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Sensual Massage & Psychosensual Treatments

To Bring Fulfillment & Satisfaction To Your Intimate Life

For Men, Women & Couples, Straight, Bisexual, Gay or Lesbian

All Major Cards Accepted or Pay By Installment

Expert Man to Man Full Body Sensual Massage:

Arousing, Caring, Empowering, Intimate, Erotic, Extraordinary

What The Women Say:

Awakened, Thrilled, Stimulated, Soothed & Satiated.

What The Couples Say:

Exciting, Adventurous, Special, Explorative, Revitalised

Tailor Made Treatments

2 Hands or 4 Hands Male only or Male & Female Couple

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Workshops for Men, Women & Couples

Learn Massage Techniques by the Professionals

Superb Riverside Location

Private, Discreet & Comfortable - en-suite Treatment Rooms

Experiential Events - Evening Gatherings - Exclusive Parties

As featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine

November 2015 issue

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Sensual Massage

& Sexual Performance Enhancement

Group Workshops – Events – Private Sessions – Professional Training

Central London Victoria/Pimlico SW1V 3JY

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Massage33 treatment rooms are in Pimlico, Westminster, London UK.

Master Sensual Masseur


Sex, Intimacy & Relationship Mentoring

Who is Colin Richards?

I trained as a professional masseur in 1995 but my interest in human psychology and sexuality started long before this. From two years old I grew up living in a 130-bed hotel in Salcombe South Devon UK. Following hotel management training I continued to run the family hotel for a further 20 years. It was my hospitality work plus my experience as a father of five children that gave me a deep interest in human behavioral psychology. and our curious relationship with sexuality. From as early as I can remember I could not understand why something as natural and essential as sexual intimacy was dealt with, by much of society, in such a marginalized manner. I could see that because of this clandestine relationship many have with sex it became at best an area of curiosity, or at worst and area of ignorance, confusion even shame. So when a change of circumstance came my way and the opportunity presented itself for me to re define my own life I decided to train as a masseur. I followed this with training in psychosexual & relationship therapy. ut rather than follow a traditional therapist career I committed to follow my passion of helping people be the sexual beings they wanted to be and so in 2005 I brought together my talent as a masseur and knowledge in psychology with my business skills to create Massage33.  Read more about Colin

  • I trained as a masseur in 1995.
  • I initially created Massage33 in 2005 to provide a high quality professional sensual massage service for men and women.
  • I trained in 2008-2010 as a psychosexual and relationship therapist.
  • I also have training in Imago relationship dynamics, NLP, Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy.
  • In 2011 I created Intimacy Matters as the therapy based arm of my work
  • In 2015 I created Intimate Tutorials as an online video tutorial platform for my international clients to access to learn more about sensual massage.
  • In December 2016 I gave my 6,000th appointment.
  • I give sensual massage treatments to men, women, and couples of all ages, cultures, belief systems, and sexualities.
  • I help people to explore their sexuality, to work through intimacy issues and to improve their sexual performance and fulfillment.
  • I advise and teach singles and couples how to re-ignite or expand their sexual relationships.
  • I run workshops and teach sensual massage to enthusiastic single men, women and couples of all ages and sexualities.
  • I run professional training for those wanting to set up their own sensual massage practice.
  • I help people understand how to make their relationships work better and explain why some people seem to continually be attracted to the wrong type of person.
  • I give advice and practical guidance to, sexually frustrated wives; bi-curious husbands; busy executives with no time for relationships; culturally restricted men and women; public or celebrity figures;
  • I help people find ways to explore their sexuality without compromising their private or public lives.
  • I have had articles published and often quoted or appear in the national media. (Cosmopolitan, Daily Mirror, Reveal, i news, Times, )
  • I am the appointed sex mentor/therapist to the internationally known adult party organization Killing Kittens.
  • I run regular member events (Intimacy Matters Presents…. since 2011) at Home House Private Members Club in Marylebone, Central London.

My websites are comprehensive and include details on the many treatments I offer. There is information on the principles behind my style and approach to sensual massage and in my news section are many articles and information on sexual performance and sexuality. If you want to explore sensual massage more deeply take a look at the workshops and events pages. If what you read here interests you but you still feel cautious about booking an appointment then read some of the many testimonials received from clients. I am available for TV or Radio appearances and am an entertaining addition to any dinner party.

