A guy’s perspective on an erotic couples massage experience.

My wife & I have the most amazing relationship. We’ve been together for 12 years & married for over 7. We’ve always had a wonderful connection and great sex life but since discovering a mutual desire to expand our sexual experiences further and with other people, we’ve become so much closer.
Some people don’t understand how this is possible but I’m sure there are other couples out there that have experienced the same strengthening of bonds with each other as a result of sharing our desires (and bodies) with other people.
Thanks to KK, we’ve met some amazing people & can’t wait to attend our first party. One of our most interesting discoveries through KK has been the services of Intimacy Matters, a therapeutic massage service run by Colin Richards. My wife first saw Colin several weeks ago as an opportunity to discover new ways to reach orgasm. As many of us Tomcats (& kittens) will have experienced, the female body is incredibly gorgeous but with that comes some complexity that sometimes baffles us all.
Her initial sessions with Colin have been one on one and I know she has learned a lot about her own sensations, plus she’s learned a few new tricks in the bedroom which we both love.
To further our desires of maximum pleasure, we recently decided to join Colin for a couples’ massage workshop. We hoped this would provide us with some new techniques we could use on each other and other people we may play with. For me personally, it was also an opportunity to explore a mild bi-curiosity as I’d never been touched erotically by another man and honestly, I had no idea how my body and brain would react. Had I been more worried about being touched by another man, the option of a female masseuse or a more hands off approach was available, but I really wanted to fully explore my curiosity.
Our session started with a nice chat, some questions about what we both wanted out of the session along with some extremely accurate perspectives on personality types and how they translate to sexual techniques. Colin also shared some very interesting prehistoric sexual theories that really do make a lot of sense.
So, on to our massage workshop which started with a discussion on consent, something I hadn’t really thought too much about but a very important topic as the massage would be taking us to new areas of exploration. It’s crucial to understand and agree on the signals, particularly if (or, hopefully, when) we involve another person, but also as a sign that things are heading in the right direction. Some consent signals we learned about are very subtle such as a slight shift in position, a gentle moan or a change in breathing, whilst others can be a little more obvious, like a squeeze of a hand or even a code/safe word. The important things here are clarity & trust. Be clear on what’s planned upfront & agree on the boundaries.
With my wife up first on the table, it was time to commence. Laying face down & very much like a normal massage, starting gently, Colin really reinforced the importance of a slow build up, particularly for a woman, lots of long strokes, in a non-sexual way, looking for those signals that things were heading in the right direction and she was beginning to relax. It was a wonderfully enlightening experience to be part of a two-man erotic massage on my wife and I really enjoyed watching her pleasure build towards orgasm.
massage my man 3
After about an hour of massage, it was time for a pleasant break for lunch and another enlightening chat with Colin before it was my turn on the table.
Once again, the massage started normally enough but it wasn’t long before I was heading towards a state of bliss, thanks to a number of different techniques from gentle strokes to gentle nail scratching & full body to body massage. These techniques not only brought me to an increasingly aroused state, my body also relaxed massively. It was a wonderful new experience delivering a plethora of new and interesting sensations, so much so that I came close to orgasm whilst my wife & Colin played with my cock & balls. What I didn’t know at this point was that it was only the beginning for me & it wasn’t time for me to cum, yet!
After a brief cool down, it was my wife’s turn again, this time for her main event, with Colin’s expert guidance, we played with her in an effort to give her an illusive g-spot orgasm, whilst it got close, it didn’t quite happen, but we’re increasingly confident it will.
Colin left us alone for a few minutes & as she was in such a state of arousal, I was only too happy to bring her to a massive clitoral orgasm with some practised and ever-reliable oral action.
After she had come back down to earth, it was my turn. Back on the table, this time face up, my wife used her newly learned massage skills to manipulate my cock & balls in ways I’d never experienced, making sure to bring me ever closer to climax, without taking me immediately there. Colin also (to my surprise) demonstrated the toughness of the cock by giving it a few forceful slaps, delivering new sensations, whilst holding back that climax a little longer.
By this point, I felt a mixture of total relaxation, combined with the feeling of a horny 19 year old who hasn’t had a wank for 3 weeks. It was time to cum!
Colin continued to guide Amy, teaching the importance of stroke pressure & direction, “firm down, soft up”, “imagine your hands are like a vagina, getting tighter as it penetrates deeper”. I was in too much of a state of bliss to look but it certainly felt like I had 4 hands playing with my cock & balls as I was finally allowed the wonderful release of a great orgasm.
After the session was over, we took some time out to take it all in. It was an amazing experience that has left us with a deeper understanding of each other and given us a number of new bedroom techniques that will continue to drive our sexual pleasures to new heights. I’m also pleased to say that being touched by another man and a woman at the same time was a rather nice sensation that I look forward to exploring more of in the future.
It was time to say goodbye for now & when leaving Colin gave us both a big hug, remarking that we couldn’t just shake hands, having just had my cock in his hand. This made us both laugh.
Now we’re looking forward to an opportunity to practice by sharing our newfound skills with another person or couple, further expanding our sexual pleasures and desires to reach new heights of bliss.
Thank you KK & Colin for helping us explore these wonderfully pleasurable sensations in a clean and safe environment, joining up to this way of life has been amazing. We love it!