A husband’s account and amazed reaction at the changes to his wife’s libido after just one sensual massage appointment with Colin at Massage33


I had been looking to treat my wife to a special massage for a long time, something with a little bit of spice.

I began to ask her questions on her fantasies and role played a little as a masseur that goes beyond the usual boundaries, and it turned out her fantasy included erotic massage where she gets totally and utterly ravaged by the guy giving her the massage or sex with a couple of guys. So wanting to help my wife explore these feelings and fantasies I set about some research and managed to find Massage33 and Colin.

We discussed the plan further and after reading his web site, she became excited to explore the sensual massage Colin gives to female clients straight away but of course, she was a little nervous.

Coming from the north of England we arranged to travel to London for a few days and booked a hotel just round the corner of Colins treatment rooms in Pimilco

On arriving, we kissed one another good bye at the gate, and I told her to enjoy herself and said I that will be waiting for her text to say she is finished are on your way out.

The waiting made me feel both nervous but extremely excited to imagine what my wife experience and how she would feel.

The minutes passed slowly, and my heart was racing, and I was very aroused thinking about the scenario that was unfolding. Thoughts entered my mind; pictures flashed in and out on my thoughts

10 minutes late, 20 minutes late, half an hour over her time.

I thought woohoo she must be enjoying it . Then my phone bleeped, and it was a text that just read “OMG In the shower.”

10 minutes later my wife appeared, smiling from ear to ear, very blushed and her hair all a mess and the buttons on her top not done up correctly. We walked slowed back to our hotel with my wife telling what a night she had. We entered our room, and she immediately demanded that I make love to her that very moment.


We rested for a bit then decided to go out for a bite to eat, so we both got in the shower and she again she demanded sex.

We visited a Thai restaurant just around the corner, we could not keep our hands off each other, we quickly paid and left, walking back to our hotel she noticed a sort cut, we walked only a couple of yards, and again my wife demands we do it doggy style as she can’t wait for us to get back to the room.

We eventually got back to the hotel and were like newly weds.

On the Monday after returning home, my wife had been texting me all day for more sex . The text stopped at 2.30pm, so I thought she had gone out shopping but at 3.30pm, they started again.

She told me that she had raced home all most coming in her nickers and that on the drive home her clitoris was throbbing that much that she raced upstairs and pulled her nickers off and after giving her clitoris just a few rubs, she orgasmed serval times.

Her libido has increased so much it’s brilliant.

She now demands I give her oral her until she orgasms which are very new and says that her orgasms are of different types, and now the best ones are the ones where she squirts, which also had never happened before.

Our sex life has gone through the roof since her massage with Colin for a husband that brilliant and for a couple in their late 40’s and early 50’s its fantastic. All in all a very brilliant experience we have now booked to have another massage with Colin but this time I am going to be there to learn the techniques that Colin used that has transformed my wife once flagging libido into volcanic sexual energy.