Alison & Simons Couples Massage

Her massage – our massage.

For any couples thinking of booking a service with Colin and feeling a little apprehensive, we write this as a re-assurance and encouragement.

Having always enjoyed massage, and being keen on sensuality, we soon Googled across Colin’s web site and wondered if there was something here for us. We decided that it would be best for just Alison to receive a massage so that all the sexual pressure was off for us as a couple. Immediately there are a few issues. Will Alison feel comfortable? How will I feel if Alison becomes aroused with another guy? Will it damage our relationship? What if things go further than we want? As confident professionals we decided we would handle these things and give it a go. Colin responded helpfully to our enquiry and questions and recommended a 90 minute appointment.

massage014aColin’s directions were excellent and we were pleased to find ourselves arriving in a nice part of the city. We were warmly greeted by Colin and immediately felt a sense of relief that the apartment was clean, bright and fresh smelling. We had been prepared to walk out at the first hint of anything sleazy or dirty and this was the exact opposite. We all sat down for a brief chat and when Colin could see we were comfortable, he led us through to the massage room with en-suite bathroom. Colin left us so that we could have some privacy and Alison could undress and shower. As Alison undressed I whispered “are you going to be ok with this”, and she replied “I think he knows what he’s doing”. Alison climbed naked onto the table lay face down. Colin came into the room holding a large towel in front of him and he covered her nudity leaving just her head and the tips of her shoulder. The room was tidy and warm and the lights soft and low as Colin made a very unhurried start. After a while I noticed Alison’s hips moving gently under the towel telling me that she was becoming aroused even though Colin was still working on her shoulders (how does he do that?). I started to relax at this point, realising that Alison was clearly very comfortable and getting into this. Colin did not move the towel away, and then only gradually, until it was clear Alison was comfortable and enjoying.

We had completed a little questionnaire beforehand so Colin knew our no go activities, what we thought we might be comfortable with, and what we were definitely keen on. At no time did Colin cross any boundary and we found him trustworthy in this, which is very important to be able to relax. We had indicated that a certain amount of intimate contact was probably ok and Colin proceeded respectfully and appropriately.

So as Alison was led to heights of arousal and sensuality how did I feel as a husband sitting quietly in the corner?   Well it was surprisingly a non-issue to have Colin touching Alison intimately. What I had not expected is what an aphrodisiac it would be. Firstly, after about 20 minutes I found myself getting a very strong massive erection. After half an hour I had to drop my pants or it’s confinement would have hurt. It stayed that way for the remainder of the appointment. The extent of this arousal for me was unexpected.

We showered again afterwards and headed into the West End for a meal and classical concert. Later in our hotel we made love passionately, and again in the morning. Alison remained in an enhanced state of arousal and our union was exquisite.

Our advice to couples: do not worry, you will be in good hands, go ahead and treat yourselves!

Alison & Simon took their couples massage in October 2014