The “Absolute” Massage

For the woman who seeks a high-quality massage combined with sensual touch and erotic stimulation


The Absolute Massage can be taken as an individual private appointment or within a couples massage scenario.

One to one private appointment with Colin as your masseur:-

  • 105 minute “Absolute” as a one to one appointment – £235

If taken within a private couples appointment with colin as your masseur:-

  • Watch & Enjoy (partner just watches) – £255
  • Watch & Touch  (partner joins in partway through) – £275
  • Give With Me (partner gives with Colin as four hands)– £295
  • One After The Other ( both of you receive a 90-minute massage from Colin) – £395

If taken within a Tandem Massage and by Colin with either another male or female masseur

  • Tandem – Simultaneous massage for both side by side with 2 male masseurs £385
  • Tandem – Simultaneous massage for both side by side with male & female £485

View the Absolute Massage demonstration video

This is a 10-minute edited example of the Absolute Massage. The female taking the massage gave her permission for it to be filmed, She particularly requested intense stimulation but for those who prefer less intense, this can be indicated on the Authorisation & Request form that I require to be completed by all client before taking the massage. To view the video you must register in the age-restricted area Intimacy X

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The Absolute Massage

Explicit Description

The Absolute Massage is the most erotic treatment that I give to female clients and can be taken as a private appointment or within a couples massage appointment. Below is the explicit description of the ‘Absolute’ Massage. It is a full body 105 minutes sensual massage that includes various methods of intense erotic stimulation designed to satisfy your specific desires and needs.


The Absolute Massage is 105 minutes long and massage generally includes:-

  • Light sensual touch of the whole body.
  • Firm muscle work of the whole of the body.
  • Assertive but caring control.
  • Surface stimulation of the breasts, nipples, clitoris.
  • Internal stimulation of the vagina and G-Spot.
  • Optional oral stimulation.
  • Optional external and internal anal stimulation.
  • Probable multiple orgasms.
  • Probable female ejaculation.
  • Special requests considered.

Who is this massage good for? Here are just a few examples.

  • Women who want to explore their sexuality without judgment or expectation.
  • Women who have challenges around letting go and achieving orgasm.
  • Women who want to re-ignite their sexual libido.
  • Women who are sexually frustrated and need a safe and discreet outlet.
  • Women who feel that their past sex lives have not achieved their expectations.
  • Women who want to explore new sensations with a professional experienced therapist
  • Women who want to explore certain aspects of sexual arousal but are unable because of their partner’s reluctance.
  • Women who are single but sexual who don’t want one night stands or a relationship to satisfy their sexual appetite.
  • Women who have experienced past sexual trauma and who need support and guidance to regain sexual confidence.
  • Women who come from cultures that inhibit sexual exploration but who need a discreet outlet.

The whole appointment lasts 2.15 hours with an actual massage that lasts for 105 minutes. The massage falls into five phases:-

  • The Therapeutic Relaxing Phase (25 min)
  • The Sensual Foreplay Phase (20 min)
  • The 1st Erotic Phase (20 min)
  • The Carnal Plateau (20 min)
  • The 2nd Erotic Phase (20 min)

Before giving the ‘Absolute’ Massage, I ask you to complete the ‘Absolute’ Authorization & Requests Form. By completing this form, you help me to create the exact experience you would like. You can indicate the type of touch you want to enjoy and the level and intensity of the erotic arousal you ideally seek to explore and experience. You can also inform me of any boundaries you do not want to be crossed.

The appointment begins with a brief chat to answer any final questions you may have. You may want to take a glass of wine at this point. Then once you are relaxed and ready, I will take you to the treatment room and then if you have not done so already (within an hour before the massage) I request you to take a shower after which you get yourself ready by laying face down on the massage table. Unless requested otherwise I leave the room at this time to let you prepare yourself privately. Once showered I will return and cover you with a large towel. I then take a few more minutes to explain how the message will progress, how to communicate with me during the massage and how the massage will finish.

The Therapeutic Relaxing Phase
The Therapeutic Relaxing Phase follows the line of a traditional massage and is designed to relax the body, work out any strained or aching muscles heighten the senses to put your mind and body into a state of trust and safety. The massage starts with what I call the overture. This is a gentle head massage and to enliven the senses some light touch to your whole body.  I then apply warm oil to your back, shoulders, and buttocks and all are given a full 25-minute gentle but confident massage, working out any knots or tension and encouraging your body to let go. You can ask me to be firmer or lighter.


The Sensual Foreplay Phase
As you relax and your body responds, the massage becomes subtly more arousing and my hands will begin to explore the more intimate areas of your body. I will be working on your thighs, buttocks, calves, lower back. As your arousal increases (movement, sound, and lubrication) I will explore and stimulate more to include clitoral stimulation and external vaginal massage that may bring on the first orgasm. Some people express their arousal very easily some remain more still and quiet. Al I ask is that you are just yourself and behave as you want to rather than how you feel you ought to.

