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My next Funzing LDN talks are:-

The Psychology of Attraction

29th December 2017

17th January 2018

Location – Nine Elms Lane, London, SW8

‘Great speaker, opened my eyes and gave me methods and tools I can use straight away to improve my confidence and relationships, will be using Colin’s services at some point !!! Well done Colin’

‘Loved it, Colin was very direct and funny. Really made everyone feel comfortable especially on the sexual front, it was great. I definitely want to come again. As I know sex can be sensitive, I’m very open minded and open about sex and I gladly speak about it, it should never go unnoticed but I do understand that some people are quite private about the topic, but I think you portrayed it in a very tranquil and humorous way which I loved and it made everyone comfortable. COLIN YOU WERE AMAZING! Thanks so much for sending the recommendation of books!’

‘Fantastic talk. Colin was knowledgeable, entertaining and engaging. Had a few revelations over the evening that have helped me understand myself better and will stick with me for life. Thanks!’


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