If you want to discuss your situation discretely or just have a question then drop Colin a personal Email  

If you want to enquire or book an appointment with Colin then simply complete and Appointment Form

CLICK HERE  to read Colin’s testimonials and client feedback

Introducing the Massage33 Associate Masseurs

Steffan, Johnny, Mack, Jennifer, Katrina

Massage33 Associate Masseurs

Massage33 Associate Masseurs are available to give treatments. They see their clients at the Massage33 studios in Pimlico but as independent self-employed masseurs they arrange their own bookings but follow the code of conduct of Massage33. To ensure that they all give a professional service and a sensual massage of high quality they have all received additional training by Colin. To find out more about each masseur, the style of massage they give and clients they see, simply click on the image above or [Click Here]

Article in i news 12th December 2016

How alternative massage therapy cured my fear of intimacy

Read this profound and courageous account from a female client if Colin’s who tells readers of ‘i news’ her story of sexual assault and how Psycho-Sensual Massage was a major part of her full sexual recovery.

Sensual massage therapy for survivors of sexual attacks and other traumatic experiences is one way people seek to recover from trauma, but is still considered controversial. Tara (not her real name) – a 46 year old TV production executive – explains her reasons for taking the alternative route to enjoying intimacy again.

Read the full article

Intimacy Matters Presents…

is a monthly event that Colin hosts at Home House, London’s premier private members club in Portman Square, Marylebone, where as an honorary member he has hosted these evening regularly for four years. The evenings are relaxed, informative and entertaining where those who take part enjoy wine, canapés and plenty of no-holds-barred conversation about sex and sensuality. Each evening has a topic as the focus but in the open forum guests are invited to ask questions from guest speakers or presenters. Although held as a members’ event, Colin is happy to invite non-members, so just drop him an email if you’d like to be put on the guest list.

Cost is £10 paid to Home House sponsored charity

Next Event

April 5th 2017

Watch this space for details of guest speakers and topics

Sensual Massage For Women

The most popular sensual massage that I give to women is the

The 105 Minute


Confidential private and fulfilling

massage for women who know there is more


kama sutra massage for women

Top 15

Reasons why women come for sensual massage

In no particular order!

  1. Curiosity and satisfying a fantasy
  2. Difficulty to reach orgasm during penetrative sex
  3. Frustration/Lack of stimulation by partner
  4. Guilt/Morality/Shame around sex
  5. Letting go of control and trusting others with control
  6. Recoverers of sexual aggression/abuse
  7. Complacency in relationship = no longer stimulated by my partner.
  8. Lack of skill/knowledge by self and partner.
  9. Exploding libido (pre and post menopausal women).
  10. Post menopausal and still very sexual.
  11. Convenience and self-care (busy professionals who don’t want a relationship).
  12. Cultural and religious restrictions.
  13. Exploration of sexual practices as yet un tried or unwanted by my partner.
  14. Poor body image and lack of sexual self-esteem.
  15. Want my partner to watch me have a sensual massage and I want my partner to give me a four hands with the masseur

Testimonial by Alison February 2016.

“Thank you for a truly extraordinary afternoon! I was feeling quite trepidatious when I arrived- as I’m sure you realized. But you were so very kind- I quickly felt at ease with you. Thinking about it now, this seems rather remarkable, given that you were a complete stranger- how many minutes from handshake to electric pleasure down the back? And here I am on a train surrounded by strangers, with whom sexual contact seems unlikely to say the least. But as you say, you create a separate world and a space to be different. I found it a very luxurious and exciting space to be in! Thank you. It was a real pleasure to meet you”

[Click here to select your sensual massage]

[Click here to view the demo video and read more]

To ask a question or to a massage [CONTACT COLIN] or call or text me on 07966 522 696

Female Client Feedback

After most appointments, I send out a feedback form for female clients to give their assessment of my service. Click on the link below to view the latest results.

[Read Past Female Client Feedback ]


Sensual Massage For Men


Why even straight men enjoy sensual massage from another man

Whatever sexuality you define yourself as; whether straight, bi sexual, gay, heteroflexible or polysexual, there is so much more to benefit from when receiving a sensual massage from another man, than just arousal and erotic exploration. Male clients often say to me that a sensual massage given by a male masseur is firmer and more assertive than if given by a female masseuse. They also say that they feel more relaxed and less anxious about becoming aroused or having to ‘behave’ and ‘withhold’ their desire. Many say that being able to let go and be the receiver, to be passive rather than active and to feel aroused and then taken to orgasm by another man is an amazing pleasure.

CLICK HERE to read more

Sensual Massage For Couples

Enjoying a sensual massage as a couple is a perfect way to relax and explore sexual intimacy together. To be able to enjoy the touch of a masseur while your partner is either enjoying the same or watching you creates a wonderful shared experience. As a professional sex therapist as well as an experienced masseur therapist I can also incorporate in to the massage some teaching of new arousal and sexual performance techniques. I have created several options of couples’ massage but I am also happy to create a tailor-made massage experience to suit the couple’s particular desires.

