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Expert Man to Man Full Body Sensual Massage:

Arousing, Caring, Empowering, Intimate, Erotic, Extraordinary


What The Women Say:

Awakened, Thrilled, Stimulated, Soothed & Satiated.


What The Couples Say:

Exciting, Adventurous, Special, Explorative, Revitalised


Tailor Made Treatments

2 Hands or 4 Hands Male only or Male & Female Couple


Workshops for Men, Women & Couples

Learn Massage techniques by the professionals


Superb Riverside Location

Private, Discreet & Comfortable - en-suite Treatment Rooms


Sophisticated Adult Events - Evening Gatherings - Sensual Soirees - Exclusive Black Tie Dinners

Massage & Mentoring

Colin – Master Sensual Masseur & Sex Mentor

ColinI launched Massage33 in June 2005 as a platform to promote and offer sensual massage as a legitimate body therapy for people who understand that physical and sensual boundaries should not be part of a massage experience.  I offer therapeutic, sports and full body sensual massage to men, women and couples,  I also run my own Psychosexual & Relationship Mentoring Practice called [Intimacy Matters].  I sees most clients for massage at my Pimlico treatment rooms [Location] but I also work with international clients via Skype for mentoring and help with sexual performance challenges. I am also available for public speaking at events and workshops. To read a more comprehensive biography and understand my journey of how I became a sensual masseur and sex mentor as well as learn my philosophy on the importance of sensual touch, erotic arousal and good sexual communication, please [click here]

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Become a workshop volunteer

Now that I am running regular workshops I am often seeking male and female volunteers to be the receiver bodies for the attendees to practice on. If you are confident and of good health and physical shape then use one of the application forms below to register your interest.

icon_form Application For Female Volunteers

icon_form Application For Male Volunteers

Ladies – Unleash Your Sensual Energies

The Exquisite Kama Sutra Full Body Sensual Massage for Women

Given by London’s Most Professional and Experienced Sensual Masseur

Testimonial given by Alison who enjoyed a Kama Sutra Massage in February 2015.

“Thank you for a truly extraordinary afternoon! I was feeling quite trepidatious when I arrived- as I’m sure you realised. But you were so very kind- I quickly felt at ease with you. Thinking about it now, this seems rather remarkable, given that you were a complete stranger- how many minutes from handshake to electric pleasure down the back? And here I am on a train surrounded by strangers, with whom sexual contact seems unlikely to say the least.  But as you say, you create a separate world and a space to be different. I found it a very luxurious and exciting space to be in! Thank you. It was a real pleasure to meet you”

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Sensual Massage For Couples

Enjoying a sensual massage as a couple is a perfect way to relax and explore sexual intimacy together. To be able to enjoy the touch of a masseur while your partner is either enjoying the same or watching you, creates a wonderful shared experience. As a professional sex therapist as well as an experienced masseur therapist I can also incorporate in to the massage some teaching of new arousal and sexual performance techniques. I have created several options of couples massage but i am also happy to create a tailor made massage experience to suit the couples particular desires.

Click here to read the options available

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Massage 33 Male Sexuality Survey

Exploring the influences behind male to male sensual attraction
IMG_4394 (1)By taking this short survey you will be helping in my research of the broader dynamics of male sexuality. Over the past 10 years I have given sensual massage to men of all sexualities and it is clear that the desire for many men to experience male to male sensual intimacy with another man is as much about a subconscious need to bond and emotionally connect with one another and not just for sexual exploration or pleasure.  I have seen patterns of behaviour and heard many personal stories that has led me to believe that there are several primary influences that go to make up an individuals sexuality. Early paternal and maternal relationships, a mothers dynamic during pregnancy, sibling positioning, career choice and at what age at which the same sex interest developed are all areas I want to explore further. To do this and to prove my theories I need your help. I hope to gather at least 1000 sets of data taken from men of all ages, sexualities, cultures and belief systems.

