Is available most days of the week from 8 am to 11 pm

To book an appointment with Monica please use one of the following methods.

  • Call or text Monica direct on 07441 907242 (Quickest option)
  • Create your own sensual massage by completing a [Massage Special Request Form] (Recommended)
  • Complete an [M33 Appointment Form] which will be sent on to Monica who will reply directly to you

Massages Available

  • Monica gives 60, 75 and 90 minutes 2 hands full body sensual massage to men women and couples.
  • Monica gives 60 and 90 minutes 4 hands ( M/F Couple with Colin) body to body massage.

Do you have questions?

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Monica’s profile

My name is Monica,  I am originally from Argentina but have spent many years in Europe and the US. For the past four years, I was living in New York working as a professional sensual masseur. I loved New York, but my heart was back in Europe, especially London. I arrived back in this amazing city in Autumn 2016 and immediately started to seek out a professional Practice with whom I would fit my ethos on giving sensual bodywork. Coming across Colin at Massage33 was fantastic since the philosophy Colin has of sexuality, intimacy, and sensuality and particularly his beliefs on the importance of sensual massage for good wellbeing resonated with me so well. After contacting him and then training with Colin I joined Massage33 to offer you my unique style of sensual massage.

Monica’s Sensual Massage

Being from South America, I am naturally supple and rhythmic, and this is what I bring to my sensual massage. I like to give a good massage that works the muscles of your body, but at the same time, I like to nurture, tease and entice you to full arousal. I am totally comfortable with my own sexuality and enjoy taking someone on a journey of erotic fulfilment. Receiving a well given sensual massage is I believe one of the most pleasurable experiences a person can have. This is why I take the time to understand your likes and boundaries, your motivations and the pleasurable spots on your body. I use my hands, my body and my mind to explore. I love to give, and I love to see you receiving, but at the same time I know that to make it a fulfilling experience you also may need to feel close and intimate with me. The photographs in my profile were taken very recently and are a true depiction of me. The massages I offer are of three types, The Formosa, The Sante Fe and The Santiago. All include sensual arousal to completion, but the Formosa and Sante Fe are shorter and focus more on the back of the body, but the Buenos Aires, like our capital city is a comprehensive mix of sensations and includes body to body and erotic adventurous touch over every area of your body.

  • £125 – The Formosa – 60 minutes 1/2 body, mostly back of body.

This massage is designed to give you a most relaxing and intimate experience. It is all about YOU. From the very start, I use my hands and upper body to ease the stresses and strains out of you. With confidence, I use techniques to get deep into any aching muscles but at the same time encourage you to relax and allow your body to respond to my arousing touch. Since this massage is mostly about your pleasure the emphasis is on your body although I am comfortable to receive surface touch while I am giving the massage. I start the massage partially clothed then become naked part way through. The intention of this massage is to slowly bring you to full arousal and orgasm.

  • £155 – The Sante Fe – 75 minutes, 3/4 body.

The Sante Fe massage is for those who enjoy more reciprocal intimacy and although it begins similarly to the Formosa sensual massage with traditional therapeutic massage of your back, buttocks and legs very soon the massage becomes intimate. I use my whole body in this massage and am comfortable with more intimate exploring touch. The intention of this massage is to take you on both a sensual and erotic adventure.

  • £185 – The Buenos Aires – 90 minutes full body with body to body.

The Buenos Aires is like my capital city multifaceted wild and intense but also caring with a big friendly heart. This massage is the most intense massage I give. I am naked from early on and enjoy giving you the most awesome experience.  I use my whole body in this massage and am comfortable with more intimate exploring touch. The intention of this massage is to lead you on a journey of exploration of erotic adventure. I can include prostate massage in the Buenos Aires.

For the full description of this Erotic massage please register with the M33Xtra private area where you can learn more about the content of this massage and answers to other questions you may have regarding the massage.

  • 4 hands sensual massage for men, women or couples

I only give 4 hands with Colin as the male masseur

For men

Erotic 90 minutes – £485

Erotic 60 minutes – £385

For couples

Erotic 90-minute couple massage – £485

Sensual 90-minute couples massage – £385

Erotic 60-minute couples massage- £385

Sensual 60-minute couples massage – £285


Payment can be by cash or credit/debit card via paypal


All my treatments are given in my private treatment room at the Massage33 [Location] in Pimlico, Westminster. SW1V 3JY.  The full address will be given by text on confirmation of your appointment.

I DO NOT give out calls or hotel visits so please do not ask