The 1st Erotic Phase
As arousal heightens so I will bring in more intense erotic exploration. The essence of this phase is to make you feel completely open sexually. For some, this may bring on a sense of abandonment. This period is for you to connect to your deepest primal female energies. There is no judgment or expectation on you to behave in any particular way, you can behave in any way that your body and mind want to. I follow the guidelines you have given me in the A & R form but I am quite comfortable for you to alter these as you feel at ease too. I continue to take you on an exploration of new areas of erotic stimulation, always respecting any “no-go areas” that you have already indicated. The stimulation includes internal vaginal massage. Speed and pressure will be varied to give you a sense of full penetration I but I will always be aware of your comfort. Often light external anal stimulation is a pleasant surprise and if you have not indicated your desire for this in the form then at the time you can move your buttocks to show me you want to explore finger penetration stimulation as well. If I feel it’s wanted I also bring in the body to body massage. Often this section produces the most intense orgasm even multiple orgasms and sometimes results in spontaneous ejaculation. This phase ends when I cover you with a towel and leave the room so that you can rest and absorb the orgasmic feelings pulsating through your body.

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The Carnal Plateau
I named this section the carnal plateau since it is the period where the arousal remains heightened, but the intensity of the stimulation is relaxed. It enables you to float on a wave of pleasure. On returning to the room, I ask you to turn over. Covered with a towel, I will begin again on your feet, ankles and lower legs, then move to your hands and arms and then your shoulders neck and chest.

The 2nd Erotic Phase
This phase is optional but is usually wanted. As I massage your upper chest and breasts I watch for your responses, and if you respond in a way that indicates you are seeking more pleasure, then I bring in breast and nipple stimulation, more clitoral stimulation, more vaginal stimulation and optional oral stimulation and any other erotic elements that you have specially requested. Your boundaries can be pushed but are always respected. The more you respond the more I will give. The massage finishes only when you are completely fulfilled.

The last 5 minutes of the massage winds down with a gentle head and foot massage. I will then leave the room for you to rest for a few minutes. You may then take a shower.

Read testimonials from satisfied female clients


Frequently asked Questions and their Answers

General Questions

How can I be sure you won’t do something I don’t want or like?
I always ask clients to complete the Absolute Authorisation & Requests Form before I give the first appointment. This enables you to create the experience you want, including what type and what intensity of erotic arousal you like to experience. It also enables you to identify any cautious area of exploration or complete “no go areas”.

How do I complete the Absolute Authorisation & Requests Form?
Scroll to the bottom of this page and you will see the form there or email me at or call or text me on 07966 522 696 and I will send you a link to the on line form.

Where are you located?
My regular treatment studio is located in my very 2000 sqft apartment in London Bridge.  The full address will be given after confirmation of your appointment. By arrangement, I am happy to consider come to a  hotel or home visit. but this may mean I will not be able to massage you on a massage table but will require the use of a bed or futon/cushions on the floor. See Location

I have had a Tantric massage before or heard of it, is this the same?
It is similar in that it is giving you the opportunity to explore your sexual and sensual energies safely and discreetly. However, I prefer to describe my approach as humanistic since this experience focuses on us as sensual and sexual beings rather than spiritual. The massage is about taking us back to our deepest feelings of intimacy, sensual, sexual arousal and does not include any spiritual ceremony, breathing exercises or chanting.

Questions about the sensual and erotic content of the Absolute Massage

If wanted will you undress me before the massage?
I am happy to undress you if this is wanted but usually, I leave you to undress privately.

If I wanted will you shower me before the massage?
I am happy to shower you if this is wanted but usually, I leave you to shower privately.

Do you give body to body contact?
Yes, I do unless requested not to. The massage involves some body to body contact since as well as using my hands, I also use my arms, elbows and if appropriate my body weight, but this can be adjusted to suit your comfort.

Are you naked for the massage?
This is up to you and can be indicated on the A & R form.

Can I touch you during the massage?
I am comfortable with intimate touch on all areas of my body, but again this is always your choice and can be indicated on the A & R form.

Can I arouse you?
How arousing and erotic the message becomes is entirely up to you. You can either discuss this with me before via email or text before the appointment, or you can leave it to the time. Ultimately the level of eroticism is dependent on your comfort and mood on the day and should you cross any of my personal boundaries I will quietly and respectfully tell you.

How is the vaginal stimulation given?
The type and intensity of both the clitoral and vaginal stimulation can be indicated when you complete the Authorization & Requests Form. Clitoral stimulation is given in phase 2 & 3 of the massage with the vaginal stimulation ( both external and internal) in phase 3 & 4. The depth and intensity of the vaginal stimulation are guided by you but I aim to follow your responses as the massage progresses.

What if I wanted you to include oral stimulation?
This can be indicated on the A & R form

What if I wanted to give oral stimulation?
This can be indicated on the A & R form

Do you kiss during the massage?
This is a personal decision at the time and is for you to indicate on the A & R form

I make quite a bit of noise when I am turned on, is that a problem?
Not at all. Women are programmed to make noise when aroused, it is the female mating call. I encourage you to be as verbal as you want and to express your pleasure in any way you want. As a man and your masseur, I respond to making it as good for you as I can. The more you respond the more I can confidently give and enjoy giving.

