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Naked Masseur Mack

Mack originates from the Southern Hemisphere growing up in South Africa so his love of the outdoors began at an early age playing with the wildlife around his parent’s smallholding. When you live in a warm climate like South Africa then the need for clothes is not so important as for us in the chilly UK. […]

How alternative massage therapy cured my fear of intimacy

This article, recently featured in ‘i news’ is a personal account given by one of Colin’s female clients who came to him for help to overcome her fear of sexual intercourse. Feature Sensual massage therapy for survivors of sexual attacks and other traumatic experiences is one way people seek to recover from trauma, but is still […]

Is an Orgasm worth £175

On a hot evening in late July, I hosted an evening for the ladies group Scarlett Ladies. Sarah and Janette who run Scarlett Ladies asked me to run an evening for their Scarlett Ladies Talk evening. “Sensual Touch For Him” was a 2-hour introductory presentation (with some participation) teaching women how to give a man a […]