker, opened my eyes and gave me methods and tools I can use straight away to improve my confidence and relationships, will be using Colin’s services at some point !!! Well done Colin’

‘Loved it, Colin was very direct and funny. Really made everyone feel comfortable especially on the sexual front, it was great. I definitely want to come again. As I know sex can be sensitive, I’m very open-minded and open about sex and I gladly speak about it, it should never go unnoticed but I do understand that some people are quite private about the topic, but I think you portrayed it in a very tranquil and humorous way which I loved and it made everyone comfortable. COLIN YOU WERE AMAZING! Thanks so much for sending the recommendation of books!’


‘Fantastic talk. Colin was knowledgeable, entertaining and engaging. Had a few revelations over the evening that have helped me understand myself better and will stick with me for life. Thanks!’

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