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Expert Man to Man Full Body Sensual Massage:

Arousing, Caring, Empowering, Intimate, Erotic, Extraordinary


What The Women Say:

Awakened, Thrilled, Stimulated, Soothed & Satiated.


What The Couples Say:

Exciting, Adventurous, Special, Explorative, Revitalised


Tailor Made Treatments

2 Hands or 4 Hands Male only or Male & Female Couple


Workshops for Men, Women & Couples

Learn Massage techniques by the professionals



Experiential Events - Evening Gatherings - Exclusive Parties


As featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine

November 2015 issue


Colin – Master Masseur and  Sex & Relationship Mentor

Since 2005,  I have been committed to my mission of teaching people how to achieve sensual intimacy, better communication and erotic fulfilment within relationships. I am passionate about this subject. My treatments and expertise are open and accessible to all. I work with men, women and couples from all ethnicities, backgrounds, cultures, sexual orientations and ages.

Amongst my services, I:

  • give sensual massage treatments to private clients as individual appointments
  • offer psycho-sensual treatments combining bodywork with counselling to help with sexual performance and confidence
  • specifically advise and mentor men who are exploring same sex attraction
  • treat women who have a lack of sensual intimacy, eroticism or sexual confidence in their lives
  • work with couples who want to expand and enliven their sexual relationships
  • teach men how to become even more knowledgeable and confident sensual and sexual partners to women
  • run interactive private and group workshops on sensual massage, sex and sexuality
  • mentor single men, women and couples on how to improve intimacy and sexual performance
  • speak on sex and sexuality at public and private events
  • provide face to face or Skype mentoring
  • usually see most of my clients at my riverside treatment rooms in Pimlico, central London.

Click here to read more about the evolution of my career as a sex and relationship mentor

My web site is comprehensive and includes details on the various treatments that I offer, the principles behind my style of sensual massage, and articles and information on sexual performance and sexuality. Its worth glancing over the news section and of course if you want to explore sensual massage more deeply take a look at the workshops and events pages. If what you read here interests you but you still feel cautious about booking an appointment then please take a moment to read some of the many testimonials give by previous clients. [Testimonials]

Colin says

“I believe that sensual massage should be regarded as legitimate body therapy. An experience where physical and sensual boundaries are of course consensual but broader and based on what the receiver wants rather than what the therapist is prepared to give. It should be where the basic human need of touch and physical intimacy becomes a shared experience; the natural process of human arousal when included within the moment is not only pleasurable and fulfilling but also healthy and deeply relaxing and a testimony to our innate primal dynamics”

To read a short biography of myself [click here]

To book Colin for an appointment [click here]

Select Your Perfect Sensual Massage

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  • Appointments can be made weekdays and weekends generally from 8am to 9pm but I can see clients out of these hours by mutual arrangement.
  • Advance booking prefered but I can do last minute if I am available

kama sutra massage for women

Ladies – Unleash Your Sensual Energies


  • The Ultimate 90 minutes Kama Sutra Full Body Sensual Massage for Women – £175

Testimonial given by Alison who enjoyed a Kama Sutra Massage with Colin in February 2015.

“Thank you for a truly extraordinary afternoon! I was feeling quite trepidatious when I arrived- as I’m sure you realised. But you were so very kind- I quickly felt at ease with you. Thinking about it now, this seems rather remarkable, given that you were a complete stranger- how many minutes from handshake to electric pleasure down the back? And here I am on a train surrounded by strangers, with whom sexual contact seems unlikely to say the least.  But as you say, you create a separate world and a space to be different. I found it a very luxurious and exciting space to be in! Thank you. It was a real pleasure to meet you”

  • 60 minute The Instant Stress Buster Sensual Massage For Women – £115

For those women who have not yet tried it or for those on a limited budget until July 31st I am offering the Stress Buster Massage at £40 discount reduced from £115 to £85. More and more women are exploring sensual massage as a way of de stressing and relaxing. Increasingly my female clients say to me that they just need a bit of “me time” where they can simply lay back and enjoy a professional massage but also one that enables them to enjoy sensual arousal and release.

To book this massage just [CONTACT COLIN] quoting Stress Buster Summer Special.

Female Client Feedback

After most appointments I send out a feedback form for female clients to give their assessment of my service. Click on the link below to view the latest results.

[Read Past Female Client Feedback ]

[Click here to view the demo video and read more]


Register for a FREE MASSAGE?

Become a workshop volunteer

I run regular private and group massage workshops and consequently I am often seeking male or female volunteers to be the receiver bodies for the attendees to practice on. If you are confident and of good health and reasonable physical shape then use one of the application forms below to register your interest.  As a volunteer you are simply required to receive the massage and after to give feedback to those learning. Private workshops are usually attended by just myself, the attendee and the volunteer. Groups workshops would have up to 8 persons and 4 volunteers.

[Application For Female Volunteers]

[Application For Male Volunteers]


Sensual Massage For Couples

Enjoying a sensual massage as a couple is a perfect way to relax and explore sexual intimacy together. To be able to enjoy the touch of a masseur while your partner is either enjoying the same or watching you creates a wonderful shared experience. As a professional sex therapist as well as an experienced masseur therapist I can also incorporate in to the massage some teaching of new arousal and sexual performance techniques. I have created several options of couples’ massage but I am also happy to create a tailor-made massage experience to suit the couple’s particular desires.

