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Spectrum Game for The Tate Abertay Competition

M33 Owner and principal therapist Colin Richards has taken his knowledge and experience in the world of psychosexual and relationship therapy to the much broader environment of Psychographic and psychosensual research, but with a twist! This YouTube Video  Spectrum Game explains a how by combining Psychograhics with the gaming culture a powerful and yet fun  data collecting system  can be created. Read on for more info…



Colin says that the vision is to provide a means to better understand the motivations of customers by applying a social game technology which will provide an enhanced impression of a person’s psychological profile. This information will enable organisations like the Tate to much more effectively target audiences and in so doing create an intelligent self perpetuating art form itself.


The scope of the game offers a new social dynamic with which to provide social preference suggestions to online social networks. By utilizing an expanded psychograhic demographic model it will provide a far broader and deeper dimension for individuals to connect to each other, share there likes of art, music, video, images, consumerables, lifestyle choices and VAS with a community drawn together because of where they identify themselves on the psycho grahic & sexual spectrum.