singlemalemasseurHistory of Massage33

The seeds of Massage 33 were sown many years ago on the edge of a cliff on the stunning South Devon coast in 1969. It was an archetypal sunny summers day and an 9-year-old boy was playing with his friends on the rocks overlooking a secluded sandy beach. As his friends charged off to find another game to play the 9 year old remained motionless, mesmerised by a sight that was to remain with for years ahead but also unknowingly a moment that would become pivotal in him finding his vocation later in life.

The sight that transfixed the boy to the spot was of a young couple, probably in love, sunbathing on the sand beneath him. But it was not the couple that drew his curiosity but what they were doing. One was gently massaging suntan oil on to the other’s body. Even at his tender age he sensed that what he was witnessing was profoundly beautiful and meaningful, not just the vision but the emotion with which the touch was being given.

The little boy grew up, and at the age of 21 took over the running of the cliff top family hotel business in which he had grown up. He married and over 8 years had five children. He often re visited his favourite beach and, on every occasion when at the same spot, his memory always returned of that moment of simple human intimacy he had witnessed when so young.

The Birth of Massage33

I trained in Swedish Therapeutic massage in 1995 and for two years after in the winter months, whilst still running the 130-bed hotel, I worked part time as residential masseur for a local Chiropractic clinic.

However, it was not until 2005, after substantial personal and professional changes in my life, that I decided to take up massage on a full time basis. A close friend’s suggestion to bring together my innate skills as a hotelier and 20yrs experience as a business owner with my talent for body work and interest in psychology encouraged me to escape from the 9 to 5 role I had fallen into after the sale of my hotel. On June 23rd 2005, with a borrowed massage bed and working from home in South Devon, I set up as an independent massage therapist and saw my first client, not for traditional therapeutic massage but for a full body sensual massage. A massage that I believed was what most people sought but very rarely found.

Ever since my first encounter with sensual touch on that cliff top so many years before, I had often wondered why the attitude towards massage appeared so vague in regard to the sensual even sexual arousal it could generate in the receiver. Even in my massage training, the subject of arousal was quietly avoided to the point that when I brought up the subject in the class it was treated with disdain and regarded “typical man thing question” and not to be associated proper massage. I could never reconcile this, how could something as natural as human arousal could not be accepted even embraced in a massage rather than evaded even scorned. Certainly as a man receiving therapeutic massage myself I had often felt a sense of anxiety should I get unintentionally aroused as the masseur worked my body. A feeling that I felt sure many men when taking a massage identify with.

So from the outset I decided to provide an environment that not only accepted but embraced arousal and potential orgasm. Initially I offered sensual massage only to men and very quickly attracted both gay and bisexual men as my first clients but within a just a few weeks I began to see men who came identified themselves as heterosexual but who through curiosity or desire wanted to explore male to male intimacy but in a safe discreet and professional setting with someone who was empathetic and supportive of their needs.

By October 2005 my clients came from as far afield as Bristol, London and even Manchester to see me in South Devon, travelling for anywhere between 1 to 5 hours and many citing quite heartfelt and genuine motivations for wanting to experience this type of massage. This was a very encouraging sign, as it showed that there was a really was a need for this style of massage.

So, now convinced that not only had I created a new concept of massage that was wanted and needed I also saw that this was a potential new career for me and that if I followed my instinct it would enable me to work at something truly vocational and potentially life enhancing for others. Consequently in December 2005 I moved to Central London and Massage33 was born.

The Move to London

The Massage 33 web site officially launched in January 2006. It attracted men of all sexualities, nationalities, cultures and ages. Many took the opportunity to talk to me about very personal and intimate aspects of their lives. Some were married men curious and confused about their sexuality; some were men with sexual performance issues such as erectile problems, premature ejaculation or inability to orgasm. There were men struggling with lack of intimacy in their relationships and men with religious or inherited beliefs that was in conflict with their innermost feelings. But clearly what I found was the common factor for all these clients was not their desire to experience just sexual stimulation but more so the need to receive physical intimacy and an hour of so of genuine tenderness and care.