Testimonial from Tom & Sarah August 2015 -“ Just had a fantastic couples massage with Colin. We’ve never done this before and Colin put us at ease instantly and is a master of his craft. It was sensuous, exciting and we felt very together throughout the whole experience. It’s also great to talk to Colin who is so knowledgeable about the sensuous side of men and women. A beautiful apartment overlooking the river and lovely fragrance and music in the treatment room with subdued lighting”

[Click here to read the couples massage options available]


Testimonial from Ralph & Steve December 2015 – “We have been partners for 7 years and in that time have had a very good sex life but in the last year, we have both noticed that sexual intimacy between us had become a bit routine. Neither of us wanted to explore outside of the relationship so when we can across Massage33 we though a couple massage would be the best way to explore wider horizons  without challenging our relationship. We decided to go for the “Watch & Touch” Massage which gave us both the opportunity to receive and give a sensual massage to one another with the guidance of Colin. We really enjoyed the occasion and it brought up lots to consider for the future.


Events & Workshops for Couples

A Couples Affaire

An evening of sensual exploration for up to 20 couples

Nearly Fully Booked – 5 Couples tickets still available

email  Colin Now

A Couples Affaire

An evening of sensual exploration for up to 20 couples

A sensual occasion for adventurous couples who enjoy exciting conversation, flirtatious games, erotic entertainment that leads gently to an evening of intimate exploration and sensual massage

February 25th 2017 8.00pm to 2.00pm

Cost £225 per couple

Ticket includes champagne on arrival served by the naked butler, canapes and chocolates followed by saucy games adult entertainment and an evening of sharing intimate touch and sensual massage. Professional masseurs on hand for private sessions.

Save £15

Early Bird Price £210 if paid before 18th January

Click here for more details


Private workshops for couples

Whether you are at the beginning of your relationship or if you have been together a long time there is never a wrong time for a couple to invest time in expanding their sexual knowledge and sensual boundaries. By taking one of my private couples workshops, a new couple can explore and reveal to one another their fantasies and questions, likes and desires, in a safe and supportive environment. As a long term couple, a workshop can re ignite the sexual spark in the relationship it can teach and old dog new tricks to make his female partner howl for more in ways she may never have before.

Click here for more information

Group workshops & events for couples

In the group events couples who prefer sensual intimacy and thoughtful erotic arousal rather the sometimes impersonal swinging scene can come together to explore eroticism with other like minded couples.

Next Couples Event

Workshops & Events

For Men, Women & Couples

Events & Workshops for Men

For Men who like Women

The License to Thrill series of workshops is for men who want to expand their skills in erotic foreplay with a woman.

As featured in the National Press     download (18)

licence001 (1)

Workshop Options

  • License to Thrill 5 hour
  • License to Thrill 10 hour
  • License to Thrill 20 hour:

This unique training will:

  • teach a man to become an excellent lover to women
  • increase male sexual confidence
  • tap into and release masculine primal energy
  • empower with specialist knowledge of female arousal

Click here for more info on The License to Thrill workshops

Group Workshops for men who like women

Next Event – 25th February

Click Here for more infomation

For Men who like Men


Next Group Workshop

Touch & Turn On Group Event (max 10 persons)

Tuesday 28th February 7pm to 11pm

Taking bookings now CLICK HERE

The Touch and Turn On Private Workshops

I offer series of private workshops for men who like men. If you want to discover the power of male to male erotic bonding and learn how to give a full body sensual massage to another man or maybe become a professional masseur running a practice giving a sensual massage to men then this series of workshops is ideal. Explore the psychology of arousal and master the art of combining traditional massage technique with enhanced intimacy and body to body touch to stimulate another man’s inner emotions and hidden erogenous zones.

Workshops Options

  • Touch & Turn On 5 Hour
  • Touch & Turn On 10 Hour
  • Touch & Turn On 20 Hour
  • Touch & Turn On Group

Click here for more info Touch & Turn On workshops


Events & Workshops for Women

kristina12 (1)

Massage My Man – private and group workshops for women.

Massage My Man workshops have been created because of the growing desire for women to learn more about male sexuality and to enhance their confidence as sexual partners by learning how to give a man the perfect sensual massage. You can book either a private workshop where you receive one to one personal tuition from myself and practicing on live male volunteers in the private and discreet environment of the Massage33 treatment rooms. Or come along to a group evening where you can socialize with other like-minded women and watch a live demonstration on how to give a sensual massage to a man. So which ever you choose come and  learn secrets about the male body most women don’t know and understand better the curious psychology of the male brain which once mastered will give you skills that will take him on a journey he will probably never have experienced before.

Click here for more info on the private Massage My Man workshops

Detailed and Explicit

Sensual Massage Video Tutorials


[Intimate Tutorials]

Detailed and explicit video tutorials teaching you how to give a professional intimate massage.

