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Authentic Sensual Massage in Central London

colin002[Master Masseur Colin] is the founder and owner of Massage33. Colin has 15 years experience as a professional sensual masseur and is seen by many as one of the UK’s most professional masseurs and teachers of sensual massage for men, women and couples.

Colin gives 60, 75 or 90 minute sensual massage treatments . He runs both private and group sensual massage workshops and also, in his role as a sexual performance mentor and relationship therapist, teaches and speaks on sex and sexuality. Colin has also developed a combined “touch & talk” treatment called Psychosensual Treatment that brings together his skills as a masseur and a mentor in one session. This is best applied for those wanting to explore sexuality or sexual performance issues.

Clients of all backgrounds and  with various motivations come to see Colin and he has helped many people in many ways explore, learn more about thier sexuality as well as helped many overcome sexual performance issues and fears. Colin trains both professional and non professionals, singles and couples in how to give and understand the benefits of sensual massage. He has spoken at public events and seminars and is currently having his own story told in both the written and visual media. Colin also has two other web sites Intimacy Matters and  Sexonality Test

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Massage33 was established by Colin in 2005. Colins aim then was to create a practice that was  not only professional and authentic in its style but also able to offer a massage treatment that included, in fact encouraged, the natural human process of arousal.  Now, with his 10 years of experience and considerable knowledge behind him Colin wants to drive forward his ambition to establish sensual massage as a legitimate treatment that anyone, whether single or partnered, male or female of any sexuality, can benefit from and enjoy.

Massage33 runs as a cooperative of independent skilled masseurs, all personally vetted and mostly trained by Colin. Colin emphasises “When you book an appointment with any Massage33 masseur it is a very private affair, you will only meet with your chosen masseur who will warmly welcome you, treat you with respect, kindness and care and give you a treatment that is tailormade to your particular needs”. 

 This Months Featured Masseur – JAKE

JakeJake is of Scandinavian descent but brought up in the UK. For 15 years he worked as a professional dancer and has a natural talent for improvisation and with a sense of rhythm that enables him to give you a very powerfull sensual massage experience.  Jake offers 2 hands or 4 hands massage to male clients only. Each massage appointment can be 45, 60 , 75 or 90 minutes in duration. Jake also offers an option where he can includes a 30 minute meditation period. This is particularly good for men who find it difficult to relax and be focused on the here and now.

Jake says “Becoming a massage therapist felt like a natural next step as I love making others feel good. I decided to train with Colin at Massage33 because he represents the exact style of sensual massage that I believe should be available. I so enjoy giving sensual massage to men. I love to find the right tone that suits you and whether it be firm and assertive or a light and sensual massage I guaranatee you will enjoy a very fulfilling experience with me as your chosen masseur. During my massage at some point we will both be naked and body to body contact will if desired be included as I belive that a really good sensual massage should be a combination of intimate careing touch, with  arousing and fulfilling high points”

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Jake is available most days from 9am to 9pm and can be booked by either completing an appointment form or calling him direct on: 07554 196352

Why take a Sensual Massage?

It may be that you are just in need of some time out from a busy schedule or that you are in London on a stop over with time to kill. Possibly you are wanting to expand your sensual horizons or explore your sexuality or maybe you need advice on a sexual performance issue. For some it can be because of a lack of intimacy or sexual satisfaction within a relationship, for couples in can be about livening up their sensual lives and use it to explore new sexual horizons. Whatever your motivation you are guaranteed that you will leave having been totally cared for, your body completely relaxed with your mind calm and your spirit revived, ready to tackle the day to day challenges life throws your way. Registering as an M33 Xtra Member will give you the added opportunity of being able to read full massage descriptions and view the uncensored movies of the massages.

What massage treatments are available?

To suit your needs, availability and budget, we offer: [Treatments for men], [Treatments for Women] and [Treatments for Couples]. All options include, 2 Hands Massage, 4 Hands Massage, Psychosensual performance enhancing massage and of course the traditional Sports and Therapeutic massages.

Massage 33 is a central London based professional male to male and female to male and couples massage service with professional masseurs providing sensual massage for men, lingum massage, tantric massage, yoni massage, tantra bodywork, sports massage, therapeutic massage and tantric workshops, massage workshops, sex therapy, help with erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, bi sexuality, fear of intimacy.