Testimonial from Tom & Sarah August 2015 -“ Just had a fantastic couples massage with Colin. We’ve never done this before and Colin put us at ease instantly and is a master of his craft. It was sensuous, exciting and we felt very together throughout the whole experience. It’s also great to talk to Colin who is so knowledgeable about the sensuous side of men and women. A beautiful apartment overlooking the river and lovely fragrance and music in the treatment room with subdued lighting”

[Click here to read the options available]


IMG_0594 (1)

Colin Richards is featured in this month’s edition of Cosmopolitan Magazine (November 2015). The interview is by freelance journalist and deputy editor of the New Statesman, [Helen Lewis]

Click Here to read the full article


A series of exclusive group trainings for men, teaching them to manifest their inner male and to master the mysteries of female arousal.

This unique training will:

  • teach a man to become an excellent lover
  • increase male sexual confidence
  • tap into and release masculine primal energy
  • empower with specialist knowledge

There are three levels of training :-

There are three levels of training

  • Basic: – Foundation in Sensual Massage
  • Intermediate: – Personal Sensual Development
  • Advanced: – Professional Sensual Therapy Training

For more information on this group workshop [click here]

Submit your application for this mens workshop

Sensual Massage Events & Workshops 2015

Come and experience a Sensual Massage Evening Workshop and enjoy a unique opportunity to expand your knowledge as a sensual lover. At these relaxed and friendly evenings, you will meet and enjoy the company of like-minded people, enhance your sensual foreplay skills increase your knowledge of the psychology of arousal and have fun. To find out more about each type of event and the dates of future events click on any of the links below each type of event.

If you are not yet certain when you can come to an event but want to be kept informed of all future events details and dates Register Here 


 Men Massaging Women 

Event Name – The Riverside Gathering For Men Who Like Women

Next Event – To Be Confirmed

The Riverside Gatherings are for the straight or bi sexual man who wants to enhance his knowledge of foreplay and learn how to give a woman a superb full body sensual massage to and become expert in giving erotic arousal. Practice is given on real female volunteer receivers.E

  • Extend the length your lovemaking by learning the art of giving a woman a superb sensual massage
  • Become skilled in giving great erotic foreplay?
  •  Hear her say “Wow you are good”!

[More information and apply for the event here]

[Apply to be a female volunteer receiver]

Image 7

Men Massaging Men

Event Name – Touch & Turn On

Next Event  – To Be Confirmed

Touch & Turn On Evenings are the perfect occasion for gay and bi-sexual men or bi-curious men who want to explore their sexuality safely and socially, to meet with like-minded guys and enjoy an occasion of intimate exploration and arousing massage.

[More information and apply for the event here]

[Bi sexual or gay male volunteer receivers can apply here]

kristina12 (1)

Women Massaging Men

Event Name – Massage My Man

Next Event – To Be Confirmed

Massage My Man is a unique women-only workshop (with specially selected male volunteers as your practice receivers) and is 5 hours in duration. Created because of the many requests received from my female clients saying that they would love to be able to give a proper sensual massage to their male partners. This relaxed fun evening workshop is about bringing more intimacy, excitement, and sensuality into your relationships and lovemaking. Come along and learn things about the male body and psychology of the male brain that will surprise you and once mastered will give you skills that will make every man happy.

[More information and apply for the event here]

[Apply here to be a volunteer receiver for women to practice on]

Interview with Colin

Recently Colin was asked to comment on some aspects of sex. Questions on the differences between the sexes, why we behave differently, work to a different timetable and even why men and women enjoy the pleasure of sex in a different way from one another.


What are the differences in sex drive between men and women?

It may seem contrary to popular belief, but in my experience, rather than the man being the predatory sexual hunter and the female playing the role of the passive receiver, it is very often the reverse.

When it comes to the biology of sex and securing their genetic lineage, men need to be selected by the female for both their stature and the quality of their sperm. Whereas the female needs to attract as many sexual suitors as possible, in order to maximise her chance of getting the best available sperm and ongoing security to take care of her during pregnancy and subsequent child rearing. For these reasons, it’s often women that have a higher sex drive. In short women seek to be desired and men seek approoval.

How does upbringing and culture between men and women affect our sex drive?

Fundamentally, the sex drives of men and women should not be affected by culture or upbringing, since from birth we are all embodied by nature with similar biological sexual urges. However as we know, the environment, culture, and belief systems that we are born into soon being to affect how we behave sexually. Sex drives can be very deeply influenced by psychological factors, that are sometimes unrecognised on a conscious level.

For example, men who have been brought up in cultures where the masculine and feminine roles are strongly defined, may behave in a way that enforces their sexual prowess, so they focus on penetrative sex and it being fast and furious, rather than first giving sensual foreplay. They may have a sense of ownership over their female partner and restrict any broader sexual adventures, ie. threesomes. They may seem to have a high sex drive and initiate often, in an attempt to assert dominance or ownership.

In some cultures once married, the man may no longer see his wife as the sexual being he once lusted over. Instead he may see her as the mother of his children and thus lose his sexual desire for her. It’s not that his sex drive itself, is depleted; he may just channel it elsewhere. This is quite common in cultures where the mother role is very strong within the family.

[Click here to read more]

Watch the Massage 33 Demo Movie Below

(60 seconds of ‘edited’ examples of Colin in action)

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