Where ever you are in the world and without leaving the comfort of your home


Discover how to stimulate secret erogenous areas of the body

Understand the psychology of arousal of men and women

Appreciate why same sex touch is empowering and releasing

Once purchased, tutorials are yours to view online forever

20, 30 or feature length 180-minute tutorials to choose from



Colin Featured In Celebrity Mag


On a hot summer evening in late July, Colin hosted an evening for the fast developing ladies group Scarlett Ladies. Sarah and Janette who run established and successfully Scarlett Ladies asked Colin to run an evening for their Scarlett Ladies Talk evening.

“Sensual Touch For Him” was a 2-hour introductory presentation (with some participation) teaching women how to give a man a confident sensual/erotic massage. In the audience of 25+ eager women was journalist Paisley Gilmor who amongst other publications writes for the leading celebrity and lifestyle weekly magazine “Reveal”.

CLICK HERE to read more

Be A Volunteer “Receiver”

and enjoy free massage by offering your body for students to practice on

Image 9

I run regular private and group massage workshops and consequently I am often seeking male and female volunteers to be the receiver bodies for the attendees to practice on. If you are confident and of good health and are in reasonably good physical shape then click on the respective link below to register your interest.  As a volunteer you are simply required to receive the massage and after to give feedback to those learning. Private workshops are usually attended by just myself, the attendee and the volunteer. Groups workshops would have up to 6 persons and 4 volunteers. I am also often seeking volunteers to ‘feature’ in sensual massage training video. You can apply for workshops or the training videos independently or for both. To apply click on the respective link below according to your gender.

[Read more details on what volunteering means]

[Application For Female Volunteers]

[Application For Male Volunteers]

Review of Massage My Man Ladies Group Workshop March 5th 2016

Version 2

Testing the water

Having always been a tactile person, I wanted to become more adept at traditional massage strokes, combined with a slow buildup and gradual transition to a more erotic touch within the course of a full body massage. I am in a long-term marriage, and the sex has gone a bit stale. Upon deeper reflection, the quality of touch needed to evolve more.
I was, however, loathe to attend mainstream massage-lessons, where it might have caused embarrassment among course participants, had I enquired more specifically about sensual touch. Moreover, going to some parlour, with male/ female sex-workers offering me a massage with a ‘happy ending’ was not going to further my own ‘hands-on’ learning much.

I researched the options online and this is how I discovered Colin. I figured that I wanted to experience his unique style of massage and be a recipient myself, in order to be better able to put myself into the shoes of a recipient of sensual massage. However, this is not necessary for anyone wishing to attend the Massage- My-Man session.
I did book an appointment to have a 1-1 kama sutra massage with Colin and not being sure what to expect, I was pleasantly surprised by the welcoming atmosphere of Colin’s premises in Pimlico, a fresh, spacious and airy flat with views onto the river. He greeted me in shorts and a T-shirt, and he immediately conveyed a demeanour of intelligence, calmness, trust and respect. His massage room is a well-appointed, warm side-room with a neat en-suite bathroom, generously equipped with large, fluffy towels, a variety of beauty products, and even a hairdryer.
Moreover, Colin plays chilled music and uses dimmer lighting to set a relaxing atmosphere. I would warmly recommend women to treat themselves to this unique experience.

Diving in
The atmosphere was even cosier during the Massage-my-Man evening, which takes place in the living room. Candles aglow, with different beverages and snacks being offered generously.
Both the male volunteers and the lady participants of different body-shapes and sizes were seated in comfort on the pale sofas, chatting with surprising ease, despite not having met before.
Four massage tables had been set up on the other side of the room, lined up parallel to one another and covered with giant turquoise towels. We were invited to briefly outline what we each wanted to get out of the evening.
After the initial talk (about the stages of arousal) held by Colin, the four gentlemen were asked to undress in their assigned changing-room and return with towels around their waists. Some were more muscular, others quite lean. Meanwhile, the ladies changed into more comfy clothes in their own assigned changing room.

(Written by a 55-year old wife and mother of Middle Eastern and Continental origin, working as a personal and business life coach, who is also a traveller, artist and passionate embracer of life)

[Click Here] to read more of this review

Watch The Massage33 Demonstration Video

60 seconds of excerpts taken from the various sensual massage types that i give to men, women and couples. For more explicit videos view the [videos page] 

Massage 33 is run by colin richards who is a central London based professional sensual masseur and sex mentor giving sensual massage to men women and couples and organises sensual massage workshops and events. lingum massage, tantric massage, yoni massage, tantra bodywork, sports massage, erotic massage, therapeutic massage and tantric workshops, sensual massage workshops, sex therapy, help with erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, bi sexuality, fear of intimacy, anorgasmia, loss of libido, lack of orgasm, sexual frustration, sexual exploration, sexual foreplay workshops, orgasm workshops,  couples evenings, swinging evenings, adult parties, adult events, sex education, relationship communication,