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Massage My Man – Ladies Only

  This unique half day or evening workshop for women is 4-5 hours in duration. I have created it because of the many requests I have received from  my female clients who say that they would love to be able to give a proper sensual massage to their partners. This Level 1 workshop is the […]

Rudy’ Story

  How can Sensual Massage Help with PE If you are reading this article because the topic applies to you or someone you know, my first recommendation is to STOP thinking of your or their situation as a problem. Yes, cumming before you want to may be frustrating, embarrassing, disappointing, even shaming but it is […]

The Cuckold Massage

Increasingly couples, same sex and opposite sex, are exploring sensual massage. Many are usually looking to enjoy a massage with their partner and arrange for two masseurs to give them a sensual massage simultaneously. This is usually done with the male masseur giving to the female and female masseur giving to the male. However some couples will use […]

Do You Have A Tight Foreskin?

Ever so often I see a client for massage who has a tight foreskin. Sometimes with oil lubrication, the foreskin will retract but for some men even this won’t enable them to pull back the foreskin and usually this has been the situation for them since they were first getting erections. For those of us […]

Wow You’re Good

I have heard “discreetly” from quite a few straight and bisexual men and even the odd gay man that they feel they need to know more about how to really satisfy a woman. I have also heard from quite a few women who say that quite a few men they know definitely need to know […]

Alison & Simons Couples Massage

Her massage – our massage. For any couples thinking of booking a service with Colin and feeling a little apprehensive, we write this as a re-assurance and encouragement. Having always enjoyed massage, and being keen on sensuality, we soon Googled across Colin’s web site and wondered if there was something here for us. We decided […]

Cuddle Drug – The New Viagra?

“Forget Viagra, the ‘cuddle drug’ could be the new way to boost performance in the bedroom,” according to the Daily Mail. Apparently, inhaling the “cuddle chemical” oxytocin can cause improvements in sexual problems “on a par with Viagra”. Oxytocin is a hormone naturally released by pregnant women prior to labour, although it is also thought […]

The Sexonality Test

Why and how I hope to help men better understand thier sexaulity In late 1990’s I started to experience my own sexuality shift, from having always regarded myself as a heterosexual man,  by this time married and with 5 children,  it was, at the age of 40 that what felt like a proverbial medicine ball […]

Touch & Sensual Massage

Sensual Massage – Nature’s natural medicine at our fingertips by Colin, Master Masseur & Sexual Performance Mentor Touch of the ancients For centuries and in many early cultures, massage was an accepted and common healing treatment. As early as the 3rd cent BC Chinese Taoist Priests to the 1st cent BC Indian Tantra Gurus to […]