A Couple’s Affaire
Sensual Massage Party

The Couple’s Affaire Sensual Massage Party

Next Date TBC

 £225 per couple 

A sensual occasion for adventurous couples who enjoy exciting conversation, flirtatious games and erotic entertainment that is designed to gently lead on to an evening of intimate exploration of sensual touch and adult playtime.

Click here to read Francesca and Michaels account of the Couple’s Affaire Party  attended in May 2017

Party 24th Feb 2018

We both really enjoyed the party. It’s great to be able to socialise with a group of like-minded couples in a safe environment. Colin and his team are excellent hosts with some great ice-breakers to get everyone chatting.  Once the tables came out we felt so comfortable with our fellow guests that we were able to enjoy what followed…..

Parties held in February, May, September 2017

“At last, an adult party that puts as much emphasis on having a fun party as it does on the erotic encounters, so even if you don’t participate in the sensual play you still leave having enjoyed great company, fun games and great views and that’s not just the river Thames!” H & A (Sept party)

“September was our third Couple’s Affaire party and they get better and better. We loved the sensual massage theme as it provided a middle ground for guests to enjoy erotic interaction without necessarily committing to more.  The party games really broke the ice and the sensual massage performance by Emilie certainly got the massage play off to an exciting start. Lovely to have such a varied age group from 25 to about 55 and having the few professional masseurs there was not only good on the eye but great to explore with.” M & S (Sept party)

“The whole evening was so well organised starting with the mingling and saucy party games to the entertainment and the group massage. The barriers well and truly came down at the right time and in a very natural way – very skilfully handled.” C – (Single female May party)

“It was a very enjoyable evening …nice people and good relaxed and sexy atmosphere.”  F & R (May party)

“The place is well-located and has an amazing view. There are enough cosy corners to enjoy the company of others without it being too large, which would not permit connections with others. It helps immensely to have professionals mixed in the crowd to help warm things up.” G & T (May party)

“We enjoyed the evening because it was different from the “normal ” swing events we attend. The performance and games enhanced the evening and more of the same to warm people up more quickly would be a good thing” J & M (May party)

“Very nice like minded people. All were polite kind and most importantly respectful. We liked the host getting people involved and breaking the ice.” S & F (Feb party)

“We both were very nervous and are inexperienced alongside some of the participants but everyone was very friendly” P & J (Feb party)

“Surprisingly we both felt extremely comfortable from the very beginning, starting with introductions, naughty party games, massage then more intimate play. I think we were both surprised how easy the whole evening flowed and how quickly the time went by” S & G (Feb party)

Images from the September Party

Growing in popularity every time this November Couple’s Affaire Party will again have a distinctive sensual massage theme to the occasion. But first and foremost this is a party and I want you to leave feeling that no matter what naughtiness you got up to you had a massively fun time and met some lovely people.

In my work as a sex mentor, I meet many couples who are wanting to explore their sexuality but are not particularly drawn to the traditional swinging scene and are not particularly kink or fetish minded. The Couple’s Affaire Massage Party’ is designed to bring together like-minded couples (and some singles) who would like to enjoy an environment of heightened sensuality within a sophisticated evening of teasing entertainment and erotic exploration. An evening that is built around sensual touch that combines saucy fun with a heady atmosphere of sexual energy to encourage sensual exploration with your partner or with others.

Oysters & Smoked Salmon

Sensual massage is a fabulous medium in which to explore your sexuality and a lot of pleasure can be given and received without feeling one has to go ‘all the way’. So whether you are an enthusiastic amateur or a complete novice to massage you are sure to enjoy the sensuality of touch yourself or simply watching others enjoy themselves.

The view from the balcony

view massage33

 The event is personally hosted by Colin Richards and his partner Clare at his stunning private venue, a 1300sqft riverside penthouse apartment in Pimlico, Victoria Central London.

Ticket includes:-

  • Superb Riverside Penthouse location
  • Personally hosted by Colin
  • Extensive open-air balcony
  • Fizz cocktails on arrival
  • Oysters and homemade canapes
  • Icebreaking party games
  • Live music entertainment
  • Private bar
  • Sensual massage performance to completion
  • Very sexy entertainment to stimulate your senses
  • Sensual masseur hosts and hostesses to guide your hands
  • Separate massage room
  • Adult playroom (8ft x 6ft bed)

For more images and details and answers to most frequently asked questions CLICK HERE

Relaxed friendly atmosphere

Who is likely to attend?

I know that for the evening like this to go well it is important that the chemistry and attraction between couples gels so applicants are vetted for motivation, body type, age and attitude. I endeavour to create an evening that brings like-minded couples together. A higher age is not a restriction, in fact, we find that mature guests are often confidence and help younger newcomers to relax and enjoy themselves. It is also understood that approach to another couple or individual if rebuffed is not taken wrongly but accepted that attraction is about personal preference of age, body type and attitude.