In order to extend my knowledge I took a 2-year training in Psychosexual & Relationship Counselling.

Massage33 had by now established itself as one of the former sensual massage services for men by men in the UK. I was also now training and teaching other masseurs in giving sensual massage imparting both my practical skills and psychological knowledge and soon Massage 33 had grown into a small team of independent associate masseurs offering massage within the Massage33 brand and code of ethics.

Massage33 expands to welcome female & couples as clients
I trained as an Imago Relationship Educator bringing to my work a deeper understanding of both the emotional and physiological origins of sexual and relationship dynamics. I also started seeing female clients and mixed gender couples both for treatments and for sensual massage workshops helping them improve their knowledge and understanding of their and their partner’s sexual needs and dynamics.

Massage33 relocated to bigger quality premises in Marylebone and
I expanded my knowledge by taking training in NLP and Hypnotherapy.


Saw the launch of Intimacy Matters, my counselling practice, and Carnal Conversations, a regular evening of discussion on aspects of sexuality, relationships and the burgeoning adult entertainment industry held at Home House Private Members Club in Portman Square.
I expanded the Massage 33 teaching and training by launching 3 hour evening classes, The Massage Show and Black Tie Dinners, evenings that brought together the social occasion with the exploration of sensual massage.


I moved to new premises in Pimlico. Superbly situated right on the banks of the River Thames as well as having a very comfortable ensuite treatment room the new location has a vast living space that is ideal for running workshops and events. I now regularly hold evening and daytime group events for men to massage men, women to massage men and men to massage women as well as couples evening where couples who want to meet likeminded couples can explore sensual touch together.


In early spring, I was contacted by a journalist for GQ Magazine who subsequently came to attend a men’s group workshop “License to Thrill” at which I teach men to be more confident lovers to women. In November, I received a 6-page article in Cosmopolitan UK & Australia talking about the kama sutra massage that I give to women who want to improve their sensual responses and orgasm. As a result of both of these features my enquiries from female clients increased considerably so that by the end on 2015 I was seeing as many female clients as I was male. I also launched with my business partner “Intimate Tutorials” a website offering online video tuition in how to gives sensual massage


Recently approached by a TV production company and primary TV channel who together are planning a 60-minute documentary covering the treatments that I give to women who experience sexual frustrations or performance issues.


This was the year the media really discovered Colin, with features in Cosmopolitan, I News, The Independent, The Daily Mirror and BBC World Service, finally the media are taking seriously the benefits and authenticity of sensual treatments. Colin was also invited to become the designated Sex Therapist to Killing Kittens the worlds most sophisticated adult club for sexual explorations and events. Colin regularly runs workshops for KK and also hosts Intimacy Matters Presents and Home House Private Members Club in Mayfair. In November Colin started giving evening talks on sexuality with the LDN Funzing Talks and soon his talks on the Psychology of Attraction & The Psychology of King & Fetish were regularly sold out to audience capacity of 120. With the media coverage, particularly in the aspect of the help Colin gives to women Colin’s female client base expanded considerably so that now he sees the equel amount of female clients and couples as male clients.


In January Funzing invited Colin to be one of their first speakers to travel to Manchester and Bristol to present his Psychology talks. Both successful and consequently there separate visits have been made to well attended audiences. In February Colin was invited to give his Psychology of Kink & Fetish Talk in a Church. Located in North London and still a consecrated church Colin says it was exciting to give such a talk in the stunning medieval venue.

In March Colin ,over out of his Pimlico residence to spend the summer in Brighton but will be back in London in late August. In April the Mail Online ran feature on Colin work with Anorgasmia. Amy an model and burlesque entertainer has struggled with reaching orgasm all her adult life. Much to her and her boyfriends pleasure after seeing Colin is now able to achieve fulfilment more often than not.