So if you want to help me please take the survey yourself and if you are happy to pass the survey on please SHARE to your Facebook, Twitter or Linked In account or any other social media network you may use. Please answer the questions as honestly as you can. Individual information will never be disclosed as data is only be shown in collated results. Emails are requested to prove authenticity and so we can keep you up to date with results. Aliases can be used to preserve identity. I am particularly keen to have the survey completed by those living in countries or cultures where any divergence from being a heterosexual male is either deemed illegal, is scorned upon or in some cultures,  even life threatening.

Take the survey

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Up Coming Events & Workshops

Touch & Turn On Evenings For Men Who Like Men

  • Tuesday 12th May – 7.00pm to 11.00pm

Comment from Mark who enjoyed the last Touch & Turn On Evening 

Colin – Thanks again for this evening. Was a great way to spend a Tuesday evening. The evening was both informative and most importantly lots of fun. The atmosphere calming and welcoming also. A big thanks to the volunteers especially the good looking champ that I finished with. Tell him that he owes me a massage! :)

Read More 


Riverside Gathering For Men Who Like Women

Leaning the art of female arousal – This workshop may change your sex life life forever!

This unique workshop is perfect for straight or bisexual man who wants to learn how to give a great sensual massage to a woman. As well as learning how to slowly arouse the female body you will also be taught some subtle psychological and emotional techniques that make your sensual massage one of the best she will have ever received.


  • Thursday April 30th 7.00pm to 11.00pm
  • Enhance your foreplay skills with this unique male to female sensual massage workshop
  • With real female volunteers to practice on
  • Location-Massage33 Treatment Rooms Pimlico Central London
  • Read More
  • Apply Now

Sensual Massage Events & Workshops 2015


Come and experience a Sensual Massage Evening Workshop and enjoy a unique opportunity to expand your knowledge as a sensual lover. Meet and enjoy the company of like minded people and enhance your foreplay skills and sensual confidence! To find out more about each type of event and the dates of future events click on one of the links below:

To receive notification of dates and details for all future events Sign Up Here 

 Men Massaging Women

Next Event

Thursday April 30th 7.00pm to 11.00pm

These Riverside Gatherings are for the straight or bi sexual man who wants to enhance his knowledge of foreplay and learn how to give a woman a superb full body sensual massage to include erotic arousal. Practice is given on real female volunteers.

  • Do you want extend the length your lovemaking by learning the art of giving a woman a superb sensual massage?
  • Do you want to become skilled in giving great erotic foreplay?
  • Do you want to hear her say “Wow you are good”!

Apply For Event Now

Female Volunteers Required

Men Massaging Men

Touch & Turn On Events are the perfect occasion for gay and bi sexual men or bi curious men who want to explore their sexuality safely and socially, to meet with like minded guys and enjoy an occasion of intimate exploration and arousing massage.

Next Event

Tuesday 21st April 7.00pm to 11.00pm

Tuesday 12th May 7.00pm to 11.00pm

Click here to read more or to book your place on a Touch & Turn On Evening

Bi Sexual or Gay Male Volunteers Required

Women Massaging Men

Next Event

Thursday 7th May 7.00pm to 11.00pm

Massage My Man Events are unique women only workshops (with male volunteers receivers) 4-5 hours in duration. I have created it because of the many requests received from my female clients who say that they would love to be able to give a proper sensual massage to their male partners. This workshop is the first stage in bringing more intimacy and sensuality in to your relationships and lovemaking. Learn about the male anatomy, what turns him on and what men love to be done to their minds as well as their bodies. During this event you get to practice your massage skills on specially selected and vetted male volunteer receivers

Click here to read more about the Massage My Man Evening Workshop

Heterosexual or Bisexual Male Volunteers Required

Sensual Massage Movies

Watch the Massage 33 Demo Movie Below

(60 seconds of ‘edited’ examples of M33 Masseurs in action)

Massage 33 is a central London based professional male to male and female to male and couples massage service with professional masseurs providing sensual massage for men, lingum massage, tantric massage, yoni massage, tantra bodywork, sports massage, therapeutic massage and tantric workshops, massage workshops, sex therapy, help with erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, bi sexuality, fear of intimacy.