I am concerned that when turned on I might cross your boundaries?
Good erotic stimulation between two people in whatever circumstances hinge on good communication. If there is something you FEEL you want to do or say then go ahead I won’t be offended. If it is something that falls beyond my own personal boundaries then I will gently say so but my bounderies are pretty broad.

Is anal stimulation optional?
Again this can be indicated on the A & R Form as to it being wanted, external only or internal. I often find that once the arousal has heightened some exploration in this area is wanted but I am always guided by your responses.

Will you use any toys or vibrators on me?
This is your choice, and I do have several vibrators, but I only bring them into the massage it the client has requested the use of them. You can bring your own.

Can I have full penetrative sex if I felt I wanted this?
I aim to give you the best experience I can but certain aspects of the experience need to be discussed before. If this is something that you are possibly wanting or you feel it may become relevant during the massage then please make it clear when you make the appointment.

Can you include any fetish or role play?
I am happy to include some light domination, but anything more specific should be discussed when booking the appointment.

Are you healthy?
Yes, I take regular sexual health checks and since this is my main work I always maintain a high level of personal health and cleanliness. I expect this of my clients also. My last all clear STI check was on 9th September 2018

If I wanted any will you give special requests?
Possibly but only from the list below but you would need to indicate this when booking.
• Spanking/Paddling – Light spanking/paddling only
• Constraint – Light constraint only
• Giving Light Pain to “Receiver” – Only nipple or light spanking
• Blindfolds – Yes if wanted

Do you allow Poppers?
No, I do not see clients who are using poppers or who under the influence of alcohol or drugs

Do you give four hands massage?
Yes I can arrange a four hands massage with either another male or a female masseur


Other Questions

I want to book a sensual massage, but I can’t afford the price, can you offer reduced rates?

I offer various option to help with payment please go to Alternative Ways to Pay

Do I need to pay a deposit?
For first time bookings and if i have not spoken to you on the phone then I may require a deposit of £25 to be paid either by bank transfer, debit or credit card or PayPal. This ensures your authenticity and also covers my time should you change your mind and cancel altogether.

Do I get a refund of my deposit if I cancel?
I do not give refunds for cancellations, but I am happy to keep it held on account and then re allocate the deposit to another appointment, workshop or event. Deposit are not required for 2nd or future appointments

Can I arrive early?
If you want to arrive early please text me to see if I am free. Do not arrive any earlier than booked unless I have agreed as I may be finishing a previous appointment or workshop

What if I am running late?
Just send me a text or email to keep me informed, as I may have to make adjustments to later appointments.

What if I need to cancel?
Not a problem even if its last minute but please do send me a text and tell me.

Can I take a shower?
If you have not showered within one hour before arriving for the appointment, then I ask you to take a full body shower before receiving the massage. You are also welcome to take another shower following the massage.

Can I have a glass of wine when I arrive?
Sometimes this helps the nerves and yes I am happy to give you a glass of wine or water on arrival. Red or White?

Can I have someone with me at the appointment?
Yes, sometimes partners or friends come along and sit either in a nearby room or the treatment room and watch. The latter is what I call the Watch & Enjoy Couples Massage.

Do you do out calls to my home or hotel?
If you live in central London or are staying in a hotel in central London, then I am happy to come to you, but there will be an extra charge. If you live further away, I can also come to you, but if it involves transport and extra travel then this would be included in a special quote.

Do you need anything from me?
I want you to be yourself. To feel free to express your emotions, desires, and fantasies without restriction. To be who you want to be and to do what you want to do.

If I enjoy the experience can I come back for regular appointments at a discount?
Yes, I offer up to 40% discount on regular bookings see Monthly or Yearly Payments Plans

How confidential is this?

Totally and completely. I see women who are in very public sensitive jobs, who are married, well known or come from a culture that has strong rules around female sexuality and so you do not have to give me your real name and only your mobile and email contact details and information relating to the massage itself. I will never disclose any personal detail and all that takes place in the treatment room remains in the treatment room.


Booking Your Appointment

To make an enquiry or to book this massage with Colin via email use this [Booking Form]
To talk to Colin call 07966 522 696 or to email him with a question Colin
To check Colin’s availability, [click here]
Location of Treatment Rooms [click here]

Do you offer special rates for students or fellow therapists
Dependent on my availability I am sometimes able to offer reduced rates to students or those on a reduced budget. Appointments must be taken as either last minute or if booked in advance taken as morning appointments between 8 am to 1 pm. Just ask!

Do you offer an exchange of services?
If you are a therapist and have a service that can be swapped or if you are someone who’s budget is limited I am happy to consider a pay payment part barter arrangement. It’s best to email with the details of your proposal and we can take it from there. Go to Exchange of Skills & Services