Wow You’re Good

I have heard “discreetly” from quite a few straight and bisexual men and even the odd gay man that they feel they need to know more about how to really satisfy a woman. I have also heard from quite a few women who say that quite a few men they know definitely need to know more about how to satisfy them.

I have put together a workshop entitled “Wow you’re good”  to teach men how to give a 60 or 90 minute sensual massage to a woman. With this talent a man can dramatically enhance both the pleasure for their partners and themselves. By incorporating sensual and erotic touch in to a traditional massage combined with a better understanding of female sexual psychology and a deeper knowledge of how and why her body works the way it does a man can become confident, intuitive and thus much-desired lover.

You may ask yourself why would Colin be qualified to teach this?. I have been giving sensual massage to female clients for about three years. In this time, I have had the opportunity to hear from more than 100 women about what they want to experience sexually and how they want to experience it. I have heard how they want to feel turned on, desired, adored, and in some cases worshipped and ravished. I have seen how different women respond to touch and first hand I have witnessed the primal sexual energy that is released when woman gives over her body and mind to an experienced man. Once I was like many men, afraid of getting it wrong, being to tentative almost shy to explore and waiting to be given permission by the woman I was with. Learning how to give a sensual massage to a woman confidently and assertively, changed all that.

When teaching a man to give a sensual massage to a woman, the aim is to provide him with knowledge and skills so that he can give her an experience that she will never forget. For him, it is about becoming a self assured and versatile lover who has the ability to switch from giving at one moment,  tender caring touch to then creating an sense of assertive control over her. Additionally with sensual massage in his sexual repertoire, a man can extend the period of his lovemaking considerably so that the imbalance of his shortened male arousal cycle can match the longer (up to 3 hour) female arousal cycle thus making the intimacy, foreplay and sex a fully harmonious experience.

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Three reasons to learn how to give a sensual massage to a woman

Make it last longer
Lamentably, human sexual biology and psychology has not adapted in line with today’s expected cultural order. This lack of adjustment means that the sexual response cycle for women is still working to a primal timetable. As accepted by many sexual researchers, the reason a woman commonly needs longer to arouse is because she is still unconsciously operating to her primal sexual agenda and taking anything up to 3 hours to achieve this.

Contrarily, the male sexual response works to more simplistic agenda. Quantity, quantity and more quantity. I.e., the most females he has the more chance he secures his genetic lineage. Thus, for men as many women will frustratingly concur, sex is not designed to be something they take too much time over!

Why Sensual Massage?
To give a woman a 60 minute or even 90 minute sensual massage enables her arousal cycle to unfold naturally. It enables a man to take his women through the peaks and plateaus of her erotic journey to gradually build the sexual excitement

Confidence & Assertiveness
We have all seen nature at play and how the male often appears to dominate the female and what about the 80 million women who read 50 Shades? No, it’s not that women are secretly harbouring BDSM thoughts or that guys have to don black leather and handcuffs.

It’s all about assertiveness and confidence. A woman wants to know you mean business. She wants you to be imaginative, creative and passionate. She wants you to use your intuition, to take risks with her, to give her an adventure. She does not want to have to steer you or give you a shopping list to work from. The more you take command, the more connected she will feel. The more you show your interest, the more available she will make herself. She wants to feel your primal energies not a 21st century reserve. Keep breeding for the boardroom and protocol for public places. She wants to feel your primal man.

Why Sensual Massage
Simply being a receiver puts her in a place of passivity so even if you don’t have an assertive bone in your body you are immediately in a place of dominance when giving a sensual massage. A good masseur reads a body, observes the responses, hears the sounds and go with their intuition as what to do next. Strong firm assertive movements are combined with light caring strokes to keep the journey surprising. Bringing in the unexpected with feathers or vibration and warm oil. All this can create the effect that any Christian Grey would be proud of and not a whip in sight.

Men and women both respond to approval
Recent research has established beyond doubt that both men and women are biologically programmed to seek and respond to approval. The hormones Oxytocin and Progesterone play a crucial role in love-making. The hormone progesterone is known to contribute to the formation of social bonds, which have many adaptive benefits for humans.The hormone is produced mainly in the ovaries in women and in the adrenal glands in men. It is one of the main hormones responsible for caring or friendly behaviour, and levels rise when people have close and friendly interactions. Progesterone has been shown to increase motivation to form close bonds, might also underlie the motivation to affiliate sexually. Oxytocin, sometimes called the love hormone is also fundamental initiator of sexual arousal. Intimate touch from a partner increases oxytocin release.

Why Sensual Massage?
Can there be any better occasion for showing approval that by giving an intimate sensual massage. For the woman simply receiving the touch will release these powerful passion inducing hormones. For the man in the giving role, the release of these hormones is equally as effective. It is not just reciprocal touch of your hands on her body or your body on her body that fires these hormones but for a man to witness the pleasurable effect his massage is creating, will also greatly enhance his own arousal and pleasure.

It is thought that humans only learned to speak about 100,000 years ago. Before that communication was mostly by sight or touch. That means in human evolutionary terms we have been responding to one another by touch for about 900,000 years or more. No wonder for most of us when we get a massage we immediately feel changes come over us. When you give a sensual massage to a woman, you are igniting deep rooted responses that have played a part in the human even mammalian interaction since the beginning of time itself.

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Article